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Dubravka Peruskovic

When you think of me, you should think of fire
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Antonina Vasylchenko
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Acedia Factotum/Security

Character Summary

A woman whose list of responsibilities is only slightly shorter than the list of lives she's taken and the record of those she has lost. Dubravka has been her father's diligent daughter since she was young, always striving to impress and meet his expectations. She hopes for nothing more than to succeed in facilitating her father and one day taking up his mantle as manager of the family business, like a good daughter should. It just so happens the Peruskovics are a familial crime syndicate, a smaller influencer working out turf in eastern Serbia.

After coming under fire from a local rival and the authorities, she was transferred to the city to work with the infamous Kairos, a growing powerhouse in the dominion of illegal dealings, her goal to establish herself as a valuable and strong leader in the organization and raise her family's status to that of the great families of Japan, Italy, and Russia.
The Devil Tier 1. Ascension to "THE MAMMON"

The mammon is a prince of hell. His command is over greed, and it is greed that leads the mammon to manipulate others. Temptation into avarice is one of his many sins.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now more easily influence or manipulate others. The dominions shadow, duplicity, fire, and combustion are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
Dominion 1
Superior strength
Mastery: Minor Proficient
Superior Strength: Increased strength. This dominion encompasses the temporary or full-time manipulation of muscles, though this may not have outward physical effects.
Control Based: You can remain strong for longer, at higher masteries indefinitely, but not do the same amazing short-term blasts of a power-based user of this dominion.

Dominion 2
Mastery: Lesser Minor Proficient
Regeneration: The ability to regenerate lost limbs, organs, and cartilage on oneself.
Power Based: The greater loss you can regenerate (i.e. dependent on mastery levels, power based regeneration would allow you to regenerate bigger wounds like a severed arm, or stomped stomach).

Dominion 3
Superior Endurance
Mastery: Lesser Minor
Superior Endurance: Accelerated endurance. This dominion means you can endure greater pressure, deeper pain, greater strain both physical and emotional, and more dangerous situations than you normally would be able to. Can also run farther and do more laborious things without getting tired.
Power Based: Greater physical strain.

Dominion 4
Mastery: Major Greater
Absorption: The ability to absorb energy and convert it into something else, such as physical strength.
Power Based: You can absorb more energy at once, as well as have more powerful conversion output.

Dominion 5
Mastery: Major Greater
Combustion: The ability to create explosions, and the power to create bombs of various types from thin air.
Power Based: Larger and more destructive explosions.

Dominion 6
Mastery: Minor Proficient
Dust: Generation, manipulation and control of dust or other particulate matter (smoke, sand). Includes everything from creation of dust storms to instantly dusting your house.
Power Based: More destructive dust control.

Character In-Depth

"I love watching the embers dance like fairies."

Most people think mafia families are broken households. Dangerous places with shady dealings, living rooms littered with blocks of cocaine, automatic weapons, or stacks of cash. A mother clutching her children to her side while their mafia boss father is beating one of his employees in the front parlor.

It was rarely like that for Dubravka. That's Hollywood. For most of her young life her father, to her, was a businessman. Her mother lived at home taking care of her and her two older brothers, Vukota and Brajko. The most she saw of her father's business was his work associates. Sometimes they would come over to their home, and spend a few hours conferring in his study upstairs or down in the basement. She could recall meeting a few of the men over dinner. It wasn't until she became much older that she learned the men her father often sat with drinking coffee in their kitchen or playing poker with in the basement were drug runners, body cleaners, and extortionists. In recollection her entire childhood was soured when she learned the specifics.

However, the nature of her family was revealed much earlier than this. Her name was quite infamous. Kids on the playground whispered and snickered as she passed. Some of the braver ones made fun of her. Said her father planned to make her one of his whores or joked that if a teacher ever gave her a failing grade they'd turn up dead in a creek a few days later. Sadly, being treated like a monster eventually turns a person into one. Humans are prone to adapt to expectation, and Dubravka did exactly that. She hardened herself. Steeled her mind and her body. Kids who challenged her left the yard with bruises or found projects sabotaged or rumors spread. She wasn't going to let herself be pushed around. She was a Peruskovic, and they had taught her that name carried a reputation of control through fear.

She got in trouble, frequently. It wasn't a surprise to anyone, they were expecting such a thing from her. Some days she resented that, wished she could become a better person, wished she wasn't just the devil everyone figured she would be. However, her father had always, always emphasized that blood bonded stronger than any steel and that if people questioned your character that you answered with action. This was much to her mother's discontent. To her, Dubravka was supposed to be her normal child.

