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Eliana Kai Rheia

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Daisy Clementine Smith
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Poisons Dealer

Character Summary

Goes by Kai, will answer to Eliana
Blunt | Observant | Patient | Curious | Practical

Kai was brought into this world with one purpose: play host to her demon. Other people-and other hosts- would hate this and feel an urge to rebel, to fight the demon that bought her or the parents that didn't care about her. Kai wasn't like that. She didn't mind being used by her family; she never felt any familial ties to them anyway. They were purely means to money and life for her, which means a lot less than it sounds.

Instead of becoming angry and antsy, she became curious. Really, she was a great match for the demon. He helped her and she helped him. It was a truly symbiotic relationship. In her curiosity, Kai found the thing that she would fall deeply in love with: poisons. She spends hours on end locked in her plant filled apartment, experimenting with poisons and antidotes. She dreams of being marked in history as coming up with a new poison, something totally unfounded and brilliant.

Around others, Kai is watchful and blunt. She doesn't care if others get offended by something she says, but she will watch the offence and study the way they react. Kai can be just as emotional as any other human, she just doesn't have any empathy. When need be, she is well versed in all the formalities that rich families must learn. She just doesn't care most of the time.

Kai is happy to waste the day reading nonfiction, but she doesn't run from social interactions. She can stand in a large group of people and read from a slide or make nice with anyone she meets. However, the moment she starts to lose control of an interaction she becomes uncomfortable and unhappy. She can make all the friends in the world, but she is terrified of letting anyone too close. She will never admit it, but deep down she worries that everyone is just out to use her in one way or another.

Kai does not like being confused for too long. If she can't find at least the start of an answer in a relatively short time frame, she becomes irritable and a little scared. She doesn't think about the universe because it fills her with existential dread; she is terrified of deep water because she doesn't know what lurks in the depths. Unanswered questions irk the woman to no end and she will dwell until she comes up with some form of an answer, even if it's a bad one.
Poison | Lesser
Plants | Lesser
Alchemy | Minor
Deposition | Minor
Dust | Major : Control
Sublimation | Lesser

Character In-Depth

Blond hair | Blue eyes | 5'4"
Clothing style varies, typically leaning towards practical
Knows English, French, Spanish, German, and American Sign Language

Kai was born into an old family, important family. Well, at least they thought they were important. They definitely were well to do; their money was generations old. When the demon world collided with the human world, the Rheia's hadn't been so well to do. At that time, they weren't an old family, but they still thought they were important. They were trying to weasel their way into riches without ever doing a single bit of work. It didn't take long for Majalis to find them. At the time, he was living in the world as a solo demon, taking some form of human or another. The demon had decided he wanted to connect to a human, but not just any human. He needed the right human.

So they made a deal.

He had amassed plenty of money to get them started in their pursuit of riches. In exchange, they agreed to breed a human just for him. They would teach their child to be smart, curious, and intellectual. And they would continue to breed humans for him, until he chose to end their deal. They were happy to give their child to him. Humans had to have demons anyway, right? So this continued. Every time his host died, the nearest couple in the family had to breed him a new host. It was a happy arrangement for everyone; his host was always ready for him and the family stayed rich.

Kai was born to family that had already had two children. Her siblings were older than her by ten years and eight years. It had taken many tries for her to be born, but Majalis' annoyance was countered by his new host. She was her favorite by far. She was fascinated by poisons and what they did to the body, she was strong physically and mentally, and she tended to look at the world from a scholarly view. Either her family was perfecting the art of raising hosts for him or she was just genetically perfect for him. One way or another, he was pleased enough to throw them a bit more money.

Kai was never close to her family. Growing up, she wasn't really close to anyone. She spent more time among plants and books than she did playing with other children. She was a quick learner of most studies and actually enjoyed gaining more information. Above all else, she loved poisons. She filled her room with poisonous plants, kept terrariums full of venomous animals, and broke down and created poisons as often as she could. Her parents were concerned with her fascination, but one rule of being the parents to Majalis' host was letting her learn anything she wanted. They were required to throw as much money as they needed so their child would l e a r n.

Demon Information

Name : Majalis
Form : Blue ringed octopus
Size : Smaller than Kai's palm

Warning: Violence

When humans were first painting in caves, Majalis was there studying them. He was spawned along side modern humans, watching them grow and learn. It was almost as if their own curiosity manifested in him. He watched in one form or another as they painted, hunted, explored new lands, and created new tools. He witnessed them change from roving bands of hunters and gathers to stationary groups of farmers and builders.

Majalis found every piece of the Earth fascinating, but he particularly loved the humans in his twisted way; he would watch them from afar or cut them open to see their insides. Those were his brutish days, where the only way he could truly get to know them, outside and in was to pull them apart and see how reacted. Would this one still live if his limb were ripped off? He learned that it was a fluctuating scale, sliding depending on where they were. It was fascinating.

He learned about the humans and learned about the world. He watched the plants grow and the animals evolve. He watched cities form and humans grow older. And he l e a r n e d. He wanted to know everything about this world he was a part of in a strange, disconnected way. It was so strange and so changing. He wanted to l e a r n.

And then the worlds collided. Humans and demons were suddenly together, mashed into one civilization. And he was just delighted. For years, he had studied the world from his own eyes, from his own perspective. What better way to get to know all facets of the world than to see it from another's eyes? But he couldn't take up host with just any human. They didn't know him, they might not be curious. Or worse, they might not want to l e a r n. So he met the Rheias, a family just hungry enough to bite his bait.

Majalis was a new name. He picked his name and form based on his host, assuming something they would enjoy the most. It was the scientific name for Kai's favorite plant, the Lily of the Valley. He took the form of her favorite venomous animal she couldn't keep as a pet. For her, he would take on any form, any name. He loved her more than any other. She was his favorite host; she was probably his favorite living thing.

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