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Emmett Sade

stiffen that upper lip now, baby. it'll be alright.
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Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Eric Rutherford
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Character Summary

Name: Emmett Sade (Born Lucas Bayard)
Nickname: Em
Hair: Gray/White
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6'
Sexuality: Pansexual and polyamorous.
Relationship Status: Married-ish
Habits: Spends at least two hours working out a day, more if he can swing it, does a sudoku puzzle with his morning coffee every morning, won't sleep until every door and window in the house is shut and locked.
Quirks: Obsessively checks locks, always marks the exits of the room he's entering, never orders exactly the same thing twice when he goes out to eat.
Important Information: He's an ex assassin, and he's a very loyal husband. He dotes on their son.

Ascensions and Legacies

The Star Tier 3. Ascension to “THE ARIES”

Stubbornness. Pride. Leadership. These are the traits that characterize those who choose to walk the path of the Aries. These are individuals who are ahead of the pack… and believe me, they know it. They can often appear full of themselves, to the point of driving those around them away through their own arrogance.

Human Appearance Manifestation: You can now summon a dusting of pale silver stars to appear all over your character’s hands, forming into patterns that emit a soft but very noticeable light, particularly in the dark. The form these stars take is entirely dependent on the character (so for some it might be constellations, for others symbols that are important, etc). You are also able to summon small glowing spheres of light to your hands that will provide a light source in even the darkest rooms. Which parts to use depends on player preference. They can now switch fluidly between their original form and their ascension form.

You feel new possibilities within you. You now possess the ability to steal much more easily without getting caught. You can now see in the dark completely. You are also able to read the stars for navigation, so it is almost impossible for you to get lost. The dominions light, animation, pathfinding and steam are now augmented. +1 on all rolls in staff moderated events whenever using one of those dominions, and your character may show unusual command of it for their mastery.








Character In-Depth

The first time you kill, it's to protect your mother. You never knew it would be so satisfying to feel a man's head crushed beneath the baseball bat you stole from your last babysitter, before you scared the bastard away with your incessant questions. The second time you kill is that very night, when your mother tries to strangle you in a drunken rage. You're eleven and you're big for your age. You don't mean to snap her neck when you push her off, but you're scared and something in you breaks a little seeing her on the floor next to her abusive-fuck of a boyfriend that she ultimately chose over you.

It wasn't easy, living on the streets. Your mother hadn't ever been home but there'd been food from the sweet little old lady next door, and there'd been a roof over your head. You think you're going to die when you get sick, the rain and the damp making a rattling cough settle in your lungs. You remember passing out in front of a fancy car in a Starbuck's parking lot. The next thing you know, you're waking up in a bed, warm and clean and safe, somehow. The fever blurs much of the next few weeks, but you grow close to the man who found you. He's kind and he's good, or so you think.

When you go to the basement he told you never to go to, however, you learn the truth. You learn about the trafficking, the kids who disappear. You're thirteen, but you're not stupid. He catches you and you have to kill again, but this time it hurts worse. You cared about him, he was like a father to you, but you know the truth and the betrayal makes you ache inside. You want to die, and you might have joined him off the balcony if she hadn't coaxed you away, the silent voice that only spoke every so often, when things were truly bleak. Selene guides you, and you find yourself taken in again.

This time, it's a demon Selene knows. He raises you, shows you how to kill and clean up after yourself. He puts you in touch with some contacts he knows, and suddenly you're in high demand because no one pays any attention to the skinny teenager who hasn't grown into his own skin. And when you get older, when you grow into yourself, you can use your looks to get close to your target. It's so easy to kill someone when they're basking in the afterglow of sex, or to get information out of a mistress or a lonely wife. You do a good job, but it's a lonely job. You're not getting any younger, and by the time you're in your fifties you wonder where your life has gone.

And then you meet him. You're enchanted by this young man who somehow seems to want you, who likes you, who you honestly like. You feel like a lech for wanting him, but you find yourself succumbing to his appeals despite yourself... only to be devestated when you learn the truth. That this young man, this gorgeous spirit, was only getting close to you to kill you. But he made a mistake, same as you. He got attached. And together, along with his son, you escaped.

You found a home in the City. You thrive and grow and make a family. The trust comes back, slow and sure. You love your husband, and you adore the son he gave you. You'll never let him want for love like you did, and nothing will ever hurt your little boy. Not with fathers like you and Mir.

Demon Information

Selene takes the form of a beautiful, pale woman with translucent eyes. She sees just fine, but she likes the blind effect and how it make her look. She has pale blonde hair and blood red lips, and she adores her host's adoptive son. She's moderately fond of Emmett's husband as well, though she doesn't tell him that. In fact, the only ones she really talks to are their son and Emmett. She feeds on affection.

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