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Human with Civil Demon
Yulia Rose
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Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Deputy Warden of Xibalba

Character Summary

Birth Name: Annalisa

Alias: Enyo

Sexuality: Demisexual

Birth Date: January

Birth Place: Poland

Type: Solo Demoness

Faction: Legion

Height: 4'10

Weight: 98 pounds

Eye Colouration: Blue

Hair Colouration: Sandy Brown

Skin Colouration: Tan

Body Type: Ectomorph

Age: 600

Occupation: Deputy Warden

Isidora is very much a hot head and not afraid to speak whats on her mind. Because of the habit of speaking what was on her mouth she is often considered foul-mouthed. She has a rather rude attitude towards people in order to push them away to protect herself from getting hurt once again. She lacks trust in others because of what occurred when she was a child. Her rude attitude covers up her kind, loyal, and submissive personality. When she is first seen she has somewhat of a delicate appearance but once she gets angry or upset her whole dynamic seems to change. She only likes trustworthy and respectful people and cannot stand rude and unreliable people. Isidora hates having her time wasted by others.

Character In-Depth

Demon Information

Xavier Asher is a stunning white dragon. When he enters this devastating state his size could be compared to Buckingham palace or he might be larger than that even. His scales are arrayed along his body with perfection showcasing their equal sizes which reflects his perfect mannerism while in his human like state. When he enters his form all sense of trying to keep things in order seems to suddenly vanish. The only thing that is on his mind is to feed his massive hunger that almost seems to never be truly satisfied. Xavier never truly enters his dragon state anymore because of the very fact he truly cannot control himself in this form. The only thing that drives him is his insatiable hunger and thirst for blood. Xavier fears that if he enters this form that he will destroy the empire that he managed to build for himself. Unlike many dragons, Xavier does not hoard gold or anything that could be labeled as valuable. Instead, he hoards amber because of the history that lies within the resin and also he is quite attracted to the beautiful color.
His relationship with humans is quite interesting. Xavier of course views them as a proper food source because of how they are able to slightly satisfy his massive hunger compared to the meals that humans tend to eat. He also loves the way they seem to flock around him for guidance and desire for Xavier's approval before they do anything that might be considered sinful. Xavier is engrossed by how determined some humans are to reach the paradise that has been depicted by him and many other religious figures. The way they distort their lives and restrict themselves from doing acts that others consider fun or harmless to remain virtuous. The way these humans knee before him and beg for Xavier to free them from sin continues to feed his massive god complex. Xavier loves human history and this is shown by the way he hoards amber, paintings, or anything that showcases pieces of history. He is captivated by history mainly because of the way humans are able to easily destroy themselves just to receive power and money. The way humans are destructive without trying to be is a disgusting sight to him. They must be punished...
Xavier loves surrounding himself with people who are willing to bend their lives to support the strict rules that he has laid out. If a person is unable to conform or even try to they will be punished without hesitation. Xavier does not care if the person is demon or human or even one of his dragon kin. He expects certain behavior from people and will stop at nothing to get rid sinful creatures that live within the city. Xavier behaves this way because of his strict upbringings and the things that were beaten into his head. Be virtuous.. be perfect.. c l e a n s e those who refuse to conform. The people that created him continued to brainwash him into thinking that everything around him needed to be perfect. That Xavier needed to be this perfect being that everyone him needed to worship. He doesn't like behaving this way, but this is the way that he is use to leaving. Xavier is often times searching for an escape from his almost perfect life. He wants to experience the chaos that other seem to enjoy greatly and understand why they love it.

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