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Raritaji Ashburn

"You're Stuck With Me Forever Cause I'm Never Leaving."
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Michael Malarkey
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He. Him, His, Tracker of Bones, The Wayfarer
King of Naelem/ Nadia's Bodyguard

Character Summary

Dominions - White Tiger rolled by Eden

Shapeshifting - Minor
Superior Speed - Major
Superior Strength - Greater
Precognition - Proficient
Electricity - Proficient
Superior Senses - Legendary

Character In-Depth

Once upon a time, in a land of ice and snow
There lived a beast with fur as white as his world.

He was as courageous as his claws were sharp and as kind as his heart was large.
His people were all that he had, great cats with fur as thick as his to withstand the wind-driven snow.

He loved them as they loved him, and they played together, slept together, hunted together, huddled together when the cold crept into their bones.
A woman came one day from a land just like his, a warrior by trade, but so much more at heart.

A King came with her, a being as cruel as his world, his grandson who now held great power.
'Bow down to me," the King said, 'or all that you are will be no more.'

There was no time for discussion, only haste, and when they did not bow, they were wiped from their world with not a hint of remorse.
He and one other escaped to the King's world, but the King did not know and neither did she.

From the farthest of distances he watched her, wishing her no harm, but love instead.
When he knew that he could not stay, lest he put her in danger with his desire, he left the King's world.

One day, he vowed, he would be strong enough to avenge his people, and one day she would know the love he had for her.
For many millennia, he traveled and trained, the Queen never far from his thoughts.

There came a day when he challenged the King and was faced with his guards instead.
He nearly died that day, a fight for his life that he was not nearly ready for. She came then, a treasure hunter with a soft soul, and rescued him.

He swore his life to her and together they formed an unshakable bond.
The Queen, though, was never far from his thoughts, and he dedicated himself to put an end to her suffering and her pain.

Centuries fled by, and he soon challenged the King again. The battle was great and lasted for even more centuries.
The King fell and held power no more, but the Queen fled to a place where he could not find her.
And so now he travels with the one who holds his life, forever searching for the one who holds his heart.

Demon Information


Legends across multiple demon realms and worlds have it that whenever you became lost, you called upon The Wayfarer to guide you along your way. He is said to be a great black tiger with stripes that glow cerulean blue. In his mouth is held a black lantern that will shine blue to light the path to your destination.

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