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Wylder Ashcroft

Shocking isn't it?
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Dominic Sherwood
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Demon Age
Grootslang Detective

Character Summary

Full Name: Wylder Damon Ashcroft
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Omnisexual
Status: Single
Height: 6'1
Weight: 170 pounds
Eyes: Right: Blue, Left: Heterochromatic Blue/Brown
Hair: light brown
Tattoos: dream catcher arrow underside upper left arm, tribal lower left arm
Piercings: none
Scars: Gunshot wound in right side just below ribs, gunshot wound in right shoulder, stab wound through right arm
Personality Type: ESTJ-D, The Guardian
Water - The creation and manipulation of water, ability to purify water, ability to breathe underwater, ability to pass through water unharmed. - Proficient / Power
The more water you can manipulate.

Gravity - Ability to manipulate gravity, making things light enough to float or heavy enough to flatten. - Lesser / Control
It's easier to make things lighter.

Ice - The creation and manipulation of ice. - Lesser / Power
The more ice you can create.

Weather - The ability to manipulate the weather. - Proficient / Power
You have more dominion over destructive/stormy weather, such as summoning tornadoes, thunderstorms, and hurricanes.

Electricity - The generation and control over electricity. This does not involve controlling machines, rather, the user can control the flow of power being used or channeled through machines. In some cases, the user can control lightning. - Minor / Control
The greater control over the channel of electricity

Air - The ability to manipulate wind, fog, mist, and air. This does not allow the user to fly on their own, but may allow the user to control sails of a ship, or kite-like devices. - Proficient / Control
The more variations upon wind you can create and manipulate (i.e. fog, mist, etc.).

Superior Senses - /// - Lesser / ---

Character In-Depth


  • Born in New Orleans
  • Moved to City 5 months ago
  • Joined Grootslang Legion Force
  • Enjoys his job
  • Has a large family / pack
  • feeds on blood


  • Wylder is very much a people person. He doesn't hate many people and he loves to be in crowds. A smile on his face almost all the time means that many people find him approachable and he is. Though that is only when he isn't working. Off the clock he likes to joke around, go out for drinks and hang out with people. He has a close knit group of friends that he sees as family but has no issue bringing more into his wider circle of just friends.

    As he is able to read people's emotions thanks to his job as a cop he finds that helping people is rather easy. If they feel down than he tries his best to cheer them up. If they are angry than he tries to mediate the situation so that no one gets hurt. A lot of people don't take him terribly serious if all they know is him outside of work. Wylder doesn't mind this though because it gives him a chance to catch people off guard which is one of his favorite things to do.

    When on he clock Wylder rarely smiles. He may smirk now and again but a true smile will never be seen. Depending on the assignment will always determine how he acts around targets or co-workers. He takes his job very seriously and wouldn't want to have any other kind of job out there.

    Wylder also has trust issues though only one person knows about that. His Mother. Only she knows that he doesn't let anyone really in. Other than her. Having been the only main person in Wylder's life has earned her that even if she isn't always a good person. Everyone in Wylder's life wants to use him in some way so he feels that this is just how the world works. Makes it hard for him to let anyone see what is in his heart. All they get to see is the mask.

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