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Liam McKenna

Justice is blind, so it's sure as shit is good that my demon is.
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Caled by Eve Ventrue
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Gang and Narcotics Division Lieutenant

Character Summary

Not much is quite the same as Liam remembers them to be. Everything had changed, eating food just turned into another hassle of life and even smoking had become a nuisance. Sleep comes like a rare gift in the night, not that he ever really needed much of it, but after months of little sleep he's often seen rubbing his eyes and nursing the next cup of coffee in his hands.

Self-righteous and stubborn to a fault is all that he holds to his own any more these days. No fancy apartment to speak of in the city, preferring a rather spartan looking area to decrease the amount of time he had to spend eventually cleaning it when he had a bad episode.
Ascensions and Legacies
Dominion 1
Mastery: Proficient
Combustion: The ability to create explosions, and the power to create bombs of various types from thin air.
Power Based: Larger and more destructive explosions.

Dominion 2
Mastery: Lesser
Absorption: The ability to absorb energy and convert it into something else, such as physical strength.

Dominion 3
Mastery: Proficient
Flight: The ability to fly, and make other people or objects fly.
Control Based: The longer amount of time you can fly without fatigue, and more people or objects you can bring with you.

Dominion 4
Electrical Teleport
Mastery: Greater
Electrical Transport: The ability to travel through electrical conduits such as, but not limited to: cell phones, computers, power lines, telephone lines, television sets, etc. The user is essentially turned into electricity themselves, however they can only use this power as a method of transportation.
Power Based: The faster you can move as well as the greater amount of electronic devices you can jump to and from in one go. However, power based users often cannot control which device specifically they want to move through.

Dominion 5
Mastery: Lesser
Phasing: The ability to move through solid or semi-solid objects as if they weren’t there.

Dominion 6
Mastery: Lesser
Technopathy: Ability to manipulate technology. Manifested as a special form of electrical/telekinetic manipulation, a special form of "morphing" which allows physical interaction with machines, or even a psychic ability that allows for mental interface with computer data.

Character In-Depth

Liam was born to an excited Irish couple mere months after they had arrived in New York. They had left their disapproving parents behind in the old country and headed for the new opportunities waiting for them in America, the age old choice for any of Irish blood who needed somewhere to go. Neither of their demons were good for anything reputable and so with where they were his two parents soon got involved in unseemly activity. His mother took to smuggling drugs back and forth between Ireland and New York while his father took a much more violent position as an enforcer at one of the many Irish controlled clubs in the city.

He grew up well enough, never wanting or needing for much with the dirty money his parents earned on the regular, but he always felt like something was off. There never was any going out unless his parents told him he could. Couldn't even leave his room to go to the bathroom unless he told them about it, always under their watchful gaze every moment of his life. He didn't like it, but he didn't complain. Never really had the chance to. Not that any of it really mattered in the end considering the choices that his parents made for themselves and inadvertently for him. The other gang swept in like a swirling hurricane that took up everything in his life and shook it to the very core. His home was destroyed when he got back from school and his parents were missing, probably at some hideout that he hadn't been told about for his own protection. They never quite explained what happened and to this very day he doesn't know why, but after that date he hardly ever saw his parents. Quick waves from a crowd or hand written notes were all that they were ever able to give him, and while he hated the thought of it he was glad that his parents were safe from whatever had torn up their home, so he endured for the first time.

The rest of middle school went off without a hitch, the same with highschool as his nascent powers became more and more comfortable under his grasp. Soon he had each one understood, to a certain point with some or spot on with others; each time simply experimenting and walking through each new experience with his constant companion, The Pale Lady. She helped him plan out his study habits, each of his days and eased the pain of loneliness he faced whenever he came home to the same empty house he left in the morning. Didn't make any new friends of any real significance, instead opting to bond with the one person who truly understood him like no other for the obvious reason of being attached since birth. There were some awkward moments along the way, her judging stare the first time he tried anything with a girl and even worse ones when he had to work out his frustrations alone in his room. No privacy for the damned, she would say. Those very same words would ring true when his heart called him on to a familiar sense of justice in the armed forces. The recruiter smiled the whole time he signed off his life to the government and began his first true taste of madness he would soon grow comfortable in.

