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Eric Seiler

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Jö Ni
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Drug Pusher/Serial Killer

Character Summary

A demon who lived only to satiate his lust, no matter if the other participants were willing or not. At least, until he was captured and beaten, then rescued by Moses. Now he follows the demon without question, willing to do anything he is ordered to do to help his Master.
Psychic: Legendary, Power
Technopathy: Legendary, Control
Combustion: Legendary, Control
Invisibility: Minor, Power
Telekinesis: Greater, Control

Character In-Depth

TW: Rape, Murder.

What came before was unimportant. Well, as unimportant as seven thousand years of life can be. He was born in a time when humans were nothing but scared creatures, hiding from their own shadows. It was easier to feed then - on their fear, on their blood. On their pleasure, or rather, the pleasure they gave him.

He befriended them first. Well, as much befriending as could be in festivals, when everybody was drunk and lust was the only thing running through their veins. Man or woman, he didn't care. But Eric was charming, right until the point where they were alone. Then he let his needs take precedence, taking them by force until they were a broken husk and his needs had been satisfied.

But he was careless, too careless. Seven thousand years without being caught more than once or twice a century, and always being able to escape... But he'd stomped into some other demon's hunting grounds, a stronger demon, one who was ready to kill him for his trespassing. But first he would be broken, toyed with, destroyed. He was beaten relentlessly, until all he longed for was death. Sweet release that he would never obtain.

And then he appeared. His savior. Moses had challenged the other demon and destroyed him, absorbing his power. But he had rescued Eric, and nursed him back to health. He needed people to make a better world, he'd said. In Eric's eyes, his savior could do no wrong. So he joined his family, the Superbia family, and began pushing his drugs - the gateway for those without hope. The temporary release that allowed them to come flocking to their vision, to the better world Moses was creating.

So far, he'd never taken a life, except for the occasional self-defense. But the seventies found him bound to a human, a prolific killer best known as The Casanova Killer. He'd seduce his victims (mostly at Eric's request) before killing them - a darkness Eric wasn't fully able to contain.

But a darkness he embraced nonetheless. And when the human was killed, Eric left the cycle to become free again, returning to Moses. But he was... changed. And if from time to time, he was asked to bed the clients and then kill them when they were asleep and unaware... It was for the greater good. It was to protect what they were building - sacrifices had to be made.

Demon Information

Eric has always feed pleasure. Mostly sexual pleasure, but his time with Moses has led him to feed on any kind of pleasure. The ecstasy of a drug user as they get their dose after a long time, the bright-eyed curiosity and happiness of that rebellious teen who is gonna try drugs for the first time just to spite their parents... It works for him.

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