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Innocence is never truly lost until one makes the decision to leave it.
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Solo Demon
Maleficent - Lee Kent
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Character Summary

Atrea is a rather innocent and unassuming girl on the surface, ready to consume any knowledge given to her in the blink of an eye. She has been thought to have assumed many different personas as she grew throughout her long life, but each time she came to a horrific realization the girl seemed to break and "binge" on whatever she could get her hands on. A rather malleable blank slate, but not so unknowing as to be led astray like the flick of a switch. Her friends are dear to her and those she claims to take under her proverbial, and maybe sometimes literal, wing being among those she cherishes most in all of her many years upon this Earth. She is a young demon whose very nature is unknown to her except for a deep hunger she tries her best to keep hidden well under the surface. Buried in the deep oceans of her subconscious where none but her dreams dare to tread for fear of awakening a once slumbering beast.
Ascensions and Legacies
Dominion 1: Necromancy Level 4 - Major - Power

Dominion 2 Plants Level 3 - Proficient - Control

Dominion 3 Mimicry Level 5 - Greater - Power

Dominion 4 Empathy Level 3 - Proficient - Control

Dominion 5 Weather Level 3 - Proficient - Power

Dominion 6 Regeneration Level 5 - Greater - Power

Character In-Depth

There exists, in some small amount of all broken people in the world, one last shred of the innocent long lost. Tales go back, long and winding ones of which branch many different facets of the same, old story. With each part of the whole being patched back into one piece a clear picture could be seen, the truth behind all of these horrific stories told to children at night to keep them mindful of those who seem to be simple in mind and heart. But here I go on rambling when you wish to hear the true tale! In reality, the first recorded story of this poor being goes back to old tales told during the fifteen century of this Earth. The first began in the dark woods of Bohemia, or Czechoslovakia for those of you gathered here not versed in the old names of such places. In any case, Bohemia or otherwise, a single story began to spread there from the first time any sight of the Demon of The Woods, but a more simple and much more well known name had begun to spread. Atrea. It was said that, from what I've pieced together, that her birth was between Satan himself and a woodland faerie who had been lured away by the most dangerous of all sinners. Together the two had lived a happy life, or as happy as two such as themselves could have before things began to inevitably sour like a deep, sinister rot one could never hope to rid themselves of.

A large chasm had grown between the two, an opportunity for Satan and a grave concern for the poor woodland faerie. You see, The Devil himself sought to secure his spawn's strength through allowing her to ravage the whole land of Bohemia and consume all that grew there with a ravenous hunger as of yet seen or heard of. Her soon-to-be mother had much different plans, however, and the thought of letting her daughter become such a monster brought waves of nausea upon her weak stomach. As she vomited a horrible realization came upon her, the birth of her child was close and there wasn't much time left for her to make good her escape from The Devil. The morning came and in turn the faerie sprung herself into action, but before she could barely make it a hundred miles the long claws of The Devil reeled her back in. Rage ran through Satan's mind so fiercely that the only thought he had was to kill the faerie who dared to run and as he slaughtered her with deep cuts the child was born there.

Fully grown, it was, with large horns that sprouted forth from either side of her head and large, black wings that expanded far past the length of her arms. What was left of her mother was strewn in chunks about the dark room and pooled beneath her pale, bare feet. It stained first the soles of her feet and soon almost all of her legs as she collapsed to the ground in horror of what had happened. While not entirely knowing of who her mother was, she still realized the gravity of what had happened and tears streamed down her face as she looked up, confused, to her father. Satan laughed at the grieving girl and intent on giving her the first taste of the only thing he knew would sustain her, he shoved the still pulsing heart of her mother into her maw. A dark, ravenous hunger took over her and as she began to sob she shoveled still more into her mouth of her mother's mutilated corpse.

With her first taste she began to know the Hunger, the unending, unforgiving Hunger that would plague her, but the first night of her life would not see the victims end with just her mother. Satan shook in fear of the beast that he had created, something much worse and abominable than any hellspawn he could ever magick up in the deepest pits of Hell. She turned to him and he lashed out with a sharp talon, slicing deep through her skin, but in mere moments the wound recovered and she continued her advance. For hours this continued as he retreated, cut, recover, cut, recover, until finally he stumbled upon his own feet and landed square on the ground. He shook for but a moment, screaming as the pieces of her mother that she hadn't eaten returned to visit their revenge upon the quivering Devil. He was ended and so Atrea ate again, imbibing herself of the blood that pooled out of his ailing body until nothing but a shriveled corpse remained.

And so the monster was released to rule with fear over the people of Bohemia until a young girl dared to venture into the woods of the Beast. She found her there, slumbering with wings holding herself as tears continued to stream down the poor demon's face. The young girl crawled into her wings and joined her there, the tears of the two combining into a river of sadness that flowed through them both until finally the two were once again joined into one and so the innocence the monster never could have was restored. From then she wandered for many and more years until finally, dressed in the rags she had worn all that time, into the busy streets of the City. Here there were new friends, here there was food and here she would find absolution of her past sins in the justice she brought for others, or the sweet darkness of sin from the horrors that she would commit.

Demon Information

Atrea is a young looking demon, barely reaching a height of five foot four herself, while her horns rise almost another entire foot above her head. Pitch black wings sprout from either side of the girl's back, sensitive to the touch and prone to flitting about if she is anxious or angry. Each wing measures nearly eight feet while the full wingspan of the girl lasts several lengths of her own body. Long, narrow ears poke out from under her horns and behind her chestnut locks, nearly as sensitive as her wings and very prone to prehensile movement should something sneak up behind her or startle the poor thing. Long, delicate lashes lead up from her eyes, the color of which are an explosion of green, brown and a outlying blue much like that of the ocean. A slight, permanent track of tears lie under there and lead to soft, delicate lips which sometimes quiver in fear. The rest of her body is usually hidden from view, whether covered by the soft, downy feathers of her wings or by a thick layer of clothing. A biblical shame causing her to experience horrible anxiety from much of any of her skin showing.

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