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Hi, I'm Nabu. They/them pronouns, please! I like being overly wordy and people who are super exuberant. Hit me with them pocky sticks boiiii. Not a lot of triggers but some sensitive topics. Please don't spring rape on me, I'm alright if I know heading in that will be discussed but not a real fan of sudden mentions or topics. Credit for the avatar image of Najwa goes to Spoonfishlee @ their deviantart page

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Solo Demon
Adwoa Aboah
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Demon Age
Information Runner and Courier

Character Summary

the sun falls on the arch, an entirety of history, repeated day by day

she breathes in

she breathes out

an entire galaxy spans her breath

her eyes are bottomless, the searchlights flickering in their depths

do not stare for too long, lest the abyss begin to stare back

if she lives long enough, she will swallow the entirety of the world into the birdlike cage of her ribs

Najwa was born running. A lifelong inhabitant of the city, she's well used to running and traveling between the many different floors and while not comprehensive, her knowledge of many floors is deep and expansive. If you need something to get somewhere, to be sure someone hears the right message at the right time, Najwa is your demon to call. If you need to know something or to find something, Najwa is the person for the job. She runs a small stall in Nagini on a semi-regular basis and the shop has a contact number posted if you need a quick response and nobody is there. She's often seen perched in Nagini or the empty wastes of the many floors, watching and waiting and staring at those who pass by.

Her number is 343-968-2255, and she always picks up.

Ascensions and Legacies

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Character In-Depth

Capricious | Intelligent | Curious

Bold | Awkward | Fey

Introspective | Free-Spirited | Reticent



Born in the city, Najwa has been running the streets all her life. Najwa has never been paired with a human and while she's curious about the other side of the coin, for now she's quite happy the way she is. She's a common and welcome sight, choosing to use her own power to get about the city, with her own merit. Born to an odd pair, Najwa is the offspring of a civil and a primal demon. Her civil parent, an intimidating and ruthless demon known as Zhiraj was her guide in the world. Her primal parent, Aali, was largely uninvolved with their child. It didn't take long for the free spirited demon to start making her own way and shortly after she came even close to being able to handle herself, she took off, finding herself in the labyrinthine city. Rules chafed and while the seemingly affable demon did pick up a few of the lessons her sire tried to teach her, for the most part she makes her own way.

She quickly fell in with an older pair, another civil demon and his human. Manuel and Matthias. Still very young, she had no skill in duplicity, nor how to recognize it. She was smitten with the pair of White Rabbits and the demonic half of the duo seemed more than happy to take her under his wing and teach her the ropes. And, in a way, he did want her to excel. He taught her a lot and did his best to guide her towards the dominions suited to her and the ascensions she craved. And when she was sufficiently skilled, he tried to sacrifice her on the altar of his own greed. Cannibalism ran strong for Matthias, and his teachings were a front, fattening her for the slaughter. But he didn't expect her to fight back. Her parents may not have managed to keep her under their wing for long enough, but she was no easy mark. All the self defense Zhiraj had taught her and the taste for blood surfaced and for the first time in her life she had cause to use it. She came away from that fight injured almost to the point of her wounds being fatal, but she had come out victorious. And to the victor went the spoils. With an older demon's dominions under her belt, it was a marked achievement for the young demon.

And thus she went her own way once again. She's spent time with all sorts since, among those a significant chunk of White Rabbits. While not a White Rabbit herself, she's often found in their company, paying for secrets by trade or work. And, in a way, she's not their friend. She is not beholden to them, and if you are looking for backdoor dirt on someone the White Rabbit have already collected tithes from, Najwa is the person to ask. It costs a pretty penny, but there's a price for everything and Najwa isn't exempt. Still, she tries to stay on their good side, doing more good for their organization than ill. It doesn't do to be too much of a thorn in anyone's side and Najwa isn't stupid, not by a long shot.

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