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Ezekiel "Eezee" Payne

We're all mad here.
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Zayn Malik
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Ghost Town Boys' Destruction Expert

Character Summary

Name: Ezekiel "Eezee" Payne
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Whenever and Whoever the Fuck He Wants.
Relationship: No Thanks.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Amber
Height: 5'9"
Build: Athletic
Tattoos: A growing collection
Piercings: Ditto

He's the prettiest boy you'll meet in real life, with the brightest smile and the flirtiest winks and a wardrobe that's amazingly stylish, if a bit out of date. You might even think he's one of the other Boys' 'Bitch'. Call him that to his face.

I dare you.
Ascensions and Legacies
The Hanged Man Tier 1. Ascension to "THE STRAWMAN"
The strawman is constructed to be deconstructed. A perfect scapegoat, a sacrifice—an effigy to be burned—the strawman may act or feel like they were created to be taken apart.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now protect others: you gain +1 on all dice rolls when fighting to or trying to protect someone. You can take some of another person’s pain, emotional, psychological, or physical, and pull it into yourself, thus relieving them of part of it. You can also take wounds from someone else and put them onto your body. The dominions scrying, psychic, empathy, and electricity are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
Light/Level 3 - Proficient
Shadow/Level 6 - Legendary
Pestilence/Level 1 - Lesser
Combustion/Level 4 - Major
Regeneration/Level 2 - Minor
Absorption/Level 1 - Lesser

Character In-Depth

Ezekiel's life was idyllic.

He came from Old Money. Martha's Vineyard Royalty. Those people who could trace their lineage back to the Mayflower, who made all the right investments. He was on the cover of Posh Magazines and Society Pages. His father was a senator, looking to make a bid for the presidential election in a few years. His mother was a socialite and philanthropist. Ezekiel had an older brother and sister who adored him. They were the perfect family.

Like many of the elite born with suspect demons, Ezekiel was fitted with a Binding Amulet when he was extremely young, and it worked. His life was wonderful. He graduated from one of the most exclusive prep-schools in the United States and had taken a few years off to travel and experience the world before he went to college.

Like all good things, Ezekiel's life came to an abrupt end late one evening. Whatever enchantments on the amulet failed, and while Ezekiel slept his demon ran rampant.

He woke to heat, screams of pain and fear, and the scent of burning flesh. When the dust and ash settled, his beloved family was dead and Ezekiel was a wreck of tears and trauma. He was taken into custody and put into psychiatric care, sedated to keep him pliant and surrounded with enough Anti-Dominion Technology to keep his Demon from causing anymore harm.

The escape was as if it had happened to someone else, his demon taking some sort of odd control of him, removing the I.Vs. of sedatives and fluids and walking him haphazardly and barefoot down the dark, cold hallway in nothing but the white pajamas he'd been wearing for over a year in this place. It kept it's burnt and flaking hands on his arms as it guided him, opening the third-story window. As the alarms sounded and orderlies rushed down the hallway toward them, It pushed him out the window...

And he landed, in the middle of the day in a Ghost Town Alley. It quickly helped him to his feet, and found him a place to recover.

The City--Ghost Town Especially--is not a kind place for a young man with nothing. Not for a young man with enough beauty and just 'cracked' enough to turn the wrong heads.

Had he not been blessed with such a powerful monster that had been starved for so long, he may have ended up another statistic, a Gula prostitute. Or worse--a meal for one of the demons who ran it.

As it was, he was lucky enough to clumsily pick the wrong pocket, and ended up in yet another dirty alley being beaten to within an inch of his life by Ethan. As the man punched him, he laughed....and laughed, and kept laughing throughout the beating. Whether Ethan was impressed, disturbed, or just amused by the madness coming from that almost-too-pretty, too refined young man is up for debate, but Ezekiel was offered a place in The Ghost Town Boys that day and has been a member ever since.

Demon Information

BurntAs fire raged nearer, Mrs. Abe joined a parade of survivors trudging down the road in the dusk left by a mushroom cloud that blotted out the sun. Blackened, bleeding, wearing only tatters of clothing, they moaned and held out their arms to lessen the pain -- looking like ghosts.

Half a century later, those ghosts still haunt Japan and America alike.
--The New York Times; August 6, 1995

Eezee has never named it. For a good portion of his life, it wasn't even really 'there' the way other people's demons were. It was in the back of his head, pacing and doing whatever dormant, bound demons did, but....

Once it was out, it became obvious why it was bound in the first place. It is the victim of Pompeii. Of Hiroshima. Of Nagasaki. Of Chernobyl and Fukashima Daichii.

It is terrifying and burnt, walking like a ghost. It is an image of those monstrosities from The Hills Have Eyes, and the result of every nuclear holocaust film that could exist. It feeds on fear, burning-pain, and disease, and it was starved for a full twenty years.

No wonder it's previously happy, kind, and gentle Host is now completely and utterly mad.

Oddly, It seems to have realized what It's done to It's host, and in It's way takes care of him. The Regeneration Dominion is one way, It having not known it before It freed itself. Helping him escape from the Institution was another way, seeing as no actual counseling was being done, and It's host was being kept sedated. It has been seen by the other Ghost Town Boys watching over Eezee as he sleeps, even, keeping him as safe as It can while he's helpless.

As horrible and as sickening as It is, It tries.

Even if It's very existence is the worst thing for the now-mad boy.

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