A hellish rain greeted him and the others who would undergo these trials with him, a familiar presence fortifying his will as the drill instructors with their civils began to pummel the recruits with insults. Penelope kept to herself, no difference in that, but as the other recruits got angry some of their demons became manifest. Tension running hot as the hot-heads that decided they were better than their superiors began to bark at a much bigger beast than they. Cracks echoed out when bones broke with the lightning that struck down to form one of the few sounds that Liam could never forget. In the very first instant they had arrived they were already down a twelfth of their number as those who decided to try and stand up got put down quickly when they got hostile. Lesson learned for the rest of the recruits. The first week was hell, the second someplace cooler and the third finally allowing them to settle into the rhythm of punishment they would wake up to every morning. It was good punishment, routine that they were accustomed to, but when they began to throw that balance away like a piece of trash everything went to shit. Half of the remaining class washed out for health concerns because of the new regimen or simply couldn't take any of it anymore, leaving with whatever of their dignity they had in them that hadn't been whipped out yet.

The rest was a blur for the young man, weeks turning into an eternity that never ended and was ruled over by their DI's. Suddenly they were graduating, ready to be sent off into a war zone in some far off shithole they had never asked to go to, but they would because they had been told to. They had their orders, they would follow them. So they left, rifles in the shaking hands of men who were going to die on soil they had never seen for a party that might even hate them. That was what they had signed up for, however, they would give their lives so that others could live theirs in peace, or so that the government could turn a quick profit. In any case, they arrived in the middle of a desert valley, his squad already on fire as they touched ground at the FOB and got kicked out of their helo just as fast as its landing gear hit dirt. He had landed fast first as dust filled his lungs and the cracks of bullets above his head nearly caused him to wet himself, but The Pale Lady was there and helped him up; a soft smile of reassurance all he needed to get his legs working once more as the thought of her always watching him filled him with warmth. The rest of the warmth he felt came from the spattering of gore that covered his face when a mortar round tore one of his compatriots to shreds in an instant. They shelled his position for seven hours and he had lost half of his brothers he went through boot with in the first, but still he endured.

It had been months since there had been any activity from the insurgents in the mountains, but there wasn't a day that went by when the crack of a bullet reminded him just where he was like clockwork. Mortars were like knocks on the door telling him that guests were there, the RPGs a firm ringing of the bell to tell him how urgent they were. He fed his guests as he always did. His favorite dish was the .40mm they kept in one of the small sandbag bunkers they set up overlooking the valley, but when they got above him he always fell back to the creme de la creme: a standard -issue assault rifle. Something went wrong this time, though. They were closer than usual and he could almost smell the unfamiliar musk of whatever it was that seemed to radiate off the corpses they sometimes buried. His sergeant called it goat residue, the other guys reasoning it was most likely the shit and piss that everyone released when they passed from this life to the next. A bullet whizzed straight for him, passing through his chest and hitting the ground behind him as he fell to the ground screaming. He groped at where it should have struck, screaming that he needed a medic and that he had been hit, but when he felt his sweat-soaked fatigues there wasn't a hole. Instead just the same, near comfortable feeling of his weather-worn clothes. He counted his lucky stars then and grabbed his rifle, once more returning fire at the hill until the worst amalgamation he had ever seen hurtled through the air to land in the middle of the camp.

