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Xiao Xinyi

Who am I? The Girl in the flesh, or the girl on the screen?
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Serena Motola
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
White Rabbit
Information Broker, Digital Security Consultant

Character Summary

A girl whose history of emotional abuse and consistent manipulation and victimization at the hands of her demon, parents, and classmates has turned her into a stoic cynic. She is as blunt as she is unshaken, atleast externally, often choosing to swallow hard emotions and internalize rather than letting them leak out to be used as a weak point against her. That was what she was taught of emotions by peers and her demon alike. After having everything she cared for taken away and making a mistake with ultimate finality, she instead ended up in The City, given a second chance to start a new life free of all the baggage and regret left behind in China. Xinyi is just trying to make it to tomorrow, and that means using the talents she has to earn her keep and stay afloat.
Ascensions and Legacies
Dominion 1
Mastery: Minor Proficient Major
Technopathy: Ability to manipulate technology. Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows for mental interface with computer data.
Control Based: The ability to speak coherently with technology, and complete greater intellectual feats for you, such as hacking into government code or explaining certain firewall interfaces.

Dominion 2
Electrical Transport
Mastery: Lesser Minor Proficient Major
Electrical Transport: The ability to travel through electrical conduits such as, but not limited to: cell phones, computers, power lines, telephone lines, television sets, etc. The user is essentially turned into electricity themselves, however they can only use this power as a method of transportation.
Power Based: The faster you can move as well as the greater amount of electronic devices you can jump to and from in one go. However, power based users often cannot control which device specifically they want to move through.

Character In-Depth

TW: Bullying (Cyber, sexual, physical, emotional), Suicide Attempt
It wasn't hard to become a victim of one's demon. Really, they were foul, dangerous, ruthless entities. Xinyi, and her family, weren't even difficult targets. A mildmannered household with an already strained dynamic. There was little love left between Xinyi's parents. They got along okay, but they acted more like coworkers than a happy couple. She was the one thing they could both cherish in spending time on however. Sadly, neither had much time to spare. Her father was an officer worker who faced the unending grind in Guanzhou's business district. Her mother was an HR manager for a local telecomm business.

Xinyi was left in the care of an ayi, hired housekeeping and nanny, her name was Ming and she was very kind and gentle with Xinyi, treating her like her own child. She was also often left in the care of her aging grandfather. However, it felt like her real caregiver was the television most of the time she spent with him. It was that lack of involvement that led to her discovery of her demon. A sinister creature, a mirror image of the young girl, who hung out inside the television screen. She started showing up elsewhere too, the computer monitor, her parents smart phones, but at first only seen by Xinyi. Her parents both had demons who were basically absent in their physical form or direct influence on their hosts. The Xiaos took their daughter to a child psychologist for her constant crying about how mean her "sister in the TV" was being. It wasn't until that point they realized it was actually her demon.

Lia, as the demon came to call herself. Only continued to make trouble as the years went on. It started innocuous enough, tattling on Xinyi to her parents and caregiver. Getting her in trouble, deteriorating trust between her and her elders. It was frustrating and put a small strain on the family harmony, but it wasn't anything serious enough to cause real harm, though it did plant a deep seeded hatred for Lia inside Xinyi. The two were constantly butting heads, and again, she was shunted into counselling, this time demon/human relation counselling. Because of this, her parents mistrust, and the constant alarm ringing Lia did, Xinyi became reserved and quiet. She was scared anything she might say would be used against her. Lia loved when she got mad, or upset, or sad, or frustrated. So eventually, she learned to keep all of those feelings and expressions locked away. She became a shy, stoic girl, and this isolated her from making many friends during school. Fortunately, she atleast had her studies to keep up with. She loved learning, was a natural adept at science and math, though she struggled significantly with her Chinese and English classes. She was, overall though a stellar student. This only brought more teasing her way however. Everyone called her a freak, a creep, a robot girl with no soul who only cared about impressing the teachers. She did her best to ignore these comments, but, deep down they did significant damage to her self esteem.

