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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
James Grandfield
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He, Him
Advertising Agent

Character Summary

The visage of the typical arrogant and full of himself corporate suit on the 37 year old Yakub is not quite the truth to him. His demon has imprinted a strong moral compass in him, which whether he wants to realize it or not, has true final say in his most impactful decisions.

In a recent development, he has been getting more and more irritated at the increasingly concerning lectures on "the dreaded infidels" from Yunus.

The 407 year old demon known as Yunus is bored, to say the least. He had seen the greatest of mankind's wars, then spent most of the rest of his life in peace, being little more than an angry father figure to his hosts. Now increasingly irritable, it can only be hoped that this will be as far as his anger goes, because the last time Yunus lived without his religious and pacifistic restraint was rather bloody.

Ascensions and Legacies
Temperance Tier 1. Ascension to "THE WISE MAN" The wise man knows when to use and when to save. Always in command of himself and his finances, the wise man sees the truth before others. Sometimes, those who follow this path are believers in a religion. For them, their faith is their sword and shield. You feel new possibilities within you. You are now able to innately see patterns in everything you encounter. The dominions alchemy, gold touch, magnetism, and metal are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Psychic: Control Lesser

Gold Touch: Power Lesser

Electric Teleport:Power Lesser

Technopathy: Power Minor

Pestilence: Power Lesser

Character In-Depth

Name: Yakub

Age: 37

Height: 5'10

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Pale blue

Yakub was born in to comfortable, but not excessive wealth in the Peri quarter. Loved by his parents and raised loosely in their faith, he had a relatively normal childhood.

When he was 16, his demon pressed him to make his way in to the City's commercial scene.

*"Ahmed (former host) was 14 when he found work. Do you want to live to be a failure before God?"*

In and out annually of low level jobs, he finally stuck at advertising for the Fadizil Brothers from the time he was 23. Yakub worked hard in attracting deep pocketed investors towards Fadizil, showing up at penthouse events, and then hooking them through various less than moral methods, despite protestations from his upstairs neighbor.

Legendary around the office for his drinking benders and then subsequent exploits at the company's favorite bars and nightclubs, he has equal parts worked and partied without stopping for 14 years straight, and has grown tired of waking with few memories, a full work day ahead of him, and his demon grumbling about how he'll never reach paradise living as he does.

To put it plainly, it has been a decade since Yakub has felt truly free, and he wishes for it more than anything.

At the pressing of his neighbor, he took up the demon's names and ancient Ottoman titles, which has most notably made filing taxes way more difficult than necessary.

Demon Information

The relatively short life of the demon called Yunus al-Semendir has had much to do with the risings and fallings of the now-defunct mortal state known as the Ottoman Empire. Born in 1611, the infancy of this demon was well timed, for within years the Empire would be embroiled in a seemingly ceaseless stream of bloody uprisings and plagues that devastated hundreds of thousands. In their strife Yunus supped, following alternatively the bandit who recoiled at his crimes in a nightmare, or the desperate holy man who went on a fasting-feuled trek to unexplored swathes of the conscious. The demon knew for a fact that uncertainty tasted best.

Day by day, the demon grew in power and in to (almost) sanity. However, strife seemed like it came to an end in 1656, and Yunus was thusly starved. A young thing still, and quite alone, Yunus survived on his will, and in the depths of despair, converted to human Islam. By the time the great and terrible calamity in the form of the Holy League of Europe rocked the Empire in the turn of the century, Yunus was but a flicker of life. The war was a terrible one, as Hungary was set alight by both sides, with countless mad atrocities committed with the slightest fanfare. There was no better realm of consciousness for Yunus to be in.

Stronger than ever before, he thrived through the war-ending Treaty of Karlowitz and the period of peace that followed, until the great occurrence in Dubai, which he was well positioned to exploit. Yunus was among the first of the demons to cross the planes, and great despair and terror followed in the path of his first possession, an impossibly cruel Anatolian bandit lord.

But that is only history, where all mistakes are made. The demon has become much more reformed upon the founding of the City, becoming a pacified and devout being of god, who would rather break bread with humans and fellow demons then behead them. Or, quite possibly, this is only how he would prefer to be seen.

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