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Character Information

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Solo Demon
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looks 30
22, 933
White Rabbit

Character Summary

Niran believes in a fair fight. He believes in neutral sides, never picking one way or another unless it benefits him. He will help others achieve their own goals, with that in mind. Aloof, playful and romantic, he firmly believes that since he has one long life that he might as well have fun doing it. Like a cat that suddenly bats at nothing, just to make you wonder. A quick learner, the demon is able to adapt to most things with given time.

He can also be very vengeful, judgemental and indifferent to those who wronged him. He's seen some true horrors created by man and forgives the majority of them because it is all out of fear. Very little has made him concerned about his life but things that he's Seen, have prompted him to take his hand and move the pieces on the board.

Very spiritual and sometimes sleepy, Niran sees all sides and decides on what he needs to do from there. Happy surprises are always welcome and new things are always being discovered. Yet, God help the soul that invokes his wrath. For he would punish those who needlessly kill.

Everlasting; Eternal


Niran is a Thai name meaning Everlasting or Eternal. Given that he has been around longer than most dated history, it is a name that is fitting. He can currently speak Thai, English, Japanese, Korean, Egyptian, and Spanish. He likes to study and learn new things when he isn't off and about with the White Rabbit.

He can also be described as a hitter as he does know when to enforce and who to punish. That command hasn't been given very often or he hasn't lost his long fused temper. Vengeance is something tiresome but justly deserved. Going undercover, he's a valuable asset as a spy because he can hold his own as well. Time has tempered his abilities.


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Legendary :: Control

Character In-Depth

Niran came into being centuries ago and all he could remember was light.

Light surrounded him and touched his face, letting him know that it was warm as well as safe. The current sounds of the world created a symphony for him to listen to over the years. The world was in a constant state of flux, people and demons winking in then out of existence. There was always some soul, some being that wanted to live their life and walk their path but circumstances prevented it.

The world was constantly spinning with them on it and all he could do was move the pieces around. Niran previously didn't have anything else to do, aside from listening to the sounds of the world. So he would extend a hand, save a life and provoke an argument between two factions. All of it was necessary for the world to continue as ideals like Peace and Harmony could only be grasped when there was strife around.

Years went on, turning into centuries. Many faces that he had throughout the times and even some worshipped him in some form or another. Niran was known by many names but he always returned to the same place for his own version of peace. The world would do without him for a time until his next awakening, sleeping to the sounds of water and flutes. The sounds of the world lulled him into deep periods of sleep until it grew quiet.

That was when he woke.

Niran found that organizations were dedicated to his type of work. Ones that worked in the shadows and poked, prodded at other extreme factions. He appeared on the doorstep, smiling and ready to continue what he felt he needed to do. To keep the world going, there had to be discord before peace. It wasn't fair to some but in his mind, it was all even if there was to be a true quiet someday.

The world had advanced since then, he realized as he woke from his recent sleep. Things had changed and so shall he. Each time Niran awoke from slumber, he had to re-forge himself. He had to learn new things, which were exciting to him but all of it never forgotten. All of those skills that he learned, he utilized towards whatever he was doing at the time.

Sometimes he was a bodyguard with excellent marksmanship, preferring to incapacitate his enemies. Sometimes he was a dapper Chef in the world, stealing hearts and serving Kings. Niran could slip in and out of the world as he saw fit, as he had many forms. He saw many lives of man and he would help guide them on their paths for as long as he was needed. Or until his next deep sleep.

Demon Information

Aside from a few individuals who may or may not be alive at this time, hardly anyone has seen his true form. All anyone knows is that he forms giant wings. Depending on the situation, he manifests pairs of them. The most he'd ever manifested was 6 pairs of wings and that was during a war.

He prefers not to use his true form as of the moment because the need for it isn't great enough. He's only reverted to his true form, once and that when he was was in Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted.