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Character Summary

Name: Keean

Age: 368

Gender: Male

Species: Knight of Blood

Sexuality: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Height: 5ft 9

Skin: Pale

Eyes: Cerulean Blue

Hair: Jet Black

Body Type: Athletic, well toned

Tattoos: Small and intricate black Catholic cross below his belly button

Ascensions and Legacies

BLOOD -:- Major


FIRE -:- Minor



Character In-Depth

A Brief Overview

Keean doesn't remember much before his 100th year, the somewhat young demon having awoken on a cold cellar floor surrounded in what could only be described as the remains of at least half a dozen people. What was he to do in a situation like that? A young demon without a human, with no memory of where he'd come from and not a clue as to what he was supposed to do next. With no direction, Keean fled the scene and found himself living on the streets.

For the next few decades Keean took whatever jobs he could, his only goal to make it from day to day without landing in any serious kind of trouble. Luckily he was good at that, dodging precarious situations as one might dodge an awkward social situation on a subway. It was this ability to fly under the radar, to worm and wiggle his way through the crowds of the city, that lead him to an occupation that would satisfy both his burgeoning curiosity and his need for a stable livelihood. He was to become a courier.

Over the next hundred or so years Keean delivered all manner of packages, goods and curiosities to the various denizens of the city. His service was reliable, his timing and speed impeccable, his discreet nature earning him more than a few clients willing to entrust important goods to him. It was a life of shade, of danger even, but it was his life...and it was a life he'd protect by tooth and nail.


Humans are of great interest to Keean for more than the obvious reasons. While he requires them to satiate his appetite, the young demon also finds them to be particularly interesting for other reasons. Like a scientist studying the behaviours of wild animals or an undercover police officer observing his target, Keean spends much of his free time immersing himself in the crowds of the city. Being surrounded by such a large variety of humans from all walks of life, the good and the bad, the young and the old, the cautious and the care-free, Keean's natural curiosity tends to lead him into long and intriguing interactions with people he may have never otherwise come into contact with.

Demons, his not-quite brethren on the other hand, are beings which Keean generally holds no love for. Whether it was natural to harbour such a lack of feeling for them or if his short but interesting life had lead him to his current views nobody really knows, not even he himself. All the young demon knows is that a deep part of him distrusts and typically dislikes the demonic residents of his beloved city. This doesn't prevent him from rendering his services to them and its entirely possible he might meet a demon whom interests him some day, though as things currently stand...well lets just say it doesn't look that day will be anytime soon.


Keean has many questions about himself that he'd like nothing more than to be answered. Since awakening on that cold, hard and bloody floor, Keean has spent a significant portion of his free time chasing up leads that could hold the information he seeks. Who is he? Why is he here? Who were the people in the basement? All of these questions and more plague his mind. Despite that, the young demon takes the time to enjoy himself. He's a jester, a playboy, a bookworm, a music enthusiast and someone who wouldn't say no to a new experience. Everything that life has to offer, you'll be sure he's given it a shot or will be giving it a shot soon.

The World

As with his interest in humans, Keean is very much a scholar of the world he lives in. Soaking up whatever information he can sink his sharp teeth into, the young demon loves nothing more than to immerse himself in new experiences and to digest new information. Perhaps this is a product of his youth? Either way Keean doesn't particularly question the desire. The world is his for the taking, and you can be sure he'll do everything in his power to learn all there is to learn about it.

Demon Information

Keean is a Knight of Blood, a being with a strong affinity to the natural liquid life essence of all living beings. It satiates his appetite more than anything else and it is a tool with which the young demon has fairly impressive control over. From clotting wounds, to stilling the blood flow in the veins of those who would harm him, Keean has a very strong relationship with the ichor of those around him.

Its easy to assume that a Knight of Blood lives to kill, to feed off of the gore of those he's murdered...that would however be wrong. It's blood that's freely given, particularly during physical intimacy or paired with strong emotions, that acts as the strongest appetite suppressant a Knight of Blood could ask for.

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