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I don't understand the feelings of the weak.
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Solo Demon
Michelle Maron
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Character Summary

Biographical Information

Birth Name: Delphina

Alias: Diem

Birth Date: July

Birth Place: Unknown

Type: Solo Demon

Faction: Kairos

Personal Information

Height: 5'7

Weight: 130 pounds

Eye Colouration: Dark Pupil & Gold Iris | Dark Pupil & Blueish Silver Iris (Mood dependent)

Hair Colouration: Jet Black

Skin Colouration: Ivory

Body Type: Mesomorph

Age: 50,000


Delphina was brainwashed by her father to live by his somewhat sadistic philosophy. The fact that she was raised by the philosophy caused her to be someone that lacked empathy for people that she viewed as weak. She uses this old creed as a way to defend many of her actions that could be labeled as bloodthirsty which include allowing innocent people to get killed just to achieve her goals in life. However despite following a rather destructive creed, the people that are her subordinates are treated well. The one thing that Delphina enjoys around her is loyal and devoted people. She shows actual care to those who have devoted themselves to her and are very much loyal. Delphina loves and respects those who she deems as strong and the desire to grow stronger fuels her love for fighting. Her bloodthirsty mindset never truly takes over her judgment. She has enough common sense not to risk heavy losses just to satisfy her twisted desires. The one thing that Delphina cannot stand are people who fail her. She can no longer so sympathy or genuine care for these people. Delphina possesses great charisma allowing her to easily inspire those around her and make friends rather easily. Making friends is easy for her, but keeping them is the harder part. Another negative trait that she possesses is the fact that she easily gets obsessed with people and things. She is often times described as a stalker at times because of the fact she has a very hard time letting things go. If she wants something she expects to receive it right away and if she does not she gets irritated rather easily. It is often times more easier to avoid forming a bond with Delphina to avoid her rather possessive side.


Character In-Depth

Going to the city wasn't exactly what Delphina had in plans instead it was a tragic mistake. She was happy in the realm that she born in and had everything she truly wanted. She was surrounded by people that worshiped and adored her at every second. Delphina was also quite a very powerful in this respected realm that was tucked away from human eyes to prey upon. Delphina was the daughter of a small clan chief leader and their clan was located in the mountainous region of the realm Asoryon. This mountainous area was where she spent of her life in and truly doesn't understand life outside this area. During her so called childhood, she already began to find herself brainwashed by her father's creed that showcased the fact that only the strong shall live and the weak die. He would do this by using her mother as a prime example because of the very fact that she died at her birth being far too overwhelmed by it. Her father tarnished her name and continued to tell Delphina that her mother was indeed weak and deserved the tragic death that she got. Because of the fact that she was indeed a naive and gullible child she went along with her father's words even feeling a little bit disgusted that her mother was such a weak person.

Delphina was expected to fight for everything. She had to fight for the respect that her father had and a proper place in the clan that she born into. Because of how much fighting she had to experience and the acts of easily inflicting pain in front of her by her father the once innocent child that he had began to grow into something different. Her father didn't exactly want his daughter to become a sadistic unempathetic woman, but instead just broadcasted his creed because this was the only way to survive in such a dangerous area. since this was the only to survive, he overlooked the monster that he was beginning to sculpt himself. As she began to grow older, her father's strength began to gradually diminish and he soon found himself unable to further lead the clan. Instead of the title of clan chief being passed upon his only offspring the clan people refused to be lead by a young girl that was still learning the way of the clan. Delphina was indeed a strong person, but because of her young age the time the clans feared their very destruction that she could of caused at such an age.

Outraged by having her birthright to lead the clan taken away from her because of her young age she ran away from the only people she knew. During her travels, she began to form a rather large group of people that she viewed as strong in order to take back what was rightfully hers. When she left her clan she vowed to grow stronger and show them all that crossing her was the wrong move to make. Delphina didn't even hesitate the leave the lands regardless the fact that her father could of died anytime from now. He wasn't worth losing the power that could of been bestowed upon her during his ill state. Delphina found herself traveling to all corners of the realm forming the perfect group composed of people who were strong and could handle the bloodshed that was needed for her to get what was rightfully hers. It took centuries for her to find the perfect group to take back what was taken from her. Once this group was formed however she was outright unstoppable. she returned to the mountainous region that was once her home and massacred everyone that doubted her.

The sight of their own people being murdered directly in front of them the remaining members of the clan quickly bowed to Delphina granting her the position that was rightfully hers from the beginning. This was the day that Delphina finally got the strength she needed and sadly the monster she is today was completely formed this very day. Delphina assumed her father was dead, but instead she was very much wrong. She found him laying near death just holding onto the life that he had left. Delphina repeated his own creed to him before plunging a blade directly into his gut. he had became weak and needed to perish like all the rest of the weaklings amongst the clan did that day. Soon after the reclaiming of her beloved clan, her desire for power began to grow out of control. Her attention was focused upon the other clans that were scattered along the land and quickly one by one each clan found themselves conquered and forced to bow to her. After centuries, she finally received the power that she was longing for. Delphina was the ruler of the whole realm and everyone that surrounded her feared and worshiped her very being just to survive.

Asoryon finally belonged to Delphina after long years of bloodshed and destruction to the lands. There were of course lots of rebellions and assassination attempts against her life by those who refused to conform and those who went against her were quickly smashed like pesky insects. Sadly all the hard work that she had done was suddenly lost before her very eyes. She was walking outside one day during the night and the land that she only knew was gone. Delphina found herself in the city and area that she didn't even know. From the very day she stepped into the city, she found herself having to do all the work that she once did to gain power in the first place all over again. Delphina positioned herself Kairos because of how much this specific faction reminded her of her dear home. For many years she began to work her very way up to the position she was in. Once she was finally satisfied with the position that she was in her desire for power was finally satisfied once again.

Demon Information

Desire. A major weakness of humans that Diem takes advantage of. She has two distinct demon forms that have been seen. The first one a throne that draws attention to the eyes of humans and those who dare to sit find themselves lost in temptation. The soft whispers and mutters that feed the hunger of those who seek power and respect. The mutters that lead countries into war and destruction all throughout the world. She remains in the background as an innocent throne to watch as the destruction her seductive whispers caused happen. Oh has she ravishes the sight of humans tearing themselves apart when fueled correctly. The sight of destruction is one of wonders and just over the fact that the lust of power can be one so destructive dumbfounds her til this day. This was the overall weakness of humans their own kind being brainwashed with the words that they want to hear in order to feed their egos and drive them mad for power. Her second distinct form is one that is rarely seen and is one that resembles a human quite well. From the white locks that grow from her head to the white gown that she wears that hangs almost sack like only having a belt of dead flowers to hold it up.

In this forms she looms amongst the shadows tempting those of power to seek even more. Using the one weakness that they can't help to possess, desire. She was there from the beginning muttering directly into the ears of rulers of large nations pushing them to cause words and rain destruction upon the world they called home. No true explanation was heard from Die's as to why she does this. Why she enjoys watching humans continue to divide themselves because of their own greed and bring pain or suffering to others that don't deserve it. She was just born like this, a simple temptress that understands how to play her cards well in order to see what she truly wants to see, destruction.

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