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Character Summary


Fenrir claims to be the massive, fear-inspiring wolf from Norse lore. Putting it nicely, he's a mean bastard with an insatiable appetite for food and sex. He only cares about himself and, eventually, bringing forth Ragnarok and the end of the world. But, in the meantime, Fenrir is all about Fenrir. He is cruel to others because he believes cruelty is just the way of the world. He is extremely territorial and protective over what he thinks is his (both living and otherwise). He doesn't really work currently because he lives a comfortable life in the Ashcroft compound. He calls his home there his "den" - a perfect place for him to rest with his bitches and his possessions. In his free time, he likes to destroy known animal abusers. Despite his cruel treatment of humanity, he is rather caring about animals and nature.
☠ SHAPE SHIFTER (lesser, control)
☠ SUPERIOR STRENGTH (minor, power)
☠ SUPERIOR SPEED (lesser, power)
☠ SUPERIOR ENDURANCE (lesser, power)
☠ SUPERIOR SENSES (major, control)
☠ REGENERATION (minor, power)
☠ EMPATHY (lesser, control)
☠ ANIMALS (lesser, power)
☠ MEGETHOSIS (proficient, power)

Character In-Depth

Fenrir is no regular demon wolf. He was born long ago - a son of the Norse god of mischief, Loki. The Norse Tyr was the only one brave enough to feed the menacing, ravenous wolf with a fear-inducing howl. Fenrir began growing rapidly. He was massive. There seemed to be no end in sight to his growth. The gods foresaw a prophecy in which Fenrir would grow and become a deadly foe. So, the gods attempted three times to restrain him.

The first restraint, Fenrir broke it easily. The second restraint, he struggled a bit more, but still ended up free. The gods were realizing that Fenrir's strength was perhaps too much to be contained, so they enlisted the help of master craftsmen from all the realms they could gather. This time, they had to trick Fenrir in just the right location. They used Tyr, the only god that Fenrir trusted. Tyr placed his hand in Fenrir's mouth as a sign of trust, but Fenrir's trust was broken. While he was distracted, the third and most powerful restraints successful tied him down. Fenrir snapped his jaw and ripped the god's hand from his arm. He swallowed it and the godly blood mixed with his own, making him become something more than just a big wolf... perhaps something demonic.

For several thousands of years, Fenrir was restrained. The restraints were slowly depowering him and draining his strength. He was lonely and spent his time howling at the moon. He hated the world for his situation. He hated being restrained and unable to move freely. But one day, someone came along and freed him. To this person and this person's lineage, Fenrir promised to come to their aid when they requested. This person turned out to be an ancestor to the Ashcroft family.

After gaining freedom, Fenrir lived as a demon within various hosts around Northern Europe and then North America as he started regaining his lost strength. He was a demon living within hosts various Native American tribes. Eventually, Fenrir become a solo demon and moved into the City. Currently he lives in the Ashcroft Family compound where he bides his time, grows in size, attempts to increase his dominion masteries, and waits for Ragnarok.

Fenrir's human form is a muscular, male form and an amalgam of his previous hosts. Fenrir's favorite feast is human flesh, but he also can feast on fear, pleasure, and lust. Fenrir, despite being closely related to modern carnivorous wolves, does not eat on animal flesh - only humans. In fact, he is rather fond and protective of animals and nature. He goes out of his way to harm known animal abusers. He believes humanity (and the gods that made them) are all deserving of death and destruction due to them abusing nature and his thousands of years of captivity at the hands of the Norse gods.

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