Demon Realm

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Lais Riberio
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
she / her

Character Summary

Quick Reference

Dark Hair
Brown Eyes
Self Centered
Single: Demisexual

Ascensions and Legacies

Level 2 - Minor proficient major

The ability to induce necrosis or begin necrosis in a target’s body; users can also end the decay as well, but they cannot reverse the effects. **Necrosis: Premature cell death; the decay of human flesh. It is said that a legend once walked the City that only had to breathe on a victim to start the process; however, no matter the level mastery, skin to skin/surface contact with a target is always required. Necrosis is also not an easy dominion to control, and accidents have occurred in which people are accidentally made victims when brushing against someone with the dominion.

Control Based: The easier it is to start the necrosis, and the more control you have over it. People with higher control will never accidentally wither their lover’s face, or corrode their puppy’s skin, however they usually have to grab and hold on to someone for a second of two before their necrosis can activate. This can obviously lead to some clear openings for an opponent.


Level 3 - Proficient

The ability to use sound waves to locate objects, like a bat.

Control Based: A more precise range of sound waves you can use to see objects in greater detail and more accurately understand what they are.

Force Field

Level 4 - Major

The ability to gather one's energy and convert it into a temporary protective or reflective shield.

Power Based: The ability to form a temporary shield that protects and reflects long-range dominion damage for a short period of time.


Level 2 - Minor

The ability to absorb memories/knowledge from objects.

Control Based: More accurate, vivid, and in-depth information may be absorbed through the object, but the harder it is to initially connect.


Level 2 - Minor

Generation, manipulation and control of dust or other particulate matter (smoke, sand). Includes everything from creation of dust storms to instantly dusting your house.

Power Based: More destructive dust control.


Level 5 - Greater Legendary

The ability to create, induce or control hallucinations.

Power Based: The easier it is to make these illusions, as well as the more powerful/realistic these hallucinations will be. Legends have been able to vex victims so harshly that they end up taking their own life.

Character In-Depth


Selfish, self centered, and knows how pretty she is. Ines has been around for awhile and only looks out for herself, after all, who else would look out for her? The demon lives a lavish life, and loves to show off her wealth. Only the finest things for her.


Ines spent most of her young life traveling South America, and later favoring Brazil and cozing up with various drug lords, traffickers and weapon dealers. Sometimes she 'helped' other times she loaned money and charged a lot of interest, but for the most part the demon enjoyed living easy.

In the past few hundred years, Ines traveled around the world more, and eventually landed herself a tong term modeling job. Ahh to look forever young. Her Favorite 'look' is that of Brazilian women, but of course better. (Conceited Demon... really) Her 'home' tends to be in Brazil when not in The City.

The demon feeds off her 'competition' of course, unless she really likes them. Beauty is her food of choice, or anyone that could possibly come close to her own.... No room for jealousy if they are dead right?

Demon Information

Ines true demon form

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