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David Wilkinson

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Corey Haynes
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Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Ghost Town Enforcer

Character Summary

Name:David "Davey" Wilkinson

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5'8"

Build: Slim

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Sexuality: Sadist

Davey is an attractive young man and he very much knows it. He enjoys his position as an enforcer with the Ghost Town Boys. He uses his pretty face to pull in marks and put them at ease before unleashing holy hell upon them.
Duplicity - Minor - Power

Pheromones - Minor - Control

Superior Strength - Minor - Power

Superior Endurance - Proficient - Power

Blood - Minor - Power

Bone Manipulation - Lesser - Control

Character In-Depth

TW: Underage

Davey grew up in the City. A street kid in every sense, his parents were rarely around, meaning he managed to get himself into all sorts of trouble. He killed for the first time at 13, a man he'd "seduced" and subsequently lost his virginity to. The man was cold when Davey slipped off of his lap, his blood spattered over his body and immeasurably more excited than he'd been during the sex itself.

Davey is a sadist. He enjoys inflicting pain, especially on people he thinks deserve it. His weapons of choice are blunt instruments, baseballs bats, tire irons, wrenches. If he can swing it with enough force to break someone's face in he'll use it. Knives are his second choice, though, and he always has a few on him.

Davey isn't aroused by conventional sex and his predominant source of arousal is the violence he inflicts upon others. Despite this he is not a rapist. He draws a line between those he inflicts pain on and those he uses to help him blow off steam. In general, he sleeps with men. They're easy and Davey has learned over the years that he can get things from them if he puts out, but he will accept basically any partner after a brawl or a beating.

He is inherently selfish. His main drive is his own survival and benefit. He thinks little of the future, mostly focusing on what he wants and needs in the moment and what makes him feel good. Joining the Ghost Town Boys was a means to an end. He gets safety, resources, and access to people he can slake his bloodlust on. All in all it has been a decent arrangement, but he would leave if a better option presented itself. He has no loyalty to anyone but himself and his demon, Jimmy, although this is likely because he sees Jimmy as an extension of himself in a way.

Demon Information

Davey's partner in crime is his demon. Now called Gemini or Jimmy for short, when Davey was young he simply called him "the other boy." Gemini was instrumental in Davey's revelry in the dark side of his urges. They were always there, but Gemini simply teased them out and let Davey know what was possible.

Gemini is the face that Davey sees when he looks at himself in the mirror, his perfect twin, down to every freckle and mark.

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