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Leon Cardona

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you must become a monster
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Vadim Ivanov
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
½ Brigade Private

Character Summary

A boy consumed by anger trying to prove he's a man by fruitlessly rebelling against the one thing he has always hated most in life, demon kind. Leon is trouble: a brash, hotheaded, and reactionary person who never really matured past his childhood angst and who is more concerned with fulfilling his carnal desires than making something more of himself. He has a lot to learn, and a lot of growing to do, but he's not an inherently garbage person. He had resolve, and courage, and a deep urge to protect those he views as weak or victimized. However, he is blinded by a sense of duty and vengeance, or perhaps those are just notions he uses to justify his own brutish lifestyle.
Ascensions and Legacies
Dominion 1
Mastery: Lesser Minor Proficient
Gravity: Ability to manipulate gravity, making things light enough to float or heavy enough to flatten.
Control Based: It's easier to make things lighter.

Dominion 2
Superior Strength
Mastery: Proficient Major
Superior Strength: Increased strength. This dominion encompasses the temporary or full-time manipulation of muscles, though this may not have outward physical effects.
Control Based: You can remain strong for longer, at higher masteries indefinitely, but not do the same amazing short-term blasts of a power-based user of this dominion.

Dominion 3
Superior Endurance
Mastery: Lesser Minor Proficient Major
Superior Endurance: Accelerated endurance. This dominion means you can endure greater pressure, deeper pain, greater strain both physical and emotional, and more dangerous situations than you normally would be able to. Can also run farther and do more laborious things without getting tired.
Power Based: Greater physical strain.

Dominion 4
Mastery: Minor Proficient Major
Regeneration: The ability to regenerate lost limbs, organs, and cartilage on oneself.
Power Based: The greater loss you can regenerate (i.e. dependent on mastery levels, power based regeneration would allow you to regenerate bigger wounds like a severed arm, or stomped stomach).

Dominion 5
Mastery: Lesser Minor Proficient
Dust: Generation, manipulation and control of dust or other particulate matter (smoke, sand). Includes everything from creation of dust storms to instantly dusting your house.
Power Based: More destructive dust control.

Dominion 6
Mastery: Proficient Major
Telekinesis: The ability to manipulate objects and others at will with the mind.
Power Based: The more inanimate objects you can move at once.

Character In-Depth

"Who decided we were just going to accept this shit? When did people give up and just take the fact that we were all going to host a whole race of fucking parasites and let them leech off our souls, our emotions, our minds, our bodies? No. That's bullshit. I'm not just going lie down and accept that we're stuck with a bunch of fucking monsters suckling our proverbial teats till we're dry, empty husks. 300 years and no one has figured out a way to sever the connection between human and demon births? Is it really just a fact of nature, or are we all so weak as to just give up and accept it as the truth? I don't buy it."

The words of a visionary, a lunatic, a man in denial. Leon is not one many regard as all fully there, but perhaps his ramblings about the fate of species are just a veil, a justification for him to continue his vengeful crusade against demon kind. A means to give his work more meaning, to make him more than just a hotheaded killer whose lust for hunting beasts consumes his life. Was the inclination even fully his, or was it par in part the drive of his own demon, who feeds on the thrill of the hunt and bodies that are left in their wake.

All of that is beyond the man, those considerations, the moral and philosophical musings of purpose. Leon knows one thing for sure. All demon are scum, and he has every intention to send as many of the disgusting freaks back down to hell before he himself ends up there. The fact he can make a living off of doing so is just an added bonus. Lots of people wanted a particular demon dead, they were always high threat targets in the world of crime and law, fame and fortune, politics, if there was power to be had you could find a demon at the precipice of the industry.

In truth, Leon's view of demon kind was warped from childhood. Most people learned to cope with living with their demons, did so happily even. Not the Cardona family however. It was difficult for them, his mother, his father, and him alike. Their demons demanded harsh sources of food. His mother's demon demanded fear, it manifested as a literal boogyman, it crept under his bed at night, and terrorized the family with threats of violence, sudden scares, and horrific illusions. His mother was a paranoid mess due to this, she had lived with the beast her whole life after all. She remained at home, trying her best to ignore the torment of her demon.

His father on the other hand had a demon that demanded to feed on the bodies of men, and as such, he decided his only option was soldiering. His father was in truth never around for more than a week at a time, always off fighting battles in countries Leon had never even heard of.

Then there was his own demon. Ipabog, a beast he did not tame until middle school, whose obsession with battle, fury, charging, and a voracious lust for hunting the fearful got him in trouble frequently and a reputation as a bully and a freak with no control over his demon. He hated the thing, resented it, until of course, he learned to tame it. He treated it like a steed, broke it, rode it until they were both slick with sweat and blood, but eventually, he asserted his strength over the beast. The two are now good friends, the one demon Leon has any type of tolerance or affection towards.

His chaotic homelife, absent father, and lack of friends and constant branding as trouble affected his development both emotionally and academically. He believed demons to be a curse on humanity, that most other people were too weak to reject their influence or control them, and the fact that so few people even questioned the state of human and demon relationships frustrated him. Instead of studying or hanging out with his friends Leon steeled his body, trained his skills in riding his demon and wielding a variety of weapons. He began wrestling and boxing in middle school, a means to feed his demon without needing to hurt or hunt anyone unwilling.

However, that restriction didn't last long as he became involved in his schools delinquent gang. He drank, partied, and generally caused trouble to distract himself from the problems his parents had and the lack of any real friends he had. They would fight kids from other schools as well, a testosterone charged display of dominance, thinking their little fights mattered or had any actual importance. He was stupid kid who wasted most of his time away. if everyone expected him to be a good for nothing, why bother trying to be anything more?

He barely managed to graduate highschool, and when he did, he knew exactly his calling in life. Demon hunting. It was a dirty profession, a dangerous one, and one that many believed to be fluttering on the grounds of illegality, though it seemed that kind of question was silenced the moment the Legion or an SD had a potential demon too dangerous to be handled by their departments alone. The city was the natural environment for his career, and he found himself wandering it's streets just months after his graduation. He now stalks the streets, seeking work and an outlet for the anger he holds towards the monsters that tormented him and his family during his youth.

Demon Information

Ipabog: The Pursuer

A large primal in the shape of a massive boar like beast, with razor sharp tusks and and horns. It's body is covered in thick beige/grey fur, with an almost canine, lycanthropic body structure, with grasping claws and a short, stout tail.

This beast feeds of the energy of battle, the rush of charging into danger, and the thrill of pursuit. It also loves to eat the flesh of humans and demons alike. Leon often rides him into conflicts and uses him for transportation.

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