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Greetings and Salutations, everyone! Tabris is unpredictable enough to be found anywhere and doing anything, though he has a penchant for bucking authority like the silly little rebel he is. DM or PM for plotz and things!

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Callan McAuliffe
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Spirit Detectives
Freedom Fighter | Sword

Character Summary

Name: Tabris
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship: Married to Shion Nagakura

Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'7"
Build: Lithe
Ascensions and Legacies
Shapeshifter - Level 1 - Lesser/Control
Superior Endurance - Level 1 - Lesser/Power
Absorption- Level 2 - Minor/Power
Psychic - Level 5 - Greater/Power
Sublimation - Level 6 - Legendary/Control
Gold Touch - Level 1 - Lesser/Control
Air - Level 4 - Major/Power
Duplicity - Level 2 - Minor/Control

Character In-Depth

When Tabris was born, he was born from the pact of two monstrous demons who wanted--no needed-- to control every aspect of everything and everyone they owned.

So in true childish fashion, Tabris rebelled.

He's spent his entire life being what he is: A creature of rebellion, free will, and the utter definition of a freedom fighter. Wherever there is some form of injustice and inequality, Tabris finds himself right in the middle of it.

He's been present and involved in every revolution since the worlds merged, sometimes finding himself at the center of things and sometimes as the 'power behind the main man (or woman). It's a role he loves to play, and will probably play it until the End of Days.

Or until 'Mom' or 'Dad' catch up with him...but they haven't managed to do it yet.

Being unpredictable is a blessing and has served him well.

This is not to say he's a nice person. On the contrary, he's a bit of a smartass, and the package comes complete with enough snark and sass to spin a few heads.

Oh...and he eats people.

But just bad people. People who need to be eaten. Who those are?

That's at Tabris' whim.

Demon Information

Tabris is the personification of a 'free spirit', so is it any wonder that in the demon realm, he took the form of a vaporous and breeze-swept wind dragon?

Like all demons, he was born as a flickering ball of light, but it didn't take long for that flickering ball morphed into something that could fritter away on a whim, only to coalesce into a monster capable of defending itself and others from anything that might attempt to enslave it.

It's not a form Tabris takes too terribly often anymore. He likes the freedom that comes with this lithe and athletic human form that can bound along rooftops and flit along alleyways and fire escapes with an athleticism and endurance most Free-Runners would kill for.

However, such things become necessary at times.

And like all dragons, he does have one hell of an appetite.

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