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Samantha Sage

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Brittany Snow
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She / Her
He / him
Personal Assistant

Character Summary

quick references

Blue eyes
Small curves.
Speaks: English, Spanish, French, Russian, reads Latin
Loves art and architecture

Ascensions and Legacies

The Star Tier 1. Ascension to "THE TAURUS"

The taurus, named after the sign in astrology, is an ascension who comes about when one loses faith in something important, or in oneself. The taurus also has another sense: abandonment. You may have abandoned something or someone, or someone or something may have abandoned you. Either way, the taurus is a path of loss.
You feel new possibilities within you. You now possess the ability to steal much more easily without getting caught. The dominions light, animation, pathfinding, and steam are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


Level 3 - Proficient major

The ability to manipulate wind, fog, mist, and air. This does not allow the user to fly on their own, but may allow the user to control sails of a ship, or kite-like devices.

Control Based: The more variations upon wind you can create and manipulate (i.e. fog, mist, etc.).


Level 1 - Lesser minorproficient

The ability to transmute one thing into something else, or give it properties it might not otherwise have had. Wide base of applications, but it takes time to set up alchemy. You cannot do it instantaneously, because you need the parts of what you’re trying to create. No one can create life through alchemy. They can, however, create alchemic machines. The power and control over alchemy comes with the betrayal of the laws of equivalent exchange. This power can be frightening, as it can even use humans as alchemy materials for greater projects (not to create life, however, as stated before).

Power Based: The bigger and sturdier the objects you can alchemize with lesser materials. At legendary levels of mastery, you could create large tanks with a few ounces of gunpowder, a wheel, and a tube.


Level 3 - Proficient major

The ability to detect others’ lies and keep your own lies from detection.

Power Based: The more your lies will be believed.


Level 4 - Major greater

The creation and manipulation of rocks, dirt, mud, earth.

Power Based: The easier it is for you to call earth.


Level 4 5 - Major greater

The manipulation and creation of fire/flames, ability to pass through fire unharmed.

Power Based: The more fire you can create.


Level 3 - Proficient

The creation and manipulation of water, ability to purify water, ability to breathe underwater, ability to pass through water unharmed.

Power Based: The more water you can manipulate.

Character In-Depth


Samantha is fairly reserved woman. She thinks three steps ahead, tries to avoid problems. Some would call her a people pleaser, but really it's just ingrained in her to do a good job, solve any problem, or tackle any task given to her. At the same time, Samantha doesn't have much patience if you waste her time, and she will let you know. Overall, she's not a door mat as some might think, unless it comes to dealing with her family.


Life in the Sage house was full of strict rules and high expectations. Mainly by her father, Gregory. He expected everything from his children, and drilled everything he could into them. As a well known lawyer, he couldn't accept anything less from his kids. Of course this meant homeschool, because he could provide a better education, which Samantha excelled and followed the rules. Her older brother however, well, not so much.

Samantha didn't experience much social interaction like most children, but she traveled with her family, and pushed her limits with knowledge. That's something right? Most of her life was uneventful, other than her brother pushing limits and getting in trouble. For the most part Samantha was the 'good one'.

Life was meant to be planned out for the Sage kids, Samantha was meant to go into politics. However, not as the face of something important. Oh no. As someone who helped keep politicians out of trouble. A damn personal assistant.

Of course, she didn't stand up for herself. Not with her dad.

Demon Information

Hopper: This small little golden dragon loves Samantha, pie, and doughnuts. He can be found on her shoulder or sleeping in a pocket of a cardigan often.

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