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Belladonna Rose

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Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Alyssa Milano
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Boarding House Owner/Writer

Character Summary

Name: Belladonna Maria Rose
Nickname: Bell
Height: 5'9"
Birthplace: Manchester, England
Sexuality: Pansexual
Demon Diet: Blood and contentment.
Habits: Hums to herself, tends to write things down on her arms, keeps a pair of flip flops in the her backpack.
Quirks: Carries a backpack everywhere she goes, wears shoes only when she has to, runs away at the talk of monogamy and firm responsibilities.
Important Information: Opened up a boarding house because she had more money than she knows what to do with and plenty of time. She wanted to give transient people like herself a place to stay, if only for a few nights at a time. No contracts, just pay and you're golden. She carried a locket with a picture of her mother in it, her father's favorite pen, and a pair of blue baby socks.

Ascensions and Legacies

The Sun Tier 2. Ascension to “THE VENUS”
The Venus is the personification of beauty and the second planet of our solar system. Also called the Morning Star, the Venus is a guiding light in the darkness. So long as you can see past the clouds, the Venus shines her light upon you.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now impart your optimism to others, bringing hope and forcing away fears. You can also cause others to have +1 to all rolls for a short time. You can now brighten up a room just with your presence. The dominions light, fire, empathy, and pheromones are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


Proficient - Power

Proficient - Power

Greater - Power
Superior Endurance

Proficient - Power

Minor - Power
Superior Strength

Minor - Power

Character In-Depth

Mary Lynn was a pretty girl, with big eyes and a free heart. She didn't like being tied down, and she utterly enchanted one Hadrian Rose. He was a young man, set to marry another, when the bright American came dancing into his life. He'd gone to the pub with some of his friends, and literally fell in love. She was free and strong and everything he wanted in his life. They had a night of passion, and then she disappeared.

She reappeared several times, but was always gone when he woke the next morning. He broke things off with his fiance, and he went looking for her. He found her in France, and he finally caught her. He married her, with the promise that he would never try to control her. And he didn't. He couldn't bring himself to do so--she was far too enchanting for him to ever dream of controlling, possessing. To try would mean losing her, and he couldn't stand the thought of it.

But fate has a funny way about it. His beautiful Mary died in childbirth, taking his son with her but leaving him with a beautiful daughter who looked so much like his Mary. He indulged her in ways he shouldn't have, but it made the pain lesser. She was as fearless as her mother, taking in stray animals and coming home with scuffed knees and bites and bruises from little animals or adventures. She didn't ever mind, and she had such a compassion about her. He knew the day she came home missing her front tooth and possessing a black eye from jumping to the defense of a scrawny boy in the neighborhood that she would break his heart one day--just like she'd broken the bully's nose.

Hadrian made sure that his daughter would never want for anything, investing money and putting it away for her to build interest. He paid for her to travel the world when she got older, paid for the best education a girl could ask for. He set her up to have the best future she could possibly have, knowing that his time was limited. For he was dying, cancer taking him away from his daughter. He kept it from her, but somehow he knew that she knew. And when the time came to goodbye, she didn't. Instead, she took his hand in hers, and she smiled for him. [b]"It isn't goodbye, Father. It's merely a 'see you again'."[/b]

He died with a smile on his face, and she moved on. When she turned twenty-four, the money he'd been saving for her was placed in a bank account for her to use as she wished. She invested some, and put more into a savings account to gather interest. She went back to her travels after selling her father's homes and most of his possessions. She took only enough that she could carry in a backpack, some clothes and some precious items to remind her of her family. She traveled the world and eventually found herself in the City. Something has kept her in the City, though she does travel a little, and eventually she decided to use some of the money for something special. She opened up a boarding house, where people could stay and eat and sleep until they ran out of money or moved on--for much less than a hotel. It was a home, as much as she could call anything a home. And she is happy.

Demon Information

Corbin is a demon that takes the form of a handsome man who bears a striking resemblance to Bell. In fact, he could be her twin with the way that he looks. He took this form because Bell's twin brother died in childbirth. It was meant to be a comfort to her, and in some ways it truly was.

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