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Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Lindsey Morgan
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Demon Age
runs an apothecary shop

Character Summary

------- HOMOSEXUAL ------- CHAOTIC GOOD ------- ENFP / THE CAMPAIGNER ------- LEO ------- MOODBOARD ------- PLAYLIST ------- WARDROBE -------

A lover of earth, gardens, herbs, old books, and simply loving life, Celia is a ray of sunshine. Bright, warm, and fiery when challenged, she is everything contrasting in on itself. A good heart that breaks easily and fights strong. Hands that heal or punch, lips that kiss or sneer, she is every emotion bottled into one package of a woman simply trying to live. Diagnosed with Lupus at a young age, she deals with the day to day struggles of life with a chronic illness, meaning some days she just can't deal with it all. But despite it all, she has a positive outlook on life, and a stubborn personality that goes after what she wants.
Ascensions and Legacies

The Sun Tier 1. Ascension to "THE IRIS" The Iris spreads its petals in sunlight and delights in its simple contentment with life. Fragile but beautiful, the iris is seen in the bouquets given to spouses and festooned around the aisles of new marriages. The Iris is a path of happiness and bliss. You feel new possibilities within you. You can now brighten up a room just with your presence. The dominions light, fire, empathy, and pheromones are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.







Character In-Depth

Celia Rose was the last child of her parents, the youngest of six, and the only girl in the family. Her family lives outside of The City in Mexico, and that is where Celia and her brothers were born and raised. Both her parents worked hard to provide for their children, which, unfortunately, meant they weren't home as often as they would have liked. Celia's life wasn't lonely, though, her brothers kept her plenty busy with affection and teasing. The siblings were all tight knit, despite being different in personalities.

Growing up, Celia had never taken interest in boys the way her peers did. Its because you see them all as brothers her friends would tease her, assuring her that if she only stopped being so sisterly, she would get the same feelings. And little Celia tried, wanting desperately to fit into her group of friends. But it wasn't boys who left her feeling breathless. It wasn't boys who she daydreamed about while doodling in class. It was boys that she wanted to kiss.

She was fourteen when, one evening, her friends and her were playing a game of truth or dare. Silvia was dared to kiss Celia, and not one to back down from a dare, she did. It left Celia feeling what she imagined her friends felt when they sneaked kisses between classes to the boys. Her face was hot, her stomach turned, and it must have shown on her face because all her friends gave her a funny little look.

The thing she kept to herself were out in the open now, and while a few of her friends split away from her after that, some stuck around. Silvia, actually, came to her a few days after to admit that she had liked how kissing her felt. They kissed again...and again...and again. Until kissing lead to their hands exploring each others bodies, and soon their lips followed, until they were tangled so deep in each other in a new passion neither of them understood.

They never officially dated. Celia had yet to admit how she felt to her family, and Silvia was worried how her family would react. For a year and a half the girls saw each other in secret. Kissing in the bathroom at school, entangling their bodies when one spent the night for a sleepover.

Silvia never told her. Celia saw her wrapped under a boys arm at school one day, and angrily confronted her about it afterwards. There are rumors, Celia, and I'm tired of them! But Celia had loved her, and didn't she feel the same? Silvia avoided the questions, danced around the subject. We can still be...what we are. But I don't want people to think.. think what? I don't want to be gay! It felt like a slap in the face. Like she wasn't good enough for her, like what they had was something terrible meant to be hidden away.

Celia would like to say it ended there, but that would be a lie. She was use to her warmth, and although she had angrily stormed off and said she didn't want to see her, it was a week later she ended up on top of her at night in the park. This cycle continued all throughout high school. The girls weren't friends anymore, they barely spoke, but she was the first girl Celia had loved--- her first kiss, her first everything and it was hard to let her go just like that. Sometimes they would go months without speaking, but somehow Celia would always end up spending a night back in her bed.

It broke her heart over those years her once best friend kept her hanging on by a thread. She didn't want to be a secret, some affair Silvia had in the background. But she loved her. The way she kissed her, the way her skin felt, the little things she would whisper to her during their nights together. I love you too. I really do. One day, one day we'll really be together. But it was always a lie. Or maybe Silvia believed it was the truth, maybe she thought one day she'd have the strength to be who she was. But that day never came.

After high school graduation, Silvia got engaged to the boy she had been dating. It was the final straw for Celia, and on the night before the ceremony, she broke down in sobs to her parents and brothers, telling them everything. She was met with love and acceptance and support from her family, but it didn't still the aching in her heart. She needed change. She needed somewhere new, a fresh start. And so, after graduation, she set off to start her own life somewhere knew. Away from the girl who had stole away so much of her heart and time. She found The City and moved to Monai, because it reminded her of home.

It's been many years since then, and Celia has grown from a brokenhearted girl to a fiery young woman. Although she hasn't been in a relationship since, her heart has healed. She's opened an apothecary shop based off of the use of herbal medicine. She goes to visits her family occasionally as they come to visits her, and all in all, she's settled happily into her life here.

Demon Information

------- DIET ; ADORATION ------- 16 INCHES / 25 METERS ------- FEMALE ------- ANCIENT -------

Saffi is a demon of creation and wisdom. She thrives off of manipulation of the earth and things around her, shaping the world to be more interesting and beautiful for mortals. Her true form is a large owl like being with humanoid features and build. While with a host, though, she remains a simple barn owl. Humans are fragile, fleeting beings to her, and while she remains emotionally detached from them, that doesn't make her cruel. She is a giver, creator, and seeker. It is their love and admiration that feds her, and what way to better gain such things than to flourish the world around her?

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