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Character Information

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Solo Demon
jordan gavaris and kaya scodelario
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Owner of Château Ivorÿ

Character Summary

Fen'Kal-el is a rare creature. A demon with twin souls/entities existing in the same body. Both with their own identities and desires. Some may believe this to be a form of disassociate identity disorder but it is so much more than that. They are more akin to twin siblings, and there is no stage of sleeping between them. No matter who is in control of the body they are both awake and very aware of what the other is doing. They share everything equally and shift control of their form as easily as switching seats day or night. They can if they choose to turn their eyes way from what the other is doing and fade to silence but if it happens it's their choice.

Fen is artistic, imaginative, honest, and passionate. He truly believes that a life of hard work, and worthy sacrifices, a life devoted to being true to oneself is the best way. Fen is also ambitious, with a clever mind for business. He looks at the world around him, and he is inspired. The demon sees much beauty in the world and he wants to experience it all and shape a better world. However, Fen is also a very driven demon and he can be very cruel when he doesn't get his way.

Nira'lia is vain, spontaneous, irreverent, and adventurous. She's a wild demon with a thirst for the exotic. She is a trickster and enjoys getting involved with drama or at least drama seems to follow her where ever she goes. She is a huntress who enjoys the thrill of the kill in the forest or the city. Nira'lia doesn't share the same aspirations that her brother does and would rather watch the world burn than paint it another color. Like Fen she is very approachable and overly polite which they use to hide a more sinister nature.

Ascensions and Legacies

Dominion 1


Mastery: Legendary Teleportation: The ability to completely transport oneself along with other people or objects to any recently-explored or familiar areas. Power: The more people or objects that can be transported with the user. Control: The less familiar the user needs to be with the destination in order to teleport successfully there.

Dominion 2


Mastery: Major Hallucinations: The ability to create, induce or control hallucinations. Power Based: The easier it is to make these illusions, as well as the more powerful/realistic these hallucinations will be. Legends have been able to vex victims so harshly that they end up taking their own life. Control Based: The easier it is to create specific hallucinations (i.e. showing the person a graphic, bloody depiction of a deceased relative). You can typically tell when you are being put under an illusion as well.

Dominion 3


Mastery: Greater Shapeshifter: The ability to transform and reshape the form of one’s body. Power Based: You are more realistically driven. You can change yourself to look like any person you’d like, although perfectly copying someone’s outward (ex. hair, nose, mouth, etc.) and inward (ex. blood type, dna, etc.) structure takes time and mastery. A lesser level can make themselves look like a person, but not perfectly copy someone else’s appearance by any means. Power based shape shifters have an affinity for things they can see. These people have trouble shapeshifting into more abstract things.

Control Based: You are more abstract, and driven by your imagination. You can change yourself to look like any animal you have seen in your lifetime. As your mastery grows, you may even shapeshift into the tiniest of insects; some of which you’ve never even seen except for online or on tv. Your specialty is in transforming into mythological creatures and abstract ideas, such as an angel or beam of light. Of course, the higher the concept, the harder it is to pull off. Lesser control based shapeshifters are hardly able to perform this feat. These people have trouble shapeshifting into other people.

Dominion 4


Mastery: Greater Poison: The ability to create, manipulate, strengthen, dilute, and cure poisons. Power Based: The stronger poisons that can be played with. Control Based: The more specific the effects of the poisons can be.

Dominion 5


Mastery: Minor Pestilence: The ability to invoke, manipulate and control an array of diseases, viruses, and infections. Power: Possess command over a narrower scope of disease, virus, or infection, but to a more severe effect. Control: A broader selection of diseases, viruses, and infections is at your command, though the results are generally weaker and less predictable.

Dominion 6


Mastery: Legendary Summoning: The ability to summon currently-existing people, animals, or things with the use of a symbol or ritual. Power: The ability to summon more people or animals at a given time. An article belonging to the person must be a part of the ritual to summon them. Control: The ability to summon larger inanimate objects at a given time.

Character In-Depth

No one knows where the demon/s came from or what it's origins are. The earliest knowledge comes from ancient Egypt at a time when Egypt was reunited and restored to greatness again. There was said to be a sculptor of unimaginable talents who carved some of the finest statues of the time and fashions the head pieces of the emperor. It is also rumored that this same sculptor was involved romantically with the emperor.

During the dark ages there were stories of a young woman who fought bravely along with the so called "sea people" and was instrumental in the coming raids and destruction that helped to toppled the Roman empire. The demon/s always showed up at times of war or close in time. During the Zhou dynasty there was said to be a painter of great talent who created works of art in china who also exchanged life lessons with Chinese scholars.

They appeared time and time again throughout history during times of extreme need when the world was at war and one could paint the fields with blood while the other painted masterpieces and shared his knowledge and persuaded people of certain actions that could reshape their worlds. When the Native Americas started to change the way they created pottery Fen was there offering his guidance and experience learned over many years while Nira'lia taught them to better fight.

They disappeared for many years before they returned to England where through skill and leverage Fen took over a grand estate, it's money and land but without the rank of Earl. Fen cared nothing about the English tradition and only wanted the land, but mostly the money. He turned the large estate into his home and gallery. Fen had part of the estate for himself, his gallery and rare trinkets and the other belonged to Nira'lia where she had fencing lessons, held wild parties an built an indoor pool that took up the size of most of the room.

Fen stayed in England for many years until the 1950's when the world once again changed. It had taken him/them a while to get used to a peaceful time especially one that lasted as long as it had this time. The demon/s sold the estate and moved to America where Fen's eye was sparked and his visions renewed by the fashions he found there. He started to paint again and caught the eye of a well off recruiter for a modeling agency. The demon was hired to use his eye to create an amazing set and he painted murals and he also painted the models too. Nira'lia decided to join into the fun as well and she became a model herself.

Fen appeared at any and every show that featured his work, either as himself standing in the balcony or on the stage as Nira'lia modeling. During this time Nira'lia met a man who offered her a lot of money to attend a fashion show as it's feature model, but his real reason was he wanted her to spy on the person hosting the event and steal information from them. She agreed, but it also gave her an idea. Not long after Fen created his own modeling agency where he hired models who were trained to walk the catwalk and specialize in spying.

The demon tripled his money making by offering the service of his chosen models who doubled as spies to the right people for a lot of money. Nira'lia continued to work as a model not because she needed the money but because she enjoyed spying and stealing secrets. Why the demon/s came to The City is another mystery but his modeling agency has appeared in Monai as well as an art gallery in Behemoth.

Demon Information

At the heart of it Fen'Kal-el is a very old demon/s who existed from a time when the world was still very dark. Despite his/her human appearance and attitude the demon/s are very dangerous and ruthless when it suits him/them. His/her demonic form is a great beast of 12 or so feet tall and weights over a thousand pounds. It has four long leaf shaped ears, whiskers, a square shaped nose and four elongated fangs that project from the upper and lower jaw. Scaled and hairy wings extend from both arms that spread out longer than the length of it's body on both sides. Three long and sharp talons extend from the fingers and toes and the body and neck is covered in long dark hair.

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