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Boris Zaitsev

"Wolves don't lose sleep
over the opinion of sheep."
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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Nick Jonas
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Star Pit Fighter

Character Summary


Boris is a talented fighter and fights in The Pit for the Invidia Family of Kairos. He is not the friendly type. He's got a flat affect and rarely shows emotion outside of combat. He's angry, physical, and fighting is his outlet. Fighting is how he expresses himself. It is his art, his profession, and his passion. Care to take a chance with him? Go for it! You might regret it... or it will be the best decision you ever made. He's just as good in bed as he is in the pit.
✊ DUPLICATION (greater, control)
✊ SUPERIOR STRENGTH (proficient, control)
✊ SUPERIOR ENDURANCE (greater, power)
✊ SHAPESHIFTING (minor, control)
✊ SUPERIOR SPEED (lesser, power)
✊ FLIGHT (minor, power)
✊ INVULNERABILITY (minor, power)

Character In-Depth

Life for Boris was not easy. Boris comes from a broken family of Ukrainian immigrants. He and his older sister were frequently moving in and out of foster homes in the City. They moved place to place and never really felt at home. It wasn't until he was in school and joined the wrestling team where he found a place where he belonged. Wrestling was something he was naturally good at. He loved it.

As Boris gained more experience, his wrestling skill improved dramatically. He began winning local championships and even moved on to win higher prizes as well. After he left high school, Boris decided to pursue martial arts. He liked wrestling, but he also like striking, punching, and kicking sports as well. He studied the fundamentals of various popular martial arts like Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Judo, Kickingboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Karate before moving into Mixed Martial Arts. Boris began fighting in amateur matches before gaining enough notoriety to take on professionals. For a while he was undefeated. While he never made it to the high level televised competitions worth millions of dollars, he became a well-known local professional fighter. He had the potential to become a household name... until...

Boris was set for a match against someone who was talking trash for weeks leading up to the match. Boris despised him. And when the time came for them to fight, Boris brutalized him in the first round. However, Boris ignored the referee. Boris kept fighting and kept hitting even after the bell rung. Boris' actions resulted in his opponents death. Boris beat him to death in front of a live audience.

Boris was disqualified and banned from competing ever again. Every fighting organization in the area refused to let him join due to fears of him losing control and injuring or killing their fighters. His days in the ring were seemingly over. News spread about what he did. While he was lucky enough to avoid legal trouble, he was not lucky enough to avoid the professional fallout and backlash. His career as a fighter was seemingly over.

It was the lowest point in his life. He was depressed. He was angry. But big sister swooped in and gave him an opportunity. He was introduced to The Pit. He was introduced to the world of underground illegal fighting. Boris found his purpose again. He put his martial arts and wrestling experience to good use fighting for the Invidia Family and the Kairos. He became a prized fighter as he began developing new martial arts techniques infusing the use of his dominions. The world had not seen the last of Boris Zaitsev.

Demon Information

✊ HATI ✊ & ✊ SKOLL ✊
Upon first glance, one might think two demons inhabit Brois. Technically Hati and Skoll are one being who, through a split personality and the duplication dominion, appears as two separate beings and claims to be a set of twins. Hati and Skoll are shapeshifters who take two notable forms. The first form is their humanoid form. They appear as two identical twin young men with tanned skin, fit physiques, brown hair, and brown eyes. They also take the form of wolves. One of them tends to take the form of a wolf with brown fur while the other has white fur. Sometimes their appearance is a bit more fantastical with one having red fur, the other having blue fur, and each having glowing eyes of the corresponding color. Just don't try to match their names to their colors. They like to switch it up to confuse people. They are pranksters.

Hati and Skoll claim to be the reincarnated descendants of the Norse mythical wolf Fenrir, who their claim is the son of the Norse god Loki. If their heritage is correct, it would explain why they are so fond of employing tricks and pranks on both their host and others around him. But don't let their playful nature fool you. They are rather violent and ravenous. They hope to grow in strength so one day they can devour the sun and the moon as the legends say they will. They love to fight and they love when their host fights. These dogs are the type to bite the hand that feeds.

The differences between Hati (Old Norse for "the one who hates") and Skoll (Old Norse for "the one who mocks") may not be obvious to most people. However, Boris knows their differences quite well after spending his entire life with them. Hati is far more hateful, cynical, and vengeful. Skoll is more sarcastic and likes to mock and degrade others. Together they love to see things be broken, destroyed, damaged, and hurt. They are more than happy to watch the world burn. However, they would never wish for their host to burn. They love Boris and never turn their hate and violence toward him.

Hati and Skoll feed on a variety of things and have a seemingly endless appetite. They are ravenous feeders who love to devour. They feed on their host's anger, hatred, pain, lust, joy, and energy. They have also tempted Boris to eat living human flesh so they could feed off of its life force, but he refused.

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