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Anya Abascal

I am a full dosage of detrimental dysfunction
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
½ Brigade Sergeant

Character Summary

Birth Name: Anya Abascal

Birth Date: May 20th

Birth Place: Trinidad

Type: Human with Civil Demon

Faction: Legion

Height: 5'5

Weight: 125 pounds

Eye Colouration: Hazel

Hair Colouration: Jet Black

Skin Colouration: Caramel

Body Type: Endomorph

Age: 32

Occupation: Sergeant


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Character In-Depth

TW - Drug/Alcohol Abuse + Potential Rape + Mental/Physical Abuse

She was a mistake. She was a problem. She was never suppose to be there. Anya was born in the depths of Trinidad in a poor neighborhood which was a major contrast to her future little sister, Isidora's upbringing. She was hated by her mother and her only true source of love was her precious father or at least that is what she believed. It would take some time for her to truly realize what the monster her father was. A man that only was there to satisfy his own needs and didn't truly care about her or her mother. At a young age, she was surrounded by the destructive habits and behavior her parents possessed. Her mother was a 'whore' or at least that is what Anya continued to hear come out of the lips of the burly man she referred to as papa. Her precious papa had an alcohol and gambling addictions that placed them in tight situations quite often. Anya was forced to take care of herself and provide herself with food somehow. Her mother was far more focused on getting money in order to get the drugs necessary to satisfy her deadly addiction. Sleeping with whoever or even robbing those who mistakenly got in her way. Her mother just needed to get cash and didn't care much about how she got it.

Anya often times found herself going to her neighbors and begging for food. She grew accustomed to the sight of the worn out wooden doors with chipped paint being slammed right in her face instead of hearing her pleas of desperation. However, when this continued to happen a woman seemed to appear out of nowhere and guided her towards a place where she could get away with stealing food rather easily. Young Anya kept a small notebook where she recorded all the items she stole and how much they costed. She vowed to pay back everything she stole and used this as a way to justify her habit of swiping food items off of the shelves of small stores that surrounded her neighborhood. After a long day of gathering food, she was forced to return to a place that she couldn't exactly label as a loving home. Most of the time her mother was high enough to sometimes not to even recognize her own child and when Anya crept back into her home in the middle of the night she found herself attacked by mother. This occurred several times and left Anya bloody mess and later on cursed her with large scars that til this day remind her of these very traumatic moments.

Each time this occurred, Anya didn't blame her mother, but instead blamed the drugs that she continued to take in various ways. She was forced to watch her mother jab herself with the same dirty needle or even sometimes witnessed her sniff a powder that resembled sugar. The sight of this simply just sparked the small girl's curiosity and one night she finally grew enough guts to invade her mother's stash of 'sugar.' Anya was caught in the act of licking cocaine by her father and oh how she still remembers to this day the awful taste of that deadly powder. To her surprise instead of being beaten, which was another thing she grew accustomed to when she misbehaved Any was comforted by her father and explained to her what this powder was. Her father continued to feed her lies and things that made her grow such disgust and hatred for her mother. So so.. many names was mumbled into the small girl's ears and half of those names she did not truly understand. Crack whore.. druggie..

Before her mother truly realized all the love Anya had for her was ruined over the years. Anya hated her mother and wished for her death every night.. She longed for a mother that was the opposite of the negative things that continued to escape the lips of her mother. Anya longed for a happy home that was somewhere far away from the trashy neighborhood that was covered with trash. Her father continued to promise her these things especially a good life if Anya did things for him in the middle of the night. Things that made her feel different from all the other teenagers her age.. it made her separate herself from everyone and everything. The deeds she had to do were never exactly completely confirmed or even spoken by Anya herself instead she kept everything inside even though she was met with disappointment as her wished were never answered. During these tragic years of her life, she found herself comforted every night by a mysterious woman that always seemed to be there at the right time. The words she spoke oozed out of her mouth like honey and soothed Anya each time.

This woman was named Kahr or at least that was the name that she gave her. Kahr turned into the mother that Anya longed for and immediately earned a spot in her heart. She was the only person that loved and truly cherished Anya especially after one night her father mysteriously disappeared never to return until about twenty years later. She was abandoned by her precious papa and was left to clean up the mess her mother was. Anya was forced to take care of her mother even though she couldn't exactly stand the sight of her, but managed to still take care of her with the assistance of Kahr. While taking her mother, Anya's behavior began to grow more erratic and hostile. She was angry at the world for placing her in such a tight situation that caused her great mental and physical strain. To make things worse while Anya's behavior continued to grow more erratic the one person that was taking care of her at the time began to step back and become more silent. Kahr was suddenly gone and in her place a simple revolver was left. Anya found herself alone in this big world with no one to turn to and no one to support her.

She grew tired of everything and wanted to start over. Anya wanted to make something of herself and she wanted to wipe away her past. Everything.. that reminded her of the abuse and tragic situations at a young age. The way out of her past was the death of her mother and her mother was quickly removed from her life. In the middle of the night, Anya packed up all her belongings and shot her mother without much hesitation. She watched as her mother dropped and a puddle of her own cold blood form underneath her. Anya couldn't exactly feel bad for the act, but instead viewed this as a way to release herself from the reminder of her tragic upbringing. She left her mother there to die from blood loss and found the familiar voice that she use to hear as a child guide her to a place where she could start new. She was guided by Kahr to the city, a place where Anya could rewrite her history. In an attempt to do so, she quickly joined the 1/2 brigade as a way to repay all the wrongs she did. However, changing yourself is a rather tricky thing to do and Anya continues to struggle to do so.

Demon Information

- Kahr -

Kahr is a woman with a caramel complexion that showcased herself in her humanoid form more while Anya was a child. At first, Kahr simply just viewed Anya as a food source because of the fact that she provided her with a lot of abusive situations to feed off of. However, as Anya continued to grow into the problem child that she still is, their relationship began to slowly flourish into something more. Kahr took the role of a parent and began to watch over Anya almost as if she was her own child attempting to steer her onto the right path. She was always there to get Anya out of trouble or whenever she constantly got into fights with the other kids that lived near her. However, it was far too late to pull her out of the darkness she was spiraling into. All the destruction that surrounded Anya that was once viewed as a simple food source molded her into something else. Something that was unrecognizable.

Over the years, Kahr began to draw back mainly out of heartbreak. She allowed herself to get far too attached to Anya and could only bare to watch as Anya continued to get herself into dangerous positions that could of resulted in death. Kahr could no longer bear to show herself anymore and instead shifted towards a more primal form, a revolver. She turned into something far more useful. Something that she knew would allow Anya to protect herself in all those dangerous situations she was in. She was the thing that was used to kill her abuser and neglectful mother. She was finally able to be useful to her beloved kin. Her precious Anya. However, what she thought would help her seemed to only dig her into more trouble. More violence occurred and before Kahr knew what happened Anya's hands were covered in the blood of those who crossed her.

How could she allow someone she continued to care for spiral so deep into darkness and pure violence? Kahr completely silenced herself no longer able to bear the sight of the monster that was formed. That was no longer the once innocent and sweet child that couldn't hurt a fly, but instead was a monster in disguise bundled up in human skin like Kahr once was. Kahr keeps herself in this primal state, only allowing herself to mutter words of advice and guidance needed or when her kin requests for it. Kahr vowed to herself that she would never return to her humanoid form in order to take back that parental role she once had and rejoin Anya's life once again unless Anya returned to her old sweet self. Sadly, that once sweet child Kahr grew to love was dead.. no longer able to reached by anyone.

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