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I Am Black Star!
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Sex, drugs, rock & roll! Meet singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and all around musical genius, Eneshi. Are you ready to party like a rock star? All graphics/codes are mine so please don't steal! Thanks!

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Solo Demon
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Musician & Producer

Character Summary

"If the dark sky is me, then the sparkling stars are Akito."

My life has been filled with pain, but pain is something I have overcome. I have to be the shield that will protect my twin star - the half of my soul that I cannot live without. He is the reason I have become a success. I am the shadow to his light - the star that burns black in the night.

I have never, nor will I ever, conform to society. My style is a form of expression on my part. I'm not out to make a scene or to show-off, but simply to express to the world who I am and that I will not be told to become what society deems as "normal."

I'll never show you my tears. These are the tears of those who died with regrets. If there's a way to take away these regrets, I'll make sure I'll find it. If it's fear that you speak of, then I'll stand and face it.

I'll never give up.

The only time I lose is when I die, so try to kill me if you can. Let's see if you can snuff out this star.

I'm Black Star. I'm on a whole different level than you.

"What's the point of worrying about the past? A real star keeps moving forward."













Character In-Depth

In the Demon Realm, not all children were loved by their parents. Very few, in fact, actually were. Most were born to resolve conflicts between kingdoms. Others were born to appease their mates. And there were some simply born to be manipulated, molded, shaped and transformed into a tool to be utilized for the sire's own machinations.

That is the world that Eneshi was brought into, along with his twin soul, Akito. They never knew who their mother was. The only person in their life had always been their father, Tsumoto. He was all they had ever known - he made absolutely sure of it.

A life of abuse, scorn, torture and darkness, Eneshi and Akito were swept up in a whirlwind of pain and debauchery. His brother was primarily on the receiving end of Tsumoto's wrath, knowing that Akito's fear and pressure to do as he was told would always keep him in submission - even moreso when their father would threaten Eneshi's safety.

But even his brother could not bear the constant abuse and Eneshi started to shape and mold his abilities. He focused more on enduring the physical torment while simultaneously focusing on how to imitate his brother's imag and tone of voice. Eneshi wanted to give his brother a reprieve from everything, allowing Akito to have a few days of peace to recover from the onslaught.

Thousands of years passed. Thousands of years until, finally, Eneshi had had enough. They didn't have to be this way. They didn't have to suffer like this. They needed to leave. They were going to get away from this hellish place.

It had taken some time, but able to sneak out and make the right connections, Eneshi was able to find a way for his brother and him to get out. They wasted no time and were finally able to be free. As fate would have it, two demonic birds escaped the Demon Realm with them - feeling the connection they had with the demons and tethering themselves to the twins.

The two of them had struggled initially, but it wasn't long that Eneshi was able to provide a living for them both by finding a passion for music and performing. Wandering for years, they found themselves taking residency in the Land of the Rising Sun. It was here that Akito and Eneshi both were able to find solace in the compassionate smile and kind heart of a young girl named Fukumoto Satsuki.

While Eneshi took a liking to her as a companion and friend, it was clear that Akito felt something more - heartbroken ultimately when the young girl grew into an old woman and died of old age - Eneshi watching his brother change his appearance to grow old with her. He watched his brother shed tears in a way he'd never thought possible, his twin swearing that he would wait for her soul to be reborn into the world.

Time continued to press on, the twins finding themselves in the company of the demon mercenaries, Yin and Yang. Feeling compassion for the siblings, the infamous mercenaries took the twins under their wings and traveled across the world. They created a crime syndicate in North America - specifically within Canadian borders. Through connections and relentlessness, Akito and Eneshi were able to flourish - his brother taking the designer route and promising to push his brother to the height of stardom that he believed Eneshi deserved.

It was here that Yin and Yang left the twins to oversee their operations while they returned to the Demon Realm in hopes of building their own empire. Now that Yin and Yang have secured their rank and placed their foothold of power in the Demon Realm, it was time for them to return to their side. That, and a vision that Eneshi had while scrying through his cigarette smoke was calling the twins back home.

It was an image of their beloved Satsu. Her soul had been reborn at last.

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