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Living a life in chains...kind of boring, isn’t it?
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Derek Theler
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The very core of his personality. The strength and stamina. The beating heart that keeps him moving. Tiberius is the most dominant personality within Cerberus. Representative of the middle head. He is cool and collected, strategic in the way he moves. Charisma is second nature, but not in a boisterous way. Tiberius is the bubble of sanity in a formally feral and primal creature. The face, if you will. Strict and domineering, Tiberius demands respect with every move. He is calculative and manipulative, studying those he encounters, carefully. He carries himself with pride, much like a sergeant in the military. He is courteous to others of his kind, showing distaste for humans. He is a traditional being, uncaring for the uncouth mannerisms of intimacy. He is focused only on his work and maintaining alliances.


Feral, savage power. The baser instincts of his former life. Hektor represents the right head of Ceberus. He is pure impulse. Blood thirsty and ruthless, he is normally most dormant unless on a mission. He is akin to the primal hunter. The feral wolf that he is based on. He lacks feeling and only rage and hunger dictate his moves. A beast in every sense of the word, Hektor lives and breathes fear and agony. He's sadistic and enjoys torturing others. He prefers to toy with his targets. He's crude and arrogant, thinking only of himself above others. He's brutally honest, lacking any form of filter on his words. He's impulsively reckless, plagued by violent tenancies. He has great distaste for humans and demons who attach themselves to humans. He thinks them weak and beneath him, callous and cruel in their presence. He finds humans to only be a food source and takes great pleasure in hunting down lesser demons. He is the embodiment of a cold blooded assassin, taking many of his survival instincts from Spartan training. He studied various forms of war and weaponry, finding them fascinating. He has a dubious outlook on life, finding life fleeting and boring without strife and carnage, even if he has to be the start of it. He runs on the principles of survival, very much a primal demon.


Like many beasts, the need to mate is instinctual. This instinct accumulates in the form of Luca. Luca represents the left head of Cerberus. Vibrant and carefree, he encompasses the lustful nature denied by the other two personas. He enjoys company of all forms and lacks knowledge of personal space. He's capricious, always smiling and joking with those around him. He appears to have the naivety of a teenager just learning about the world. He's flirtatious and genial, not so much a romantic. He slips from fancy to fancy as easy as one changes clothing. Luca lives for the night, pushing Cerberus into intense cases of Insomnia to enjoy every single minute. He, of the three personas, is the most approachable. He shares control with Tiberius, almost as if they are siblings sharing the same consciousness. He's a thrill seeker, pushing the limits of his abilities with hardly a care. He immediate lights up a room. He can talk a mile a minute about anything. He's a large, clumsy goofball that enjoys crowds. He acts immature at times, but he enjoys living his life to the fullest. Luca embodies the more human aspects of Cerberus, molded by fascination with modern society. He can easily meld into most situations, taking in as much as he can to shape his mannerisms.

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Character In-Depth


Physical Age: 31

Birthday: April 15 (or so he claims)

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 182lbs

Build: Broad, Athletic

Scars/Birthmarks: Various scars on arms and torso from fights and old wounds, deep scar above right eyebrow.

Tattoos: Realistic golden wolf eyes along his upper back

Centuries in darkness, cloaked in shadows. His birth a vague memory at best. He knows not how he got here nor who created him. He has only ever truly known servitude. Once free to roam the earth and feast until his heart’s content. Free until they found him. A bring who proclaimed themselves the ruler of the afterlife. At least that’s what mortals affectionately called it. The vast, primordial chasm he had claimed as his own, torn down in his prime by a being predating mankind itself. Only one of such longevity could truly control a beast.

An eternity in chains, bound to guard the gates to the realm he once ruled over. Through word of mouth, cultures began to spread the stories of a God and his pet. The three headed hound who guarded the gates of the afterlife. But Cerberus refused to live his eternal life in the dark, following the whims of some being who thought himself superior. Humanity had grown, cultures flourished, empires rose and fell. He took on a mortal form, beating witness to the great perils of man. Battles won and lost, souls fit for his domain flooded into the abyss. War and ruin became his entertainment, toys the lot of them. His hunger sated despite being weighed down by the chains he bear. He waited, biding his time for the moment of freedom he craved once more. Thousands of years came and went before he broke the chains.

In his memory, he remembers being forged. Three separate souls formed into one being. A lupine form of shadows and death borne from the nightmares of man. Soulless silver eyes the first and last things souls will ever see. Fur black as oil and intangible like shadows. He rose to freedom upon the cusp of modern humanity. Greece had fallen and gave way to great accomplishments and inventions. Humanity driven by greed and anger, plentiful and fascinating. Cerberus melded into society, fluidly. He emerged from the shadows, feasting to his heart’s content. Manipulating and evolving, he lives free and strong in The City.

Demon Information



For centuries stories have been told. Tales passed down generation to generation. Culture to culture. A grim, shadowy figure many claim to see when they pass over. Hellhounds - they called them. Wretched beings canine in nature, but far more sinister than their domestic counterparts. Souls reaped from the earth, guided down to the fathoms below by savage beasts with glowing eyes and blood soaked fangs. These, however, varied in size and shape and were much less formidable than the one they refuse to speak of. The one who presided over all who passed through the gates of Hell.

Hell. Hades. The Underworld.

The realm had many names and many figures said to rule over it. They may have controlled who presided within the walls, but they were mere figureheads for the behemoth who souls encountered first. A a beast of colossal stature with fur as black as shadows. Lupine in build, possessing three separate heads, each with soulless silver eyes. The original hellhound. Existing long before the smaller counterparts. Long before being spoke of in cultures worldwide. The best looming in the edge of perception, guiding souls further in, protecting the realm in which he was born. Under the guise of a simple pet, but primal and savage beyond control.

The ancient Greeks were the first to give this creature a name. A title of which millions would speak of throughout human history. Cerberus. The hulking sentry guarding the gates of the afterlife. A creature of foreboding and feral instinct. Though he preferred to have a lupine form, he did often assume a more human one on occasion. Not much is known of him beyond the gates of Hades, he flies under the radar, feeding on feelings of dread and fear - the sweet taste of a soul leaving their physical shell. His human form is just as intimidating as his true form, but geared to a more civil atmosphere. That is, if you catch him on a good day.

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