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Phoebe Moriarty

Anything you say can and will be held against you. So only say my name.
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Human with Civil Demon
Ashley Tisdale
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Physical Therapist/Drug Trafficker

Character Summary


Vibrance. Kindness. Innocence.

Things often valued in a young woman. But they have not met the likes of young Phoebe. Charisma is a valued trait as well as the many masks she wears. Manipulation is her favorite pass time. She enjoys pressing buttons and pushing limits. She observes everyone she passes, taking any information and locking it away. Her face befits one of a charming young woman who has been given everything she needed in life. Though darkness lurks behind her eyes that only a privileged few have come to know. She wears iron around her heart, spending her spare time diving from one bed to another as a means of getting information and spreading product. She rarely partakes in what she pushes, only using it as a means to an end. A bubbly blonde with glittering brown eyes to the naked eye, venom rests beneath her skin and it is wise to tread lightly should you find yourself in her path.
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Character In-Depth


Birthday: August 3rd

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 5'5"

Build: fit, petite

Weight: 147lbs

Scars/Birthmarks: small, turtle shaped, above left hipbone, scattered scars from childhood injuries

Tattoos: Lion's paw on the left shoulder blade surrounded by watercolors

The story of the Moriarty family dates back several generations. Blue blood lineage that has long since fallen from grace. Generations branched into more blue collar work, primarily the fields of medicine. Her strand of the branch broke off around the middle of the first world war. Her great grandfather was a war medic who won valor. He was the first host of the demon known as Ambrosius. Since then he passed from host to host before finally residing within Phoebe. Phoebe's life began much like any other young woman. Two loving parents, blessed with three daughters. Phoebe was the youngest, borne a tulip among roses. Her oldest sister, Fiona, the natural born leader. Next in line was,Thalia, strong willed and cold. Each daughter was blessed with the blonde hair of their mother. Though unlike, Fiona and Thalia, Phoebe had the eyes of her father. A rare trait seen in the family's lineage. Blonde hair and blue eyes was a norm for generations, until now. Her sisters held favor among her parents, receiving the lion's share of affection and attention. Phoebe was forced to work harder to gain her family's favor. Though as time went on, she realized that it didn't matter what they thought about her.

Thalia had been a party girl, but her reputation had kept her out of any trouble. Thus all the wrongdoings her sister had done were immediately blamed on Phoebe. Thalia tripped into the world of narcotics through her friends and planted them on her sister to avoid their parents finding out. When she was sixteen, her parents found Thalia's stash of ecstasy in Phoebe's backpack. Outraged at this, they sent Phoebe to counseling. Phoebe struggled to explain to anyone that would listen, that the drugs belonged to Thalia, but no one would listen. After a few rounds of therapy, Phoebe decided to live with her cards in life and began taking her sister's stash and selling it to those in and out of her therapy group. She indulged on occasion, but only to get her way. When Phoebe turned eighteen, she dropped out of school, just four months shy of graduation. She applied for a GED and used her personal funds to get herself through college. She decided that, despite her troubles with her family, she would continue the long line of medical professionals. Though her plans lied in physical therapy rather than nursing like her sisters. She studied hard, continuing to deal on the side to get by. She had odd jobs here and there, but nothing truly stuck.

Her parents officially disowned her at eighteen, so she was truly on her own. She graduated from a local community college and began her work. Though one day after working her new job for roughly two years, she somehow took a side street she'd never seen before. She wound up in a strange city completely different than the one she was used to. She was no longer in her hometown of New York City, she had arrived at what was simply known as The City. Finding it much more suiting than where she had come from, she found it to be a new start. Born with a voice in her head that guided her, Ambrosius implored her to remain in the City. This was where she had always meant to be. Now at twenty five, she continues work as a physical therapist, but for a different sort of clientele. Though she found herself restless and looking for wider horizons. The factions in The City called to her, but where that call would lead her, she did not know.

Demon Information


Yellow eyes. Silver smoke. A shroud of darkness in her mind’s eye.

He calls himself Ambrosius, named for an ancient medieval doctor of the church. A war leader who paved the way for centuries of healers. Simply referred to as Ambrose, Phoebe believes him to not be a burden, but a mentor of sorts. He speaks in a lethargic tone, his mannerisms sluggish at best. His words are clipped and blunt, wasting no time on pleasantry. He manifests in the physical realm as slivers of smoke that slither around her arms and dance across her fingertips. He is not a malevolent force, but not entirely pure either. He has his own wills and forces his way through when needed.

Ambrosius dates back over a thousand years. Though he often takes the form of a young man in his twenties. A broad frame and tanned skin, he lacks the usual demonic traits. His golden eyes stand out the most against his pale hair that is choppy and uneven with sections braided along his neck. He wears ceremonial robes of ancient times, worn loosely to bare his symbols. From head to toe, tunic symbols are carved into his skin, each representing different cultures he’s lived through. He drifts from host to host, favoring those in medical fields. He rarely attaches to a female host unless he deems it necessary. He spares advice once in awhile, but rather his host learn things the hard way.


A third form that he rarely takes unless exhausted of energy, is that of a piebald ball python. It is a private form that he only uses in the secluded walls of Phoebe’s residence. It is a mundane form that he believes is less conspicuous. His more human form is only revealed in dire emergencies, so it is less often seen than that of the python. He believes this form to be sacred only revealed to those who he trusts enough to let his guard down.

Ambrosious primarily source of food is that of pain and determination. He feeds on those who have strong wills and the sharp tang of agony. He has been known to feed on the injured as a way of nullifying their pain and aid the healing process. Emotional turmoil is a favorite of his as it supplies the most palatable flavors. He feeds on Phoebe’s willpower and pushes her to achieve her goals to sate his hunger.

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