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Alma König

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Mila Kunis
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
1000 years old
Bar owner/drug trafficker

Character Summary

Match meet gasoline, broken girl meets broken world. Alma König's bar, King's, has been a family tradition for a while. It's not a traditional place, not a place you could locate in the streets. No, it's built into the ground, quiet and out of the way. Its delicacies are rare and often illegal, and its cliental are hardly pleasant. They often come across great misfortune if they happen to so much as irritate Alma.

She's solitary and sharp-tongued, preferring to keep to herself. Her temper is fierce and never-abating. Those that have earned her wrath have earned it forever. And yet, she is prone to obsessions. Longings. Desires to reach out and touch, to feel, only to realize that the only person in this world she can rely on is herself. And the only entity that will protect her is Shakkayaga. After all, they are in this together.

There's something more to her, an undying quest to seek vengeance, to seek truth, to understand what happened to her family so long ago. Alma is unstable, unhinged, and hardly the sort of woman you'd bring home to your mother.

Ascensions and Legacies

Augmentation, control-based
Combustion, power-based

Hallucinations, power-based

Bone Manipulation, control-based
Technopathy, power-based

Elasticity, power-based

Character In-Depth

They didn't wake up. Alma thought it was silly that Mutti and Vatti were covered in jam: they'd always made her clean up, wiping her fingers with stingy alcohol after she spent the night coloring in the back of King's. But they had gone to bed in it, she thought as she tugged at Vatti's hand. It wasn't until she saw Kaden, her beloved German Shepherd, broken and contorted on the ground that she realized this wasn't normal.

It was Kay who comforted her as she grew up a lonely life. It was Kay who pushed her, who made her see her purpose. It was her job to find her family's murderers, her job to kill them and bring justice to this world. Justice, because they deserved it. Because they deserved better than a slit throat and a painful departure from this world. Kay became her only family, her guiding light.

Survival was hard as a lonely child, tossed between couches and without much to eat. She stole and thieved and clawed her way to the top, and even then it wasn't always enough. From age sixteen onward, every lover she had turned up deceased. Every friend she had betrayed her. And all that was left when she hit the tender age of eighteen was Kay and the bar, dilapidated and full of stale memories. She fixed it up and opened it again, believing that if she let the robbers of the world into her lair, she might hear whispers of how her parents were murdered.

It took a significant investment to start it up, an investment she earned with her wrists bound in soft velvet, a camera rolling over her prone figure, calloused hands touching smooth, unmarred skin. It was an investment she kept with an iron fist, not afraid to challenge those who dared to hurt her bar. The bar she gave everything for. The bar where she could still see her mother's soft smile, her father's limping gait, her family's peaceful existence.

It's the same place where she sometimes sacrifices her dignity for whatever she needs: more product for free, continued investment when repairs are needed, protection from particularly violent forces. But this hardly bothers her anymore, not with all she's done in her life. Not when Kay always assures her it's okay, and when some of those she makes deals with end up missing within a few weeks.

But she and Kay have bigger plans. Greater aspirations. They have justice to serve and killers to find and a family legacy to establish. They have things to do, and being a simple bar owner will not suffice for long. They exist peacefully for now, smiling and waiving and doing all things asked. But soon their time will come. It's a waiting game, and Alma is not a particularly patient woman.

Demon Information

His name is Shakkayaga, or Kay for short. He's a simple guy, really. He likes things the humans like: sports, sex, violence, and crushing his enemies one by one. He's a possessive sort of fellow, and those he claims are his forever. Take Alma, for example. She's his girl, and any who touch her will pay. It's why he had to kill her family in that little "tragic accident", and why he had to lie to her about it. To Alma, he is family. They are extremely close, and she relies on him for advice and guidance, unaware that he is often guiding her away from her best interests (and manipulating her to play his game). Often, Kay will appear as a large dog, loyal and trustworthy, the spitting image of the beloved childhood pet that died in the same tragic accident as Alma's family. He still speaks in this form, although he also includes various manners of dog communication.

He works very quietly in the back Alma's mind, softly pushing her in a favorable direction, in ways she may not even be aware of herself (particularly since she trusts Kay, blindly). He is also incredibly possessive of her against any who attempt to become her friend or lover: he's left behind many dead bodies, and has pushed her to think poorly of people she might otherwise like. Alma is his girl, after all. And while her body may be useful someday, it's not her choice what she does with it. It's his.

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