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I Won't Run This Time
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Nadia, the one cursed with a Dark Fate. She is headstrong, but internalizes a lot - her heart yearning for one in her life that she had to sacrifice in order to save. All codes and graphics were edited/made by me. Please don't steal. Kthanx!

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Solo Demon
Kat Graham
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Archaeologist | Linguist | Gun

Character Summary

I am damned.

I know that I am on borrowed time.

Because I know that I am on borrowed time, modesty is not something that comes with being around me. Blunt and willing to dish out the "naked truth," I have made friends and enemies alike as a result. Some have called me tactless, but I feel like I'm actually doing people a favor in the long run.

Not bound by any specific rules, I am a free spirit and like to just have fun and relax; enjoying every moment life has to offer me.

I'm cursed and I don't try to fight it - at least not outwardly. Internally, I have not resigned myself to my fate. Not yet. As such, relationships are important to me and I cherish them all. Don’t think for one second that I won't rip you a new breathing hole, especially when it comes to people I care about.

I'm a spoonful of sugar and just a pinch of lime. I will make the skies rain down a storm the likes of which you have never seen.

I will not run away a second time.

Wait for angel.


















Character In-Depth

Nadia’s life began in an age of what should have been prosperity. And it was prosperous for a time. Her parents had done their best to teach Nadia all that she needed to know in the world to survive in the Human Realm, but there was only so much that could be passed on. They knew their daughter possessed great power and there was nothing more for them to teach her.

She needed a mentor.

Nadia immediately was placed in the care of one Kiyan Tehrani. Caring and loving Nadia with everything that he could, Kiyan knew she needed proper training. For thousands of years, they traveled with a band of nomads (now seen as modern day gypsies) where she was loved and cared for by all in the caravan.

Taking pause in a small village (now Budapest, Hungary), Nadia ran across what she assumed was another gypsy who had been separated from their caravan. She offered them refuge at their camp, not knowing they were deranged, and instead of accepting her offer, cursed her instead.

Her curse caused the Black Death to erupt and so when the week passed and the plague began to spread, Kiyan summoned a priest to try and lift the curse from her. Unfortunately, the priest effectively saved Nadia’s life from being snuffed out by the Black Plague by cursing her further – granting her her Dark Fate.

Not wanting to hinder her mentor, or bring him more pain, Nadia opted to leave and began traveling the world alone. For several years, this was how she lived her life and it was through her travels that her love for treasure hunting, charting maps, and languages bore fruit. She studied and began collecting artifacts around the world until her travels found her traversing into the Demon Realm.

It was here that she found a precious and powerful relic, one that she hadn't realized was as valuable as it was. Fearing for the safety of both the relic and herself, she returned to the Human Realm. There, she resided in a village where she would meet a man that she would unknowingly give her heart to.

The attraction was immediate. It was obvious to them both, but neither wanted to dive straight forward. For a time, they had been patient and danced around each other without fully committing until they could not take it anymore. Their love was deep and passionate.

However, their love was soon torn to pieces and all because of the relic that she possessed. Nadia had to choose between relinquishing the relic, or the man she loved would be killed. She chose to give up the artifact, the demon who was attempting to harm her adding another clause to the deal.

End everything with the man she loved. Or he would die.

And so she did. Ripping both her own heart and his to pieces, Nadia ended things with her beloved and turned her back on him. She still loved him, but Nadia knew that this was for the best. She was just too weak to contend with the monster who had been so hell-bent on destroying her world.

She returned to her travels, to discovering uncharted territories and filling her head with knowledge. Her work was all that mattered. Her work was all that should have ever mattered. She should have never believed in that dream world she had created for herself. She should never have believed in any of it. After all, Nadia was cursed.

But that did not mean she would not get her revenge someday. No. This was simply the beginning.

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