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Lily Ander-Moon

Bravery is standing for what you believe in, even when you are standing alone.
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Character Information

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Human with Civil Demon
Katherine McNamara
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White Rabbit
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Character Summary

Devil may care, intelligent, quick as a whip and just as biting when her anger is provoked. When Lily decides that someone or something belongs to her, it takes more than words or a bit of force to take it from her. She grew up knowing love and then losing it to a crushing loneliness that she never wants to feel again. She loves fiercely and will all of her heart, and that is not just limited to a romantic love. Rules and regulations have never truly appealed to her, and a lot of that might come with being raised by her demon. If you manage to befriend her, you'll never have a more loyal friend. Or one more likely to stuff you with good food and affectionate touches. She lacks boundaries and having contact with others is important to her. She sees nothing wrong with curling up in bed with her friends, with or without clothes, just to be close to them. Physicality is an important part of who she is, and she is very settled in her own skin. Her worst nightmare is to be alone, and she will do anything to avoid it.
Ascensions and Legacies
The Moon Tier 3. Ascension to "THE SPIDER" Spiders are perhaps the single most terrifying creature to the average human; whether it be the way they move or their eight eyes or maybe even a combination of both, they frighten most who behold them. But they possess a unique beauty as well, weaving elaborate webs to catch their prey that can sometimes put to shame even the most fanciful tapestry. Those who walk this path are individuals whose life is woven into similar webs of deception: catching and ensnaring those around them, for better or worse.
Human Appearance Manifestation: You are now able to summon web-like patterns that cover your skin and spell out different weaknesses to those around you; the color and style of these webs and where on your body they appear differs from person-to-person. How much or how little of this you choose to manifest is entirely up to you! You can also switch fluidly to and from your ascension form.
You feel new possibilities within you. You are now able to deceive others more easily. You are now able to create and manipulate spider-like webs in order to capture people in; these can be as weak as a natural spider’s web or as strong as a net. The dominions shadows, scrying, reflections and poison are now augmented. +1 on all rolls in staff moderated events whenever using one of those dominions, and your character may show unusual command of it for their mastery.

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Major - Control

Major - Power

Major - Control

Lesser - Power

Character In-Depth

TW: Mentions of murder and suicide ahead.

A princess is born under the full moon in a small little town in Texas. She is loved dearly by her mother and father, and her demon and her twin are her closest companions. She whispers stories about myths and legends and heroes. Her favorite stories are of Greek myths and of a woman who fears none, with her bow at her side. Her demon loves these myths as well, says that they are stories that she lived. Her father loves her and showers her with toys and affection and gifts, and her mother gives her own stories, weaving a tapestry of adventure and love and magic. She showed her how to draw, helped her create worlds on paper and on canvas, and though they were silly little things, she loved them dearly.

But as with all good things, they must eventually come to an end.

For Lily is not a princess, but the bastard child of a CEO and a beautiful florist with the same fire red hair and vivid eyes, and a soul that simply cannot stop helping others. It is this desire to help that leads to Rose's death, and it is that death that spells the beginning of the end of Lily's enchanted childhood. Her father could not bare to look at her and see her mother, and so he withdrew. She was left in the care of her demon, while her father paid for everything she could ever need to live in the same little apartment she once shared with her mother.

Trapped in the silence and loneliness, she turned to her demon for attention and affection, and Diana gave it to her. She taught her how to live, how to entertain herself. And together they began to learn the value of information. It started with little secrets, taken from her fellow students in school or from the teachers or the adults around her. It grew and grew, until she was fifteen and learning from a man who arrived on her doorstep and offered to teach her how to really gain power.

Because that was what knowledge was, and under his tutelage she thrived. She learned to hack through firewalls and find people's darkest secrets just by talking with them, laughing with them, making them open up to her. She made friends but she was just as capable of pretending to like someone when she merely wanted leverage. With Robin she laughed and grew and she made a name for herself, though of course she never used her own name. Alice was a wonderful name, after all, taken from her mother's favorite stories.

One day her teacher disappeared, and left her only with one directive: Come to the City, and she would find a place for herself. At only nineteen, she was thrilled with the idea of adventure and was eager to go. But her father had finally opened himself up, ignoring his pretty wife and his sons in order to rekindle the relationship with his only link to the woman he truly loved.

For a little while, she toned down her antics. She did not stop, because information was a heady little power, and with it she could crumble mountains and raise others up. But she was happy to have her father. Until the day her step mother truly lost it and killed both herself and Lily's father. Lily inherited a large some of money, most of her father's fortune while her brothers got to share in the company. She used it to leave behind the world she knew and to go to the City.

For a little while, she was lost. She had her connections and she continued to seek out information, but there was an emptiness in her heart. It was Robin who suggested that she pick up the sketchbook again. She had never stopped drawing, but losing her father after gaining him again had broken her a little and she'd stepped away, afraid to face her own heart on the page. But she needed the escape, and so she accepted it.

She sat on a bench and she sketched, and sketched, and it was then that she happened upon a man who thought she had potential. He set her up in a studio and asked her for things, and so she drew. She did not need the money, not yet, but it was an escape and it was connections as the man walked with her on his arm at galleries after nights and nights of drawing until her hands ached and smears of color across canvas and her skin kept the loneliness at bay.

He never asked for more than she was willing to give, and perhaps the old man was lonely too, for all they ever seemed to do was talk. She became like a daughter to him, and he took care of her while she sought art and power in the City. It was only after he approached her about her less legal, more lucrative businesses that she realized that this man was not who she thought she was, and that she had been tested by the first man to show her the potential she truly had.

She was brought into the White Rabbit, and she was more than willing to fall down that rabbit hole.

Demon Information

Diana is a beautiful woman, slender and quick, with dark hair and quicksilver eyes. She took the name of the roman counterpart of the goddess she claims to have served, and she has a strong dislike of men in general. She doesn't trust them, not really, but that's okay.

She adores her Alice, her Lily, and she'll do anything for her. Even put up with her sex drive and her tendency to hang around men.

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