The destructive influence Lia had in her life was exponentially increased as she transitioned to highschool for one major reason: Cellphones and social media. It was at this age that these things became a mainstay of life. These were also, to a demon with technopathy, cruel weapons. They had a way to fight back now, and Lia was hungry, not just for emotional energy, but revenge. People who messed with or picked on Xinyi found themselves destroyed online. Unsavory pictures leaked, private messages revealed, search histories and downloads, plagiarized projects. All of it surfaced for those who had victimized Xinyi, and Lia had done it all with her face too. There was no way to put the blame on her demon. She was suspended several times before eventually being expelled, all while receiving the physical and emotional abuse brought on by those who had fallen victim to Lia's snooping. Her years of emotional repression kept her from seeming sympathetic or capable of expressing her remorse for the actions of her demon, and this only made her case appear worse to administrative staff, students, and parents alike. Or maybe, she really didn't feel bad about what Lia was doing. Deep down, though she tried to bury the feeling, it was so satisfying to see those who had made her life hell experience the same pain she had locked up inside. To see them for once broken and battered, friendless and stressed, scared and scarred by embarrassment. Maybe she actually enjoyed seeing that.

This enraged her absentee parents, especially her father, who exploded and ranted and raved about how much of a good for nothing his daughter had become, garnering their family local infamy for what had happened and ruining their relationships outside the house. Perhaps if he had played a more active roll in his daughter's upbringing he could've helped her gain control of the demon that plagued her. Lia didn't take to this well, and he became the next target. She dug through his phone, and it wasn't long until she came across photos from women other than Xinyi's mother. He was having an affair, and seeing several different women.

This was the final straw to break the already crumbling marriage her parents had struggled to keep together. They divorced shortly after, and the blame was placed solely on Xinyi. Not that she showed any real concern. She just took it as another thing burdening her with blame. Rotten Xiao daughter who couldn't do anything right. That was who she was. Getting upset over it would just make her look even more pitiful.

Her family, her friends, her reputation, her academic career. She had lost everything. It was too much to take, and she had bottled everything up for too long. She went to the roof of her highrise apartment building and with a heavy breath flung herself from the edge.

When her eyes opened she found herself landing in the icy water of a swimming pool in a place she did not recognize. She had jumped straight into hell, The City swallowed her up in the middle of her leap from the roof of the building and planted her in it's heart. It saved her life, but swallowed her up in it's sinister maw. Trapped in an unknown place, but free of all the burdens and mistakes that she had left at home. This was a place for her to start fresh, to try again, and to keep Lia from destroying her life once more. She quickly picked up a job working for the White Rabbits as an information broker, hacker, and digital detective. Finally she could use her magic for something productive, rather than destructive. Though burdened by the weight of all that she had gone through, she finally saw a path towards a successful future for herself.

Demon Information

Belial: Mistress of Rumors

A demon spirit whose true namesake comes from biblical myth, though she often refers to herself as "Lia." From a young age Xinyi talked about her "sister in the TV", a frequent discussion point that at one point made her parents worry for her mental stability. However, it eventually came to light that the figure she was seeing on billboards, computer monitors, and phone screens was in fact her demon. A modern manifestation for a modern world, Lia has always confined herself to the digital world. She does not take a physical manifestation, she often appears as a distorted image of Xin on her phone or a nearby display monitor. When this isn't possible she speaks to her host in a distorted, static-y voice.

She feeds on the energy that comes with shame, guilt, and embarrassment. This is what led the demon to impersonate and spread misinformation about Xiao during her young life. This is what motivated her to reveal her father's affair. And this is what now motivates her to work with Xinyi as a digital information specialist and internet vigilante. The two don't get along very well, and that has been their relationship dynamic for many years. She views her as the cause of her suffering in school, the destruction of her reputation, and the decline of her family. However, Xinyi also sees Lia as a dark mirroring of her self. The cruel, vindictive, petty parts of herself personified and acting with their own agenda. Though they often fight and disagree, the two are capable of working together if the goal would seem to benefit both.

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