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Shohei Nagakura

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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Human with Civil Demon
Choi Seunghyun
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
Professional Hitman

Character Summary

Shohei is a rebel with his own damn cause, thank you very fucking much.

Agitation: He will do just about anything to get a rise out of someone so long as it is someone he doesn't like and enjoys watching them suffer in their misery. Pay him enough money and he's yours to use as you please be it for a street brawl, a hitman (as long as someone provides the sniper rifle), or just to make someone's life a living hell.

However, make sure you pay him up front or on time or you'll be the one he takes it out of. He doesn't take kindly to those who break their word to him, as it stands with his long-standing grudge against his older brother: Ahira. That's another thing that was held against him, or for him. Whichever one worked for him that day, it was the determination of holding a fucking grudge. He would hold onto that shit until it was finished, making him one unstoppable force.

Guilt: Shohei harbors a deep sense of guilt for not being able to let his little sister, Shion, live the life she wanted. But with that guilt comes a blinding sense of rage to build up whenever someone mentions anything about his brother. Again with the brother issues but this time it was more of abandonment than anything. Now he feels that he must do what he must in order to keep his sister safe and happy.

Shohei's disposition is that of a mischief maker. He's all for causing a little--er, a lot of mayhem here and there and Shohei sure as hell won't apologize for it afterward. After all, this is all about survival (with a few added bonuses). The strong survive and the weak die but if he feels that there is someone that needs his help, then he'll gladly offer it. Only once though, for if they pass up that offer then it was on them.

One thing, however, that goes against Shohei's nature is the oppression of the weak. He just won't stand for it. He was once one of them, the beaten and the downtrodden. He would be damned if it would happen to someone else in the same situation. Nagakura Shohei, needless to say, is a bit on the aggressive side.

Shohei likes smoking; he likes to fight; he likes racing and he likes sex but he loves money above everything else. Granted...he won't die for it or go against any of his "hidden" principles for it either but try not to push his buttons. There's no guarantee what kind of damage will be inflicted in the aftermath.
Ascensions and Legacies

The Moon Tier 1.

Ascension to “THE RACCOON”

When you think of the raccoon, you think of a hidden enemy who steals your trash at night, the danger of rabies in the darkness. The raccoon is a deceptive animal.

You feel new possibilities within you. You are now able to deceive others more easily. The dominions shadow, scrying, reflections, and poison are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.


Lesser :: Control


Proficient :: Power


Lesser :: Power


Legendary :: Power


Greater :: Control


Major :: Power


Legendary :: Control


Legendary :: Control

Character In-Depth

Nagakura Shohei.

He wasn’t one that was given anything with a silver spoon, much less blessed. No, the spoon was dirty and stained, shining with a lackluster finish that only promised more scrubbing if you looked at it too hard. But, he never really complained because he was too damn little to even try it.

All Shohei remembers from that childhood were two things. Two important people in his life: Ahria, his elder brother, and Shion, his younger sister as he was the middle child of the three. They were his life, his world. Even after their separation from the orphanage they were all at, they were constantly in his thoughts as he wondered if they were truly fine. Their parents were long gone by that fucking point, possibly leaving them there to do with what fate pleased with them.

Speaking of that bitch, Fate reached down and delivered Shohei into their waiting hands again, being reunited with Ahira and Shion once more. He almost couldn’t recognize them but Ahira could. In that short time, the eldest opened up to them and promised that they would all find each other again when Shion was sixteen, in Tokyo.

That was six motherfucking years he would have to wait. Waiting for something that may or may not come to pass but the choice wasn’t his to make. Six years and they would all be free but that bitch called Fate decided to intervene once again. This time, it separated Shou from Shion where he lived life on the rougher edge. Bouncing from Osaka to Shibuya then to Shimabara, his life was far from ideal. Because of it, his inner rage broke through and he fought with many people. In particular, ones that sought out to make his life miserable.

Day after day of such torture until it became a game for him. The hunt and the absolute destruction of such individuals, he made a name for himself there. Well, until graduation where he was finally free from that prison. Thankfully, he managed to track Shion down and realized that she would be sixteen soon but all they had to do now was find Ahira.

Rumors were flying about that someone with the name of Nagakura Hiro had been in a local gang. Yet, it disbanded soon after. If that was the case, then why wasn’t Ahira looking for them? Time passed and the weeks turned into months with still no sign of his brother or even a damn word. Just total fucking silence.

As the days passed, Shohei was becoming more and more angry with him. More resentful as well as reckless. He knew that Shion wasn’t there yet and that could be forgiven but his brother? He should have been trying his damnest to find them as he did. Racing and street fighting became his life, that dark and gritty underground but it was for money. The Misner would take care of himself and Shion from now on since he couldn’t trust his brother to reach out and do so.

Still, all tales must come to an end as Shohei finally landed himself into a heap of trouble with the Japanese government. They just couldn’t take a fucking joke, could they? So he quite literally snatched his sister off the stage and told her to drop everything to run. They had to get out of there and he would make sure that would happen. Thankfully, Shion came along willingly with him.

Shohei was royally pissed. Well, that was to put it mildly. He would deal with his older brother when the time came. For now, he had to take care of his sister after taking her from something she loved. He had to make it up to her and by Hell or high water, he would. He honed his already growing skill set and found himself in the most peculiar of jobs.

A trained Assassin.

For the right price, Shohei’s skills were in demand. Poisons, silent killings and all around good eye to snipe from above at the right President of a Government. The only two sides that he was on was money and Shion’s. Both were things that hadn’t failed him yet and at this rate, being rich and caring for his sister was more than his brother had ever done for them.

Demon Information

Insolent :: Vulgar :: Chaotic
Abaddon is a creature of destruction and a mouthy shit. It has two forms but its main form is that of a black panther. Not even at its full height, a most common size for it is its panther form is 10 feet tall and 20 feet long. Good luck going around him. At its full height, it is 40 feet tall and 50 feet long.
It's human form is a 5'7" male but make no mistake on it's size. It will still kill you.

It feeds off of his rage and his thirst for revenge. It eggs it on, nurturing the emotions that are so strongly felt from Shohei. And he couldn't care less as they were in a tense partnership with each other. The demon knows that Shohei is on a path of fire, so does he. They made this pact together so long ago, it was almost as if he did sell his soul to a literal devil

That was ok, however. The Devil will bet a fiddle of Gold against your soul, to think that I'm better than you.

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