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Vita Ander-Moon

Content Restrictions

Artemys OOC Information

IC Posts
I go by Artemys. My content restrictions are that I Fade to Black sex scenes, this is mostly due to the fact that I am not skilled at writing them not that they trigger me in any fashion--thus some of my more intimate stories may border that line of M/R without going into X-rating. Communication over sensitive topics is key, I don't mind playing them out as long as everyone is aware of intended outcome (and its okay if it changes, just communicate that too). I don't have many triggers but I do take mental health and its portrayal very seriously, if a player's depiction is inaccurate it will bother me completely as I have a mental health background.

Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Gal Gadot
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Indifferent, but has grown accustomed to He/Him
Acedia Captain / Andromeda Hotel Owner

Character Summary

Quick Reference
Height: 5'10"
Body Type: Lean/Lithe
Eye Color: Caramel Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Hair Type: Slightly Wavey
Obvious Scars:
    - Diagonal scar above right eye
    - Deep stab wounds along back.
Kairos Acedia Captain

Owner of Neutral Territory Andromeda Hotel located in Grootslang.

Andromeda Hotel Partner and Owner: Legal
Andromeda Management, Kairos Spy and Money Launderer: Official
Home invasion, irreplaceable heirlooms, challenges: Stealing Hobbies/Compulsions
Likes, Dislikes and Quirks
Like: Vintage Wine and Heirlooms
Like: Making People Sexually Uncomfortable
Like: Pink, Bright Red Lipstick
Dislike: Directed Violence
Quirk: Steals heirlooms during home invasions as its the only thing that can't be replaced.
Ascensions and Legacies

Strength Tier 1. Ascension to "THE LADY"
The lady controls her power. She has loads of strength within her, either emotional, psychological, or physical, but she knows both when to use it, and when not to. The lady is in control of herself and her world.
You feel new possibilities within you. You can now experience increased mental capacity, but you may become more animalistic. The dominions shape shifter, superior senses, superior endurance, superior strength and superior speed are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.

Reflections - DT

Atom Smasher

FT | Greater Control

P | P | Greater Power

AC| SG | MS | Major Power

FT | Major Control

Character In-Depth

    Father: Orum Ander (+122 - Human with Primal Demon)

    Mother: Monica Ander (+98 - Human with Civil Demon)

      Brother Uros Ander (+50 - Human with Primal Demon)

Personality: Unyielding has been a term often used to describe Vita. She's ambitious and relatively charismatic but she is unstoppable in her quest for power and notoriety. Skilled in many facets of the art of theft, and preferring that of high end targets, Vita doesn't let the danger of being known stop her from her skill. She despises any target that deems their security measures 'unhackable' or 'unpickable' and has proven countless times that such terms don't apply to her. Her preference is that of home invasions, preferring to steal items of personal and irreplaceable merit rather than expensive items, though they have their place too on her list. Her prized collection is a series of old-fashioned photographs of ancestors of her victims that she keeps littered across a private room specifically designed for such a collection. It's the only thing that can't be replaced. Although she carries a healthy respect for those that outrank her, Vita is nothing but ambitious in resolution towards advancement in position; often detriment to personable relationships if she can't help it. Skeleton personality subject to change.

History: Boredom reared its ugly head somewhere along the long lifespan known to Anhajen. He grew so bored of existing he began experimenting on the humans he ran into through the veil. At first, each experiment was just as dull as the last, until his influence grew stronger with age and more influential and curious variables were introduced. After a time, several generations of influencing random humans, Anhajen found himself fond of a particular family. He was attached in a way to a young child who was very intuitive. While their communication was rather lackluster verbally, the child always seemed to know exactly what Anhajen wanted of him. Anhajen, in this manner, taught the young child skills in thieving with a penchant for pretty, irreplaceable things. Before that host died, its great grandchild was being born, and upon that host's death... Anhajen jumped ship to the unborn descendant. A girl this time.

And so it went for many generations.

