Demon Realm

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Taylor Blair

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Ashley Moore
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She / her
He / him
Animal caretaker

Character Summary


Long, thick, brunette
Dark brown
Animal lover
Pansexal: Single

Ascensions and Legacies

The World Tier 1. Ascension to "THE RAINFOREST"
The Rainforest is a place characterized by heavy rainfall; their definitions vary depending on the region. They have been called the jewels of the earth due to the diversity of their ecosystems. 40 to 75% of all biotic systems are indigenous to rainforests. They are an ever-in transition climate, and so are people who walk this path: ever-in-transition.

You feel new possibilities within you. You are now able to find your way and never seem to get lost. The dominions flight, water, earth, and dust are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


Mastery: Lesser
Metal: The ability to manipulate metal and metallic objects.
Control Based: The more intricately you can manipulate metal. Higher levels of mastery in the Metal
dominion can allow control based characters to turn a lock in a building down the block (this is an extreme example, but nevertheless possible).


Mastery: Minor
Acid: The ability to create, manipulate, strengthen, dilute and harbor immunity to all acids.
Power: The more caustic and lethal the acids generated can be.


Mastery: Lesser minor
Elasticity: The ability to manipulate one’s body into any form imaginable, including stretching, expanding, deforming, and contracting.
Power Based: Elasticity-oriented. Power based users can stretch, fold, expand, and manipulate their bodies like rubber/elastic.


Mastery: Proficient
Steam: Generation and control of steam. Can be used to manipulate the power source of steam powered technology.
Control Based: Better manipulation of and ability to withstand steam, particularly its temperature.


Mastery: Major greater
Summoning: The ability to summon currently-existing people, animals, or things with the use of a symbol or ritual.
Power: The ability to summon more people or animals at a given time. An article belonging to the person must be a part of the ritual to summon them.

Mastery: Major greater
Reflections: The ability to manipulate reflections and see deeper truths in reflections.
Control Based: The more information you can can draw from reflections.


Mastery: Lesser Minor
The communication with animals and the control of animals. The more intelligent the animal, the easier it is to communicate with and the harder it is to control.
Power Based: The better control you have over animals.

Character In-Depth


Taylor is friendly and outgoing, but finds herself gravitating towards animals more than humans. She plays the guitar and loves to sing, and often goes out to karekoke. One thing is certain, Taylor isn't a fighter, but she doesn't mind getting dirty. After all, she works with animals all day, they can be messy!


Some people have interesting lives full of adventure or drama. Taylor isn't one of those people. She lived a simple life in the country, worked hard, and dreamt if the city.

It wasn't till she went away for college Taylor even entered the city. Boy, was it eye opening. Everything was packed, busy, and hard to get around. It took time to get used to the hustle and bustle of the city, thankfully college helped. She made her way through her masters and ended up getting a job as an animal caretaker at a local shelter.

Unfortunately, her job doesn't pay much, so Taylor works at a little bar part time performing. She sings and plays the guitar making a decent amount off tips, but nothing that would sustain her.

Demon Information

Sizzok is a small little fluffy demon that is more cuddly than scary. He likes to eat, everything he can fit in his mouth. It causes some issues at the animal shelter.... Taylor has to keep a close eye on him.

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