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Gabriel Djivan

"I'm a big fucker, and I'm tough to kill."
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
David Gandy
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
He, Him, His, Lord
Azumi's Personal Bodyguard

Character Summary

Mimicry - Legendary

Teleportation - Greater

Absorption - Major

Superior Endurance - Legendary

Invulnerability - Major

Regeneration - Minor

Precognition - Proficient

Necrosis - Greater

Character In-Depth

79,000 years ago

He was born into power. Into royalty. He was raised as a Prince, groomed to one day become the next King. A son of Darwin, his birth was lethal, destroying all within the room who were there to aid in such a sacred ritual; only Darwin and his mother, Fantasa, survived.

75,000 years ago

He had power unlike anything Darwin had ever seen. It was the kind of power that should never have been, the kind of power that made the King uncertain about his own future. The kind of ability to mimic and to endure all things regardless of what they were. He tested him relentlessly, pushed him through trial after trial. He should have died, yes. He should have.

And yet he did not.

70,000 years ago Gabriel ran between the dense rock walls that were made from ice that was as black as the skies above him. Wolves snapped at his heels, massive and impressive with fatal jaws that could crush every bone with a single snap. But it was not them he ran from, no. Not them. Because there was someone ahead of him, someone just beyond the river. He was dragging her along the beach, a woman with dark blonde hair. She was screaming, "Gabriel! Gabriel! Turn back! Go back!" over and over again.

60,000 years ago

"You are hereby banished from Naelem, never to return again. For if you do, you will be hunted down like the vermin that you are and ripped to pieces by the wolves you are so familiar with."

A boom. A shake of the world. And then he was gone from that place for all of time.

50,000 years ago

The air was still. Quiet. There were no insect sounds, no bird life. Nothing like that ever occurred in Starside. It was always just so silent, such a dim, minute experience during the nights, as though the entire world was empty. As though absolutely no life made itself at home here. Which was strange because there were rolling hills, there were forests, there were desserts and and there were wide open meadows. There were rivers and there were lakes, swamps that stretched for miles. And then beyond it all, towering high above it all, were what appeared to be immense towers. Hundreds of stories high, stretching up toward the space dark night.

And then, from above, there was a shape. Some kind of flying beast with immense wings and nightmare teeth. Silent as it flew, not even the ripple of wind betraying its passing.

40,000 years ago

They screamed and begged for their lives. Their panicked bodies fled, their minds no longer connected, just reacting, just firing, just trying to survive. He chased them, flying in from above, teeth and claws ripping them asunder, blood washing the stones, the grass, the dirt upon which they fell. And then he landed next to them. And he feasted.

10,000 years ago He was a warrior, he was a soldier. A warloard prince, the likes of which frightened even his King. And so with each new wave of demons, of humans, he destroyed them, ripped them asunder under there was nothing left to be recognized. That was, of course, until she came. Until she showed him what it was to love, to control, to be loved. Saracen. His beloved for all time.

5,000 years ago

A mad man, a volatile force of power and destruction. Killing one by one by one, no longer able to distinguish between friend and foe, ally and enemy because now she was gone, how she was not here. They were all the same, all of them were only alive so that he could take away their lives; there need not be a reason, it simply was. And then there was another, another who came and saw his skills, another who took him in as her own. And he then saw her as his own, too, a dedicated soldier who would slaughter the world for her, if only to keep her alive.

Time unknown

Wandering. His wanderings took him here, there. Everywhere. Back to Naelem where he was most unwanted, though now he was in the form of a great grey wolf. An enemy among his people, a destroyer of their lives for that as what they had done to him. Until he came upon a most curious being... and saved her from the snow and the teeth and the claws of this unforgiving world.

More time flows on

She was his again, wrapped within his arms. Yes, her, his Saracen, the love that made him feel broken and whole all at the same time. He could lay like with with her for eternity, could listen to the beating of her heart as though it was a song made just for him for even longer; she was all he ever wanted. She was the one, she was his everything.

The Cliff

Sweat. Blood. Harsh, labored breaths. The wheeze of the dying, the death. Fear in their eyes, the clash of titans all around them. But Gabriel was not tired. He was a force on the battle field, the kind that could fight until everyone was dead... and then fight some more. But such was not to be, not this time, for when he saw him coming for her, he grabbed him and he hauled him to the edge of the cliff.

And together they went over. Together they jumped to their deaths just so that he could save her. So that when she turned around, she would still be there.


Demon Information

An immensely large wolf. As big as mountains, some have claimed. Large enough to blot out the sun, still others have said.

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