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Kai Roh

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Human with Primal Demon
yoongi min
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Character Summary

Kai lives an unsteady life filled with uncertainty. He was abused by his parents, he ran away, living on the streets before being taken by a demon and kept locked away before being abandoned by his new abuser. He's back on the streets, alone, and doing what he must to survive on the streets, petty thievery, dealing and squatting in abandoned buildings.

Superior Endurance

Character In-Depth

Kai grew up in a toxic household in the human realm. His parents thought they wanted a child, and when Kai came into their lives, it was the last thing they wanted. Arguing turned into screaming, blaming him for all their financial troubles, turning to physical abuse. He started spending less and less time at home as he got older. He started to hang out with the wrong kind of crowds, doing the wrong kind of things, with his primal demon at his side, the demon having taken the form of a maine coon. His parents didn't even seem to notice when he wouldn't come home for days at a time.

When he was out one night when he was thirteen, he was taken by a demon who took him to the city. He kept him and his demon and locked away and took care of him, but he wasn't a nice demon. Kai would scream, and kick and tell him he hated him. But Kai didn't believe he could live without him the longer he was with him. It couldn't last forever. The demon got bored and abandoned Kai. Kai didn't know how he felt. He hated him, but panicked. He had thought the demon loved him, and let himself believe that the demon loved him, so why would he leave him? On the other hand, he was free, no long kept locked away. But it made him feel empty, and lonely. He missed his abuser. He was twenty when he was left behind, and didn't know what to do with himself.

Kai's back out on the streets now, back to getting into trouble, and squatting in empty buildings. He steals to survive, and does some dealing when he can. He doesn't like people all that much, having been isolated for so long, and not having any normal interaction with humans or demons that he just can't get along with them, and has little interest in being friends.

He's abrasive, he's stubborn, and he's prone to mood swings. He doesn't like talking, but he's fine with fighting and screaming at you if he thinks you're an idiot. It makes him impulsive. He doesn't know what he wants, or what he's doing with his life. All he knows is how to try to survive, and he's scrappy. Currently, his most normal relationship he has is with his demon, who doesn't often liked to be pet or cooed at, but still curls up on Kai's lap during cold nights.

Demon Information

Kai's primal demon takes on the form of a maine coon. The demon is aggressive, but will let Kai hold him and carry him around in a bag if they have to move around the city, and it makes it easier to run away after stealing something from a shop so that they don't get separated. Although the demon is primal, and can be temperamental, it is fairly protective of Kai.

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