His unit surrounded it, the fire from the hill having ceased as soon as the ball of whatever it was landed smack-dab in the middle of the FOB. It twisted and squealed where it was before spitting limbs out of the shifting mass as more hands pushed against the horrifically taut skin that already look fit to burst without their prodding. One launched out and slammed his sergeant's head into the dirt so fast it emptied his brains in a five foot arc ahead of his body. That was the moment the rest of his unit opened fire, each man's rifle barrel smoking as they emptied magazine after magazine into the eldritch monster that attacked them. It seemed to eat each bullet and grew as more was fired into it, soon the hands were joined by the pinpricks of bullets that poked at the skin. Liam and a few others had the foresight to hit the ground, the others weren't as lucky. They were torn apart by the limbs and bullets that flew from it like a massive, three hundred and sixty degree claymore. Everything turned to a blur and before he knew it Liam and his lieutenant were all that left, a bottomless maw opening up in the middle of the blob that began to crawl at him using its arms as legs. He couldn't endure anymore.

He broke then, screaming some incoherent nonsense as everything that he had been trained to do was thrown out the window in a matter of seconds. He abandoned his rifle, threw his sidearm at it in a feudal attempt before sprinting headlong at the beast. Teeth phased through his arm as they gnashed at the incorporeal limb and light began to show through the semi-transparent black skin. Limbs of pitch were sent flying as the creature ignited and his own arm was nearly incinerated in the making of his demonic, pyrotechnic bomb. The Pale Lady screamed in answer to his own as he collapsed in the muck of monster and dirt that surrounded him, her arm consumed with a balefire that warped it into an unseemly, gangly limb that it was today.

He woke in a hospital in the city, his poor, broken mind seeing only insurgents around him as he began to flail and even half-teleported through his EKG before collapsing on the floor after falling through a ceiling light. The young soldier was tracked down and sedated before he could reach another electronic device. He saw The Pale Lady as he woke, soothing words making the panic that filled his mind seemingly disappear as she seemed to glow brighter like a beacon in the room. The situation was explained to him, where he was, what had happened and in return he spoke of the beast that greeted them in the mountains. For all that he knew his unit was considered dead already, who wouldn't think so after the bullet ridden corpses of those that were lucky enough to die that quick were found. With persuasion from The Pale Lady he decided to stay, working at the hospital to pay back his bills and then as a bouncer at a few bars.

Still he ached for something more, to mean something after he had lost all that was him during that day. Posters that spoke of the Legion always greeted him when he left his shack that he had managed to get in Ghost Town after offering manual labor for rent forgiveness. And so he followed these posters, each eventually leading him to a precinct in Ghost Town where he asked about a job. The pay seemed good, the work respectable and it gave him something to fill his waking nightmare with to keep his mind off the image of what was left of his unit that was still rotting above ground to him. Familiar routine replaced the unfamiliar horrors that greeted him when he slept and he rose quick with a mixture of prowess with his dominions, clever application of his time and previous military experience he spoke of, but never went into detail about. He was ready to give his life meaning, or whatever meaning he could solve after all that had happened. His parents decided to break the law and they suffered for it, Liam wouldn't commit such a mistake, instead finding solace in punishing those who did; the faces of his parents replacing those of the people he arrested, his own twisted sense of revenge letting him have some satisfaction during the day.

Demon Information

The Pale Lady - which the young man eventually morphed into Penelope, the name that he would've had if he were a girl - the first words that Liam had ever uttered when he saw his shy companion not far away. She was what was left of Liam's moral compass after the two had gotten into long talks at night when both restlessly stayed awake until at last the sun rose again in the morning. She had raptly listened to every word he spoke and in turn Liam didn't let a single one of hers simply go in one ear and out the other. Over time, and ever since his deployment, he never wanted to talk with her as much, but whenever he would talk to her she would listen as she did all those years ago, ever willing to help him.

Despite what she felt towards Liam it didn't change the fact that she fed on his fear, on the madness that ate away at him every time he closed his eyes. It was her own twisted way to help him and herself, but she knew that he wouldn't care. He had given up so much for others around him and for the so-called brothers he had left behind. She couldn't say that she understood why he did give so much of himself, but she would stand by him so long as he stayed truthful and kept himself from not doing anything unjustified; her own sense of justice always lording above the two and bringing Liam back in line when she can.

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