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It's all about having a positive mental attitude. Oh, did that hurt?
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Character Summary

Name: Isaac
Nickname: Izzy
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Black/Green
Eyes: Blue
Diet: Desire and Fear
Sexuality: Pansexual (Prefers men, but he'll eat anything)
Habits: Rambles, gestures when he talks, touches EVERYTHING
Quirks: Touches people and things a lot, can fall asleep anywhere and in the strangest of positions, hums to himself when he thinks he's alone. He's a little bitey too.
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Character In-Depth

Isaac does not remember much about his early years, not really. He remembers a dark room, and being cold, very cold. He remembers his mama scolding him for being too loud even though he didn't really say much, and he remembers her being angry with him for making it so that she couldn't hurt his papa. She was angry a lot, he remembers, and he remembers how it hurt to have her take that anger out on him--to leave the marks on his skin, the bites and the growling.

He remembers Papa taking him away from her, telling her that she couldn't keep him like that. He didn't understand it then, but Papa told him that Mama was supposed to let him go out into the world, and find his own place. That what she did was wrong and that he wouldn't ever have to see her again. Papa took care of her, and no one has seen her since. He promises that he didn't lay a hand on her, and even though Izzy knows the truth now, back then it was a comfort.

His Papa was much more affectionate. Little touches, soft spoken, kind where his mother had been harsh. He even made sure that he had plenty to eat, bringing humans for him to use and gorge himself on. Izzy didn't understand why some demons liked to have human hosts, not for a long time. Not until he met Juniper. She was sweet and her desire tasted so good, and she was nothing like the other humans he knew. She was a nun, and she wanted but abstained for her faith. She fascinated him, and though humans were still food, some of there were special.

He enjoyed tearing apart the men who hurt Juniper, and their fear was sweeter than any wine.

Eventually, after many lovers and many meals, he found himself in the City. Humans knew about demons now, and he'd even had a couple of hosts, though none had been quite as outstanding as Juniper had been. He still wears the rosary he'd stolen back from the men that had hurt Juniper, and he has a collection of little trinkets from past lovers that he considers his treasures. The one demon lover who had dared to try and take them away, to throw them away, found himself quickly without his head.

He now finds himself working for the Gula, if only for the ease of getting meals. It's all good fun, after all.

Demon Information

Izzy is not a particularly old demon, and in some ways he is still very naive. Much of his early years were spent hidden away, to be used as a bargaining chip against his father. His mother was killed by his father's men for what she did to him, and his Papa took care of him until he was considered stable enough to go out into the world on his own. He's a bright, generally cheerful demon who has only had a handful of human hosts... but he can be very unhinged at times, and he certainly doesn't mind killing. Especially if someone tries to take away something that is 'his'.

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