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Montgomery George

the dreameater
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Solo Demon
Robert Sheehan
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White Rabbit
Sleep Specialist / Information Broker

Character Summary

------- GREYSEXUAL ------- NEUTRAL GOOD ------- INFJ / THE PROTECTOR ------- VIRGO ------- MOODBOARD ------- PLAYLIST ------- WARDROBE -------

As long as there as been humans, there has been dreams. Although countless theories have arose over the millenniums no poet, scientist, or religious man as been able to completely explain why humans dream like they do. It is the unknown nature of dreams and what they tell about the subconscious that has fascinated the dreameater for as long as it has existed. A lover of humans and their complex makeup, the dreameater has spent its life getting as close to these fragile beings as possible. And what closer area is there than their psyche?

The dreameater has had many skins over its lifetime, both male and female, human and beast. It has no remembrance of it's first name or body, only how long it has existed. Currently, the dreameater goes under the alias of Montgomery George, or simply Monty. Monty is 6′0″ and possess a slender, non-threatening frame. A mess of dark curly hair never properly in place with deep eyes that seem to study too deep into one's soul. He is calm, friendly, curious, and almost never seems to temper.

Becoming a sleep specialist in this lifetime, Monty has been at it for a few centuries now, using his dominions to help humans that have trouble with their subconscious. It provides an easy, effective way to remain fed while simultaneously fueling his deep interest in human subconscious. In addition, he also works as a Mad Hatter for the White Rabbits, specializing in securing information and secrets he threads from the psyche of his patients.

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Character In-Depth

To sit and tell you the story of the dreameater from creation to now would take years. The demon has had many faces, names, and identities over it’s lifetime. Shedding one for another as a snake sheds skin every few centuries. Instead of taking you on this long and dragging story, we will instead focus on the indeitie the dreameater is known as now; Montgomery George.

Montgomery George was created, originally, to be a host identity. The dreameater had grown intensely curious on what it was like to share a mind with a singlair being, to be as close to humanity as one could get without being mortal themselves. The first three hosts were successful. His first was a soft woman who became a nurse, but died tragically at the age of thirty-two when the ER she worked at was attacked by a gunman seeking drugs. His second host was a businessman with a dark secret resolved around his involvement with the underground trade. He lived a fairly normal lifespan, dying in his eighties from lung cancer. Third was a performer, a dancer who flowed between male and female each day like changing their clothes. They lived to the rip age of a hundred and ten before slipping away peacefully in the night.

But the fourth host.


The fourth host broke him.

What was so special about this one? You might ask. For a demon who had lived millenniums, who had adored humans from his creation, who relished in their mind and dreams and hopes; what was so special about this one flower in a field of millions? He couldn’t tell you. Not even to this day does he understand why she captured his heart. But oh, he loved her. A orphan named Delilah, he loved her as a guardian would when she was a child. When she was small and weak and scared. Then she grew into a woman, a fiesty woman with a heart of gold, and he loved her like a man would. She was everything in one contrasting, captivating shell. She was fire and ice. Kind and cold. Laughter and tears.

He loved her. She loved him too, for he could feel it, see it in her dreams. But she knew better, knew that they could never be together. Not truly. And so, he watched her grow. He watched her fall in love with some handsome stranger, held her when that stranger left her heartbroken and shaken, and watched her as she picked herself up and tried again. He was there when she became pregnant, and he was there by her side when they both started to feel the life drain from them after birth.

Don’t let my child be alone she had begged of him Find them. Watch over them. Please. For me.

He had cupped her head, kissed her hair, laid there beside her. All this and more he promised her. As long as your blood runs through a vein, I will do everything in my power to keep them safe.

He never took another host after that. Remaining a solo demon still under the identity of Montgomery George, he is now a renowned sleep specialist and a mad hatter for the white rabbits. It's been nearly a century since he had taken that last host, and still to this day he watches over the great grand children of her bloodline. A promise he intends to keep until he ceases to exist.

Demon Information

-------DIET ; DREAMS ------- 13 FT LONG ------- HERMAPHRODITE ------- ANCIENT -------

The dreameater's truest, most natural form is a wiry creature that looks like a mashup of different animal parts. The closet animal it might resemble is a twisted form of a tapir, with it's stout body and long nose. The dreameater in this form is an excellent climber and uncommonly fast, with sharp tusks and claws as a form of self defense. Depsite looking like some ungoldly creation, the dreameater is a naturally docile creature, and curious at best, only attacking if provoked. It has little interest in harming living beings, demons or mortals, but instead desires to feed from their dreams and psyche. It can be a bit greedy if left hungry for some time, causing it's prey to feel drained and hopeless, but has learned to control it's feeding urges over time. A being of solitude, as long as you mean it no harm, there is no reason to fear this demon. In fact, many have come to pray to it to take away their nightmares and relieve them of their torment.

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