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Ruthie Noelle

... an echo of whispers
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Look! Lookie! Look at me! Yes! Heh, heh, heh. See, look here! It's a combination hookah and coffee maker, and also makes [Jewl-EE-Lean] fries. I will not bend! I will not break ... I BROKE! - But there is a lifetime warranty guarantee! Play with me!

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Human with Civil Demon
Cara Delevingne
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Ocularist / Runner

Character Summary

Ruthie V. Noelle

Walls have ears.

Doors have eyes.

Trees have voices

Beasts tell lies.

Beware the rain.

Beware the snow.

Beware the one ...

... you think you know.

Little Ruthie Vee

Most individuals find Ruthie V. entertaining, interesting, engaging, and almost always up for a challenge. She has been described as being enthusiastic and full of life; never being one to disappoint in a dull moment. Ruthie is adventurous, humorous, and she makes the perfect companion for anyone who has an energetic dynamic and is searching for laughter and fun - Everyone says so!

Chatty and flirtatious by nature, you can find and fall in love with Ruthie at any social gathering, public event, business conference - even in traffic! . She is known to be somewhat inconsistent, but she makes up for the fault with a cleverness that attracts most people …

Speaking of I N CO N SI S TE N T I ES … … …

These things are said of Ruthie V., but that does not necessarily make them true, or, should we say, completely true.

Yes, she does enjoy having a good time and is known to be very animated … but that is not who she is … not really. That is a pretend. A façade. A masquerade of her true preference as she has suppressed (as well as very obvious) insecurities and a strong need to be liked by other creatures though she hasn't the faintest idea why.

Her confidence, while convincing, is false.

Ruthie is most assuredly a self-proposed Introverted-Extrovert in the sense that she is actually a slight extrovert with a strong (secret) love for introspection.

Introspection comes as naturally to Ruthie as breathing. She loves exploring the colorful landscapes of her imagination, despite being afraid of criticism for her mind-wandering. Her head is, more often than not, in the clouds, and she is an avid daydreamer.

From an early age it became vital for her to develop the ability to turn inside of herself as a means of survival and her only source of comfort. Her need for introspection brings safety and a sense of calm into her life.

As a word economist struggling in a world suffering from verbal diarrhea, Ruthie is, in actuality, a very quiet individual. She prefers silence in opposition to society’s expectations of bloated, useless chatter of speaking up and speaking out. She also maintains a strong desire for occasional solitude, being that it is near crucial to her health and happiness; HOWEVER, she also lustily desires companionship and has a virtually overwhelming need to be close to other people – Damned if she does, Damned if she doesn’t … or something like that.


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Make Her Real

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Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
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The Empress. Tier 1

Ascension to “THE BAKER”

The baker is a being of fertile creation. Their most defining characteristic is their endless fount of inspiration. Whether making complex cakes or simple hot cross buns, the baker thrives when creating something new out of the world and their environment.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now calm and cajole others, gaining the automatic trust of children and lost youth. You now gain additional strength when fighting to protect others (+2 on all rolls of that kind). The dominions superior endurance, earth, plants, and water are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.















Character In-Depth


Ruth Velveteen Noelle

- Twenty-Six

- June 22nd

- Ocularist

- Single


> Books
> Roasted Cauliflower and Brussle Sprouts
> Rose Oil
> Coin Tricks
> Archery
> Fishing
> Bird Watching
> Hand-whipped Cream
> Warm Rain


> The Dark
> Being Alone
> Cold Mornings
> Chocolate
> Cigarettes
> Full Moons
> Dark Alleys
> Any Small Space


... coming soon ...

Real Enough

She had lost herself in the darkness, or perhaps she had never been able to find herself at all. It was a curious thing indeed, but her light was never too weak nor too strong to counter my dark. Perhaps this is why I both loved and hated her. She was both consumed and full of resistance.

She was lovely as well. So small and delicate with her lilac eyes rimmed with a golden brown burst around the pupil. Unbathed and unkempt as she was, she was a shimmering beacon that I could not resist. How it was that anyone could be cruel to her was beyond my comprehension. From the beginning she was loathed and mistreated, her innocence shattered and sheared before she could even comprehend what it was to defend herself – what it would take to defend herself.

I took up the role of her protector, sending her away deep within herself while she was slowly chiseled down, ripped apart piece by piece. I drank her pain so that she would not thirst for kindness. When the time was right, I was able to break free with her, taking her far away from the place that she had been born into – keeping her safe and hidden; locked within her own mind so that she could heal.

Time heals slow wounds; time erases memories best left in dust and ash; time … lies.

It was I that taught her poetry and histories, delighting her in fantasy and tales long forgotten. She was both feral and elegant in those first few years alone together, quiet and wild; cheerful and melancholy; courageous and timid. A revolving and endless enigma.

She imagined that I was Peter Pan and had whisked her away to Neverland, though she would cry mournfully at having no happy thoughts save for those that I implanted myself. I could feel that she wanted to be happy with me, though she had become suspicious that I, too, was nothing more than an image that she had conjured up within her mind. For her, I was not quite real, and I was unable to make her real.

There laid no desire within her to hunt with the Natives or fight against Pirates. She cared little for Mermaids, Fairies, and Lost Boys, but eventually her Pan became her entire world. In this I found pleasure and yet I grew more and more irate with the business.

One morning I was no longer Pan, but Velveteen – a creature who could only be made real by the love of its child. Every morning she would ask me if she were real, and though I would answer yes every morning, she would stare up at me with those brilliant and sorrow-filled eyes and I could taste the distrust radiating from her being. I believe she felt I had stolen her ‘real’ away from her … perhaps I had.

In time it came about that we were given the opportunity to reside with an elderly gentleman of eccentric interests and a gracious disposition. Here, she seemed to blossom in a way that I could not have expected. More and more I drew away from my own small Velveteen, both of us struggling with our own versions of being real, both of us exploring the new possibilities of our situation.

The more she bonded with her caretaker, the farther away I drifted from her. She eventually ceased seeking me out completely, and I assumed she had finally discovered her own version of Real. It made little difference to me in the beginning and I bided my time in other ways, feeding my own hungers and quenching my own thirsts … needs and desires that she need not be exposed too.

And yet as it always happens, time proved to be both deceitful and cruel; as ever uncaring of the woes of those encompassed within its hourglass. My own little Velveteen, though not so little as I had kept her in my mind, was left without her would-be father after time had rampaged passed his lifespan. She came to me then, as lovely and melancholy as ever, and asked me to make her real.

I renamed her that night – as she had never been properly named to begin with – and I remain here with her battling against the darkness when she needs me, as well as shielding myself from the light she is too lost to embrace. In a sense, I am both real and unreal for her – and perhaps even for myself.
- Eiydolon


- Darkness -
- Isolation -
- Small Spaces -
- Being Touched By Strangers -

Hidden Talents:

Ruthie is an exceptional cook and considers herself an expert in the way of fancy cheese. She loves small coin tricks, and will often make bets based on coin tosses that she rigs. She is a Monopoly Master; a sure shot with most types of bow and arrows; an inspired artist; and has an impressive understanding and knowledge of Mythological Histories. She can blend into a crowd and make herself seem invisible; and she has mastered the art of pretending to be happy.

Demon Information

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