A daughter, the one she wanted to be a kind and sweet girl who would grow up to have a normal job. A child with friends and simple problems and innocent aspirations. She had lost two sons to her husband's influence, and she hated the idea of losing a third. Because of this, she was punished harshly by her mother and vigilantly forced to maintain top grades and follow a strict routine of extracurriculars and household work. However, she wanted to follow her father's advice, meet his expectations. Her older brothers did so, and by the time she was reaching middle school they were beginning work in the family business. It was also this time that her father realized his two sons had barely a quarter the natural inclination and prowess that his daughter did.

He began fostering her interest. They would go on "hunting trips" frequently. She learned how to shoot at 14, she and him both knew the real purpose of their bonding weekends. Who hunted deer with handguns? Her mother was always so opposed, but so long as Dubravka kept up with her typical schedule her mother struggled to say no to the girl pleading to go on trips with her father. He taught her many things. Shooting, tracking, fishing. He gave many long stories about his own philosophy on people, the world, and power dynamics, though he never truly brought up the family business. As Samhain made more and more frequent appearances, he also fostered her use of dominion magic. Her mastery of combustion was beyond impressive, and they both knew it would be a valuable asset on the path she walked.

That demon, Samhain. He became her biggest challenge in highschool. She had become accustomed to the ostracism, to the odd looks, to the frequent fights with her peers. But Samhain dug at her incessantly. He preyed on her darkest doubts and deepest fears. He never let up. He caused her grief constantly. She frequently argued with him, demanded he stop, threatened and lashed out, but the demon never relented. He was in control, and a Preuskovic was never to be collared. One night she snapped, and harnessing the strength the demon gave her beat him mercilessly on the floor of her bedroom, smacking her fists against his bony body and the leathery skin of his bulbous pumpkin skull, until her knuckles were raw. He never caused much trouble after that. She had whipped the demon into submission in the one language all demons understood more than any other. Violence.

Things almost came crashing down for the girl during her final year of highschool. She lost her brother, Vukota. He stumbled in the door a wintry January evening, just gushing blood down his dress shirt, his hands clutching his stomach tightly, skin as white as paper. Hospitals were out of the question most of the time. Nobody who walked into the ER with bullet wounds walked out without a visit from the police. Their mother did the best she could to help him whilst her father called one of his top street doctor contact, but he arrived far too late to help them. This time was challenging for many reasons. Her father was angry and vengeful, he buried himself in his work. The Peruskovic syndicate went to war with the Romanovich.

New blood in town, Russian, meaning they were backed by some of the strongest in East Europe. Meanwhile, Dubravka struggled with doubts of her own, whether or not she wanted to keep losing her loved ones, whether or not she wanted to risk her own life in the dark dealings of her father's work. But he had given them a good life, and she had prepared for her role for many years by this point. Their mother became incessantly protective. She fought Dubravka and her other brother whenever they wanted to go anywhere. Demanded Brajko be given the chance to do more honest work. She had lost a son, and could not bear the thought of losing another, but the boy burned with a fire in his heart. He had lost a brother, and the men who had killed him walked the neighborhoods they called home like they had always owned the place. Care free, expecting their family to lie down like dogs and accept their new masters. Brajko wouldn't accept that, and Dubravka had no intention of letting such a thing slide in her heart either. Her father needed her now more than ever, and so, she asked him to be let in, to let her step behind the curtain and start helping with their black matinee.

It began with simple work, almost mundane. Had she not known better, the girl could've convinced herself it was a normal white collar job. Deliver this package here, drive this man there, pick up these things from the local gunstore on your way back. Park outside this warehouse and keep track of who goes in and out and when. Weird, but fairly simple stuff. It got worse as time went on. Go collect money from this pimp, don't come home empty handed. Help clean up this blood from the office downtown, Don't let anyone see what you're cleaning. She killed her first man at the young age of twenty. Her father called her to sit on a "peace talks" with some of the russian lieutenants. That went south real quick. She dove behind a couch and pulled her father with her as they reached into their coat pockets. The room was nothing but a smoldering wasteland. Combustion is a volatile, effective, and messy power. She threw up seven times that night. Her hands wouldn't stop shaking, but eventually she got over the sickening feeling and found it replaced with a stronger resolve to gain strength and control. Nobody was playing around in this business, she could not afford to be caught off guard with dull claws.

Their syndicate waged a street war for the next four years, family relationships strained, her mother fading into a distant figure whom she, her brother, or their father saw more than passing conversations during meals. She retreated into the sanctity of solitude, unable to continue coping with a life where her husband and children spent evenings blowing up cars, beating up captured goon, and smashing up property due to unmet protection payments. Romanovich, the Russian family, had become increasingly aggressive in trying to stake their claim in the area. Fights, raids, and assassinations were common. The city burned and local authorities really had not the resources or incentive to deal with either of the groups. Dubravka was her father's right hand, her brother his left. They worked tirelessly to handle the most important and critical tasks for business. Dubravka was gaining a reputation: "Granata." Grenade. She blew safehouses, storage facilities, and meeting offices to ash. She was a one woman army who many on both sides began to fear. However, the Russians had the backing of their bosses back in Moscow, and Serbs had not the dynasty of interconnected families that the Russians did. They simply did not have the resources to match their rivals, and every day Peruskovic lost more and more. But her father would not lie down and die so easily, and so the competition raged on.

