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Kara Price

Could you be strong?
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Camren Bicondova
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Amateur Vigilante

Character Summary

Kara is a stubborn, hot-headed and very strong willed girl. Her desire to become "strong" causes her to constantly undertake danger whenever she feels that it is a test. Due to this she is constantly putting herself at risk in order to fulfill a desire to prove she is strong. She has sassy personality and a big heart deep down, very quick witted and extremely brave, borderline fearless. She is easily flustered especially when being taunted about being small and weak. She also becomes very embarrassed if people catch her talking to her demon as it appears she is speaking to herself.
Ascensions and Legacies
Dominion 1
Force Field
Mastery: Minor
Force Field: The ability to gather one's energy and convert it into a temporary protective or reflective shield.
Power: The ability to form a temporary shield that protects and reflects long-range dominion damage for a short period of time.

Character In-Depth

The enigmatic, stubborn daredevil of a brat Kara Price finds herself constantly in a mental battle with the ideal of justice versus common sense. She is the daughter of Leanne Price; a woman turned vigilante after her husband’s assassination. Leanne’s pursuit of vengeance was relentless, bordering on maniacal and due to this she made many enemies along the way. As she grew closer and closer to avenging her husband she decided on Kara’s 3rd birthday to leave her in the care of an orphanage, one for her own safety and secondly to give her a chance at a better life; as perusing vengeance was a commitment she could forsake to be a good parent. Leanne was murdered the very next year never getting the revenge she sought or the chance to see her daughter again.

Growing up an orphan, Kara endured a childhood full of rejection and constant bullying forcing her to develop a tough shell and for the most part antisocial personality. She wasn’t very strong, and would often get beat up by the other children in the orphanage. She hated getting into fights, she always lost, and it made her feel like a weakling. However, she couldn’t stop herself from fighting again and again especially when it was fighting for others who were too scared to defend themselves. Though heroic, this hardly made her any friends as she was often beaten up worse than those she tried to protect, still the idea of maybe someday being strong was enough for her.

Kara developed her own brawler like combat style that incorporated underhanded tactics and raw brutality to push fights in her favor as she grew up. At 10 she found that though she had been in more fights than most girls her age, she hardly ever lost any. It made her feel-good inside, it made her feel like the years of getting her ass kicked was paying off, she was finally becoming strong. Her violent nature caused her to get kicked out of school at age 16 and she left the orphanage shortly thereafter. With nowhere to go, no job or future ahead of her she ended up being a hero for hire, taking down petty thieves and common criminals. The small gigs, ones that would otherwise go unnoticed by the cops most of the time.

Kara ended up getting involved with a client by the name of Reiko Kazuki, a researcher specializing in anti-dominion tech. Reiko’s demon however put a strain on their relationship, forcing the relationship to be mostly sexual by nature. After seeing how prominent Reiko’s demon was in her life, Kara began wondering why her own demon never affected her life. Kara at this point gave up hope on her demon doing anything for her, it never spoke to her or even showed itself. She knew it was there, hiding in the form of a metallic like scab on her back. The scab clearly wasn’t of human origin, so she always thought that the demon was just hiding from sight to reflect how weak she was. All that changed one night however.

Kara picked up a high paying gig to intercept and ruin a drug transaction going on in Ghost Town. She was unarmed and outnumbered, all she had to defend herself with was a handful of anti-dominion pills that she took from Reiko’s lab. As expected, the mission went south, and Kara was captured being tortured for several days. She endured agony to the highest degree, from being mentally broken to forcing to watch her lover Reiko get captured and then killed in front of her.

Kara began praying that they would just kill her as it was becoming too much for her to bare. Then, just when she thought it couldn’t get any worse, it was revealed to her that the man who was behind the drug deal and her capture was Jackson Fanz; a ruthless hitman turned mob boss, and murderer of both of her parents. While Kara never knew her parents, she couldn’t help but feel pain from this news, she hated him but shortly after in a sickening turn of events, she thanked him.

“You were the cause of everything I became. You made me want to become strong.”

She then heard a voice inside her head, it was robotic and fierce, it had a confidence that was infectious and caused her to respond. No one in the room at the time knew who she was taking to, or what was being said to her, they thought she had finally become insane. But she was far from it, and with these next words the voice changed her life forever.

“If I trust you, could you be strong?”

Kara’s “yes” that followed instantly caused her to become engulfed in a cybernetic armor. She felt stronger, stronger than she ever was and with this new-found strength she instantly liberated herself and took down her attackers. Despite her hatred for the men, she did not kill any of them, she couldn’t she instead decided to allow the cops to handle the bust leaving with the body of her lover before setting the safehouse of her capture ablaze. She used the payment she received from her client to give Reiko a proper funeral and decided from then on that no one need suffer the way she suffered.

Kara, now with her companion, the cybernetic armor demon Baxia Type-0, began roaming as a vigilante no longer taking up gigs for cash, but instead taking up gigs to test herself so that she can become strong for all those who can’t be strong themselves.

Demon Information

Baxia “Bax” Type-0, is a demonic physical augmentation of Kara’s desire to be “strong”. Capable of taking the form of a full armored body suit or just partially armored, Baxia has a consciousness that acts as a guide for Kara on a day to day basis. Constantly looking to test itself against others, Baxia routinely encourages Kara to fight sometimes in scenarios that she really doesn’t want to. It’s calculated, and objective personality often clashes with Kara’s, as Baxia is not afraid to fill her mind with absurd scenarios and would sometimes even take control of her mind and body without revealing itself without her permission.

Despite being more of a pain in her ass than its worth, Baxia has shown to Kara on many occasions that it is her most trusted ally and seemingly only friend. Offering her council when she needs it as she cannot hide her emotion from a demon that is essentially linked to her own body and mind. Baxia is also known for providing her natural enhancements whenever it suits her with talents such as: battle tactics and probability, computerized analytics of things and people as well as preemptive nerve reaction to heighten her senses. Baxia essentially is more like an armored AI rather than a demon and Kara often blurs the line with this, addressing Baxia in that manner.

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