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Terrance Amell

You're cold and hot, Devil
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Karl Urban
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Behemoth Mayor/ CEO of Amell Industries

Character Summary

Lawful Neutral ◈ Loyal ◈ Unyielding ◈ Clever ◈ Calm ◈ Resourseful
The devil you saw last night was not me

The World Tier 1.

Ascension to “THE GOBI DESERT”

The Gobi Desert is a path of change, success, voyaging out into a new mode of being or emigrating to a new place. Rare species of animals like the elusive snow leopard can be found in the Gobi Desert, where the dunes are said to sing.

You feel new possibilities within you. You are now able to find your way and never seem to get lost. The dominions flight, water, earth, and dust are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


Minor :: Power


Minor :: Control


Minor :: Control


Proficient :: Power


Proficient :: Power


Legendary :: Control

Character In-Depth

Terrance was born in Stuttgart, Germany as the eldest of 3 siblings. As the oldest, he would have to help tend to the others as his father worked tirelessly at his company. The mother of the three would find herself never at home as being a stay-at-home wife just wasn't for her. She was merely a being that produced the children, as far as he was concerned. That was fine with Terrance, however. One less person to be in his way.

As he grew, he found that he had his father's knack for business and politics as he always found a way out of things. Negotiation and similar tactics would shape the calm Terrance into action as his intelligence grew. His father saw the young Terrance growing in such a way and therefore groomed him to take over the company. However, that alliance would soon splinter with his kidnapping.

They tortured his demon, forcing his father to give up his business over his son's life. His demon was never the same again, as it developed two more personalities: Billy and Mandy. From then on, Terrance vowed to get the company back for his broken father and crush his enemies. So he learned, pouring his heart and soul into such things. He even developed a passion for the Humanities, learning lore and language as we went along.

By the time he was 25, he had wrested control of the company from those who took it and expanded it. He even went to college for 8 years to study more about the craft and other things. Yet, that wasn't enough for him. So he expanded his own mind and created his own company that dealt with art and antiquities. Merging them together, he created something new. Hitting 33, Terrance found the CEO life terribly boring so he entered the life of politics. He traveled and spoke to others, to try and find himself in that plight.

Well not a plight, per se.

The lives of everyone around him seemed to be more interesting than just those of companies. So at first it was small stuff but then as time went on, people seemed to love the man. So coming in at 40, he'd served time in the goverment and moved to the City where he was quiet for a while. Nobody knew where he had went to, using that time to reflect and prosper. Coming out of his hole at 46, he found the world had changed a bit more there in the city. So he rose again, to find something to interest him once more.
if you wanna find love
then you know where the city is

Demon Information

Merciless:: Vengeful:: Crazy
Multiple Personalites.
Katherine, or Kitty as she likes to be called is one of three personalites in the demon. The other two are called Billy and Mandy but they are far from nice.

Billy is rage aspect of the demon as it is often yelling, vulgar and demanding. Mandy is the calmer aspect but she is cold, cruel and vicious. Kitty, the main personality is usually in control and has a childlike mind as she is always causing trouble for Terrance. He can control her, to a point.

Her true form is 50 feet tall with long limbs and is black as night, aside from its purple eyes. Her screech as she attacks will never be forgotten.
Katherine le Rouge

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