The crushing blow came after 4 years. Her other brother, Brajko, was sent to prison. They caught him speeding down a highway away from a scene, the back of his car stocked with Kalashnikovs and hard drugs that he had stolen from intercepting a Russian buy. There was no bailing him out of that kind of bust. He was lucky to only be getting 20 years, and that had taken their father the use of every political favor, a small fortune, and the enlistment of Serbia's best dirty lawyers.

With another major member of the family down, the Peruskovics were left at the time with little choice but to collapse inwards and reinforce. They gave up their control of the frontier neighbourhoods and bolstered their efforts around home turf, those surrounding the docks not far from the Peruskovic estate. With a steady trickle of smuggling overseas and the bolstering of work on the streets they were able to maintain their fortune and their workforce. However, this would only be temporary.

Dubravka, the shining sole prodigy and the last of Komandir's children, was tasked with taking back territory while the rest of the family rebuilt and hunkered down. She spent 3 spreading her influence. Marking key new Russian strongholds, planting moles, buying insiders and local influence, she even went so far as bribing a local police station into harassing their rivals by cracking down in a local residential neighbourhood, a move that earned her family the good will of the locals, an invaluable resource most Russians overlooked.

It was shortly after she had turned 28 that things took another crippling turn. She had been set up. She should've been more careful, but her father was growing impatient, and she was more and more desperate to make good on her promises every day. One of her Russian insiders, a man she thought she could trust, gave her the location of a weapons stockpile. She showed up with every intent to steal whatever she could and let the rest burn. She had walked into a firing line. Easily two dozen Romanovichs. The place turned into a warzone. She lost every man she had brought with her, lost her left eye to shrapnel, and took several severe wounds. Her anger and the dominions granted to her by Samhain were all that kept her alive. She had been left for dead, but crawled her way out of the burning building soaked in blood and ash. She woke up in a hospital with her father, mother, and 2 lieutenants standing at the bedside. She knew what this meant. Time was short. Her options were either end up in prison like her brother, or leave the country until things cooled off. The police weren't letting her walk out of the hospital a free woman.

Her father had been in contact with a family she hadn't heard of before. They came from the demon city, he had friends who worked for them. She was to go there, work for Kairos, and earn her place amongst their ranks. With Kairos backing, the Peruskovic name could be restored to it's former glory. Kairos could be their Moscow, she needed only work her way up the ranks and convince a few of their elite to help their family. This news did come tainted with sadness. Dubravka knew her father had always refused to lean on other for help. The fact that he had agreed to try and foster connections with another family was a symptom of the losses they had suffered over the past decade. But she was always looking to impress, to meet his needs, and keep the family strong. If working with Kairos was his plan for them to regain control, than she would do everything in her power to bring that plan to fruition.

She left that night, her body still bound in bandages. She drove for what felt like hours, until passing through a tunnel whose gaping maw gave way to a city that stretched into the heavens. She had arrived, and it would be only a few days before Altair, as she came to know him, put her to work with Acedia's security team, working to keep their territory and operations safe and under the family's control.

Demon Information

Samhain: Spirit of Ruin

A spirit as old as the namesake he takes, a tormentor who loves nothing more than to see the fear and horror of those who feel the tight grip of death wrapping around their necks, the twisting knife of despair as they witness years of work wrenched away in an instant, or the sickening churning of their guts as they watch those they care for most brutalized. Sam revels in suffering, and moreso, holds a sick sense of humor about the macabre. He's a joker, whose horrible insensitive jabs are always followed by his blood-chilling cackle.

However, he hasn't mocked Dubravka since she was a little girl, not after the night she gained full control of her enhanced strength and mercilessly beat the pumpkin faced wither until her knuckles bled. She commands respect from him, and she is one of the few examples of a demon pairing where the human is the dominant member of the relationship. Her strength and vicious nature demand respect, and Samhain is no exception to that. However, he will get in a snide comment here or there where he thinks he can. When he laughs a thick miasma of ash and black smoke billow from his mouth. His sickly twiggy arms end in razor sharp claws, and his body is licked by flames which rest within his chest. A formidable and vicious attacker, he's not one to sit idly by in a fight like some demons. He often revels in killing, rather than being coldly efficient like Dubravka. She often scolds him for this.

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