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Absinthe Angelsin

Loneliness is a torture most painful
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She, them
She, Them
Childcare worker

Character Summary

Absinthe Angelsin is a rather lonely girl who does her best to seem like she's doing well, she's not very big on socializing with other people at least in a massively social scene. And is often for the most part alone, aside from her attached demon whose always with her. Part of the reason she doesn't converse with other people socially is for fear of her powers harming them, oddly however her day job is to look after small children but usually covers herself up when doing so. It's one of the few joys in her life and helps her forget the dark memories of the past, even allowing her to smile with a true sense to them.

Her name has always been strange to most people and as such she likes to be called one of two nicknames, either she's called Abby or Angel either of those are preferred then her name in full. Otherwise she can be found writing in a secluded place, hoping to one day get her stories published but so far she's only ever written a few things on the internet. He stories vary from happy romance to deep dark horror stories many of which are inspired by her own past. She is looking for someone to publish her works but mostly just does her day job and goes him, Abby has yet to find someone who wanted to publish her yet.


The Empress Tier 1. Ascension to "THE MOTHER HEN" The mother hen is a caretaker, first and foremost. Something of a busybody, they’re at home in a calmer, more comfortable environment. Their greatest pleasure is in helping others, sometimes to the point of stifling the self-reliance of those they take under their wing.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now calm and cajole others, gaining the automatic trust of children and lost youth. You now gain additional strength when fighting to protect others (+2 on all rolls of that kind). The dominions superior endurance, earth, plants, and water are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Dreams Major

Summoning Proficient

Duplication Proficient

Necrosis Minor

Water Lesser

Steam Lesser

Character In-Depth

Abby was born from the pairing of two humans that hosted Primal demons, it surprised them that their daughter got a civil demon with their pairing they'd expected another primal. But all that mattered to them was that they now had a child to look after, as a family Abby's parents were very loving and open with Abby. Helping her with her schooling and teaching her all the things she needed to know as early as they were able too, Abby could swim before she could walk and read before she went to school. This in part lead to her love of reading and writing, she still has some of her stories she wrote as a kid somewhere around her house.

However things changed from happy families and laughter when Abby's powers came into being, some of them were fine and rather useful though sometimes creepy as her demon liked to scare as much people as it could including her parents. The worst part was when her Necrosis powers kicked in, unlike her Dreams, Summoning and Duplication, her Necrosis was a much harder power to control and was at a lower level then the others. Abby used to like scaring people sometimes when she was younger because it never really hurt anyone and Cosette would even laugh sometimes with her whether it was out of humour she had no idea.

But things got bad when Abby accidentally used her power on a kindy teacher, though the teacher didn't die because Abby stopped it somehow. She was scared for life, from that point on the teacher ended up retiring and most teachers or students didn't want to go near her. This made Abby withdraw into herself for most of her schooling, trying to just get by in classes without doing much interacting in hopes of not hurting others. One day around half way through elementary, some girl approached her because she'd thought Abby was rude and weird. Always being covered up and not changing with the other girls, the angry girl called her some sort of elitist weirdo.

Trying to walk away from the conflict, the girl grabbed Abby by the collar and she tried to get away. This ended up tearing off her sleeve, and when the angry girl grabbed her bare arm. Abby pleaded with her to let go but it was too late, the heightened emotions set off her powers and Necrosis was set on the girl like a plague. Her demon even seemingly reacted in angry and tried to burn the girl, but Cosette responded in kind and used some of her water abilities to shield her. It wasn't long before the girl died from rot, Abby screamed and ran away home crying

She knew the girl was in her class but she hadn't known her very well though that could be said for most in her class, when she got home she went to her room. Her parents got a call from the school and were told about what happened, someone had actually seen what was happening but wasn't quick enough to help out. And as such Abby wasn't blamed because of the nature of her abilities, however rumours spread through the school and she became the devil of the school. Though most wouldn't bully her directly for fear of the same treatment the other girl had gotten, they did things from a far like throw things, jeer and so on.

This continued till she went to high school, where thankfully none of her old school mates had gone nor any of her former teachers. Though she was still withdrawn from most people Abby was considered quite cute by the boys and girls of her school, and instead of people thinking of her as weird Abby was instead considered mysterious. So thankfully Abby had a bit of a better time in high school for the most part, even having a few boys ask her out. She feared hurting them but kept herself covered most of the time, she'd even got it down to a fashion look. At one point Abby did say yes to a couple of the boys over the years, but because of her reluctance to do much in the line of human contact she lost the relationships.

So instead she focused on finishing school and getting into something she liked, inspired by her parents love and devotion in raising her despite all the problems. Abby decided to go into childcare, she knew if she kept herself covered they'd be little issue when working with kids. Though she'd have to keep them from her face, which would be hard given young children's affinity for human contact. But to her it wasn't a stressful job and was one of the little joys she had in life, before getting a job as a childcare worker Abby went to university to get the qualifications. She'd thought about being a teacher, and even did the required courses that went with it. Being a qualified teacher was nice but she had a love for looking after the younger kids and focused more on that, as such she just stuck to being a simple childcare worker.

Demon Information

Cosette is a mirror type demon that reflects the worst in their host, right down to their physical appearance. Though not evil persay though being a demon that is highly subjective, Cosette is like a variation on the Bloody Mary myth though whether she was connected with the historical figure is unknown, but it's in her nature to be reflective of her host in a variety of ways and not all of them good.

She has a likeness to scare people, whether Abby wants her too or not. Though Abby can usually prevent her from causing trouble at her job because even Cosette knows the need for a job, without it neither of them would survive another day. It's not that she's a prankster but more that she feeds on fear and even though Abby is often in fear of hurting someone with a mere touch, it's not always enough for Cosette.

Thankfully she can also feed on the fear produced in dreams, and often has Abby use her dream ability to have someone live out one of her horror novels. In fact Cosette as been known to help with those as well, because she likes things of that nature and helps describe or suggest things of a horrific nature to add into her stories.

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