It always happened when the host died that there was another in the family bloodline to be born and thus Anhajen stayed within the family. Each generation there seems to be one born with Anhajen, and as humans are a suspicious lot, the Ander bloodline coined these individuals as the 'Chosen.' They appeared luckier, healthier, more adept, nimble... essentially the Ander bloodline created their own mythos, their own secrets. However, originally they believed this power to be influenced not by a demon of Prideful appetite who was fed on all their Pride of their family boasts, but God.

And then the wall came crashing down...

When the barrier broke down completely, Anhajen was revealed to his bloodline... and there was a divide among the expansive lot. Most, as humans do, succumbed to terror and joined the bloodshed bent on demon kind. But his host, who benefited from his existence, and some of the more religious of the Bloodline simply replaced 'God' with 'Anhajen.'

When the wars began to die down, and demons controlled what they would, Anhajen still found himself fond of his human creations, though it was wildly out of his direct manipulation now that he was known to them. He had grown so fond, however, that his traditions continued. Their religious worship continued, only to feed him their collective pride of his 'protection' of their line. They were all, in that moment, 'Chosen.' Until every human born was gifted the life of a demon to hold. Being 'Chosen' wasn't the same. He was still held in high regard by many of the family, mostly out of tradition, but stronger demons being introduced into the bloodline consistently challenged his control. Over time, domination and bartering, Anhajen became the 'Head' of the bloodline of demons, essentially forcing those demons in his family's hosts that he was in charge. And everything resumed as normal. His experiment had become one of complete domination, and he only brokered breeding with specific personalities that succumbed to his will.

Vita, is the most recent Chosen. The family knew what to expect, knew she'd be the one when the time came. She was expected to grow into yet another perfect specimen of high regard. She'd be the princess in their family, always doted upon by aunts, uncles, grandparents, everyone.

Vita was a toddler when Anhajen began lightly training her; little things here and there, how to increase agility and stamina. It would be important as she grew, though these influences were not harsh or demanding, they were simple nudges. When she was seven, he taught her to pick locks. Controlling her was nigh impossible. By thirteen she'd been boosting cars and knew slight of hand and pick pocketing. By seventeen she'd stolen her first piece of artwork and successfully sold it for much more than it was actually worth. And by nineteen... Vita found a love of breaking and entering into expensive homes and stealing priceless heirlooms.

Now in her late twenties, Vita is relatively well off. Between her personal hobbies of stealing priceless heirlooms, expensive pieces of work and performing operations of corporate espionage for Kairos on the occasion--Vita had relatively nothing to worry about financially. Though she does have a rather nasty gambling habit she'd been able to keep it in check with her marks.

Demon Information

Anhajen - "Ani"
As with all demons, Anhajen has been with Vita since her birth. But this particular demon has been known to pride his Connected, groom them for the duties that feed him. While he feeds upon pride he has a delectable appetite for the Pride that involves stimulation from skills he has taught his Connected. Anhajen for the better part of fifteen generations has bonded himself to one of every generation, upon their death choosing the next in the line to be birthed. This has resulted in humans identifying their child with his bond as the "Chosen." It bothers him none. Hinders nor boosts him, much to his ire considering their Pride over such a thing is a tasty morsel just out of reach. Anhajen has been called many things over the generations, but in this incarnation he has suffered the most demoralizing nicknames... "Ani."

Who would believe the childhood name of a young girl incapable of pronouncing her H's would leave to a lifetime, even worse still a prolonged one, in which the Great Thief would require suffering upon the end of "Ani." So demoralizing. Given her skill, however, Anhajen has chosen to ignore such unscrupulous behaviors as long as she provides that which he requires: her Pride.

Anhajen has come before his Chosen as many physical incarnations, this one happens to be more masculine in nature and adapted to the He/Him pronouns rather adeptly. They were chosen by his Bonded, but he is indifferent. It's been generations since he's been directed as the gender of his own choosing, and it's really not worth the argument. He's always dressed eloquently, perfectly, coiffed in such a way that he'd rival any tailor-made suit of the commoner. He feels himself superior than most, having fashioned a bloodline of his own making by diligently choosing and molding those of his fold. His own Pride cannot be stopped... he is a creature of cycle and will produce the perfect specimen.

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