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Played by Jessica! If you want to plot, PM here or discord, I reply quickest with discord

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Primal Demon
Kim Woo-bin
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Cafe waiter

Character Summary

Lazy | Protector | Truthful | Moody | Sensitive

Ehno has always been good in his core. He is protective and loyal. He may be lazy and distant, but he’s the type to jump in front of a bullet for a total stranger. His empathy causes him to be even more protective of other’s emotional turbulence, but it also can make him irritable and sensitive. He never quite got the hang of tuning out other people’s emotions and has a habit of reaction to them, or worse, taking them on himself.

When Ehno is feeling particularly emotional, he will astral project in his sleep, often without meaning to. Sometimes this is uneventful, but sometimes he gets lost in the array of emotions in the world around him and it takes him longer to return. During these times, his demon gets anxious and wanders around, almost looking for his host. He returns to his body in strange places, confused and tired.

All in all, Ehno is protective, loyal, and truthful to a fault, but he is also moody, sensitive, and lazy. He isn’t particularly outgoing, but he likes to be around friends when he can. Deep down, Ehno really is good, regardless of his temperament.
Ascensions and Legacies

The Star Tier 1. Ascension to "THE TAURUS"
The taurus, named after the sign in astrology, is an ascension who comes about when one loses faith in something important, or in oneself. The taurus also has another sense: abandonment. You may have abandoned something or someone, or someone or something may have abandoned you. Either way, the taurus is a path of loss. You feel new possibilities within you. You now possess the ability to steal much more easily without getting caught. The dominions light, animation, pathfinding, and steam are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.
Animals | Lesser

Combustion | Proficient : Control

Empathy | Major : Control

Astral Projection | Greater : Power

Augmentation | Lesser

Force Field | Minor

Character In-Depth

Brown hair | Brown eyes | 6’1”
Tends towards plain, stylish clothing
Often wears his hair messy

Ehno was born under a different name that he probably remembers but doesn't care about anymore. He grew up with only his father and his sister. The only things he knew about his mother came from the stories his father would tell them in a drunken stupor: she left after his sister, Annabelle was born for another man and disappeared from the face of the planet. The drunken man would always grumble about how he didn't care and never wanted to see the bitch again then go to bed and read the note she left for the thousandth time. Ehno found it but never cared to unfold the discolored paper. When he was ten, Ehno started working odd jobs to help his family get by. His dad drank himself out of almost every job and Annabelle had to go to school, so the weight of the bills fell on his shoulders. He did any job he could get his hands on. He delivered papers, trimmed hedges, walked dogs, and even would grocery shop for the elderly in his slum of a neighborhood. Even working until his fingers bled, it wasn't enough. He couldn't stop his father from drinking away their money and the bills started slipping.

Living where he did, it was easy to fall into the wrong crowd. It's made even easier when you're desperate for money. Ehno definitely was desperate. By the time he was thirteen, he was pretty heavily involved in a group of drug smugglers and thieves. At such a young age, he could easily sneak contraband in and out of places without anyone thinking twice. He worked for them for three years, making enough money for his sister and father to live comfortably while he ate whatever he could find while he was out. He hated every minute of it. Every ounce he smuggled dug into his heart, leaving him with sleepless nights and sunken eyes.

But then they asked for too much. They wanted him to sell the drugs. They wanted him to fight. They wanted him to steal. They wanted him to do a lot of things now that his baby face was gone and he couldn't sneak around as well as before. He couldn't do it. He couldn't do any of it anymore. His sister was fifteen at this point and could probably handle herself, right? So he left before it got any worse. He left a note for his sister as his heart broke. He never wanted to leave her, but if he stayed then he would just bring trouble to her.

Ehno continued working odd jobs wherever he could, floating around until he ended up in the City. He got rid of his old name in an attempt to leave his past behind, but thoughts of Annabelle keep him up late at night.

Growing up poor gave Ehno some odd hobbies, one of which is sewing. He always enjoyed sewing up the holes in his socks and would always offer to mend anything anyone needed to get fixed. This grew into an admiration of fashion. Even with very little money, he tried to wear at least semi-fashionable clothes whenever he could. He also has a strange love for old monster movies. His father used to put them on and fall asleep in front of them, leaving Ehno watching them over and over, captivated by the black and white creatures.

Demon Information

Name: Bes
Eats | Evil thoughts/intentions
Form | A calico main coon kitten, following nearby or sitting on his shoulder/head

Bes is just as protective as his owner, though he doesn’t look it with the form he usually takes. He has enjoyed being around humans, particularly since he enjoys eating their evil intentions. It is safe to say he has never gone hungry with any of his hosts. In doing this, he creates good, caring hosts that may not have been that way without him. He cares for them as more than just a sustenance supplier, but also acts as a companion.

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