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Azumi is the current Vice Lord of Invidia, CEO of Black Cat Media, and a formerly well-known mercenary during the Warring Eras of The Demon Realm. Her husband and mate, Kazuya, is her everything and she won't hesitate to kill any and all who would dare to harm what belongs to her. Akiyo and Kyoko are her two children. If you want to plot with this saucy, femme fatale, by all means. All codes/graphics are tweaked/created by mean so please don't steal KTHANX!

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Namie Amuro
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Vice Lord of Invidia

Character Summary

"I know that they don't like me, but it's okay 'cause I don't give a damn."

Beauty is only skin deep. At least that's what people like to tell me. I, personally, don't find that to be quite accurate at all. If you're just as appealing on the inside as you are on the outside, then that makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it?

I bask in my ambitions and I do not tolerate those who would stand in my way. I will not hesitate to destroy any and all obstacles who prevent me from achieving my goal. Yes, I am slightly psychotic and very much the sadist. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing someone suffering and writhing in agony.

Despite my cruel nature, I have moments of tenderness. Children, animals, broken things... They all appeal to me and I feel the need to nurture and coddle them in a way that is almost patronizing. But I cannot help myself. Prove to me your worth and then you'll earn my respect.

Humans are deplorable and beneath me. Generally, I hate wasting my time with them. But in a world where demons and humans are forced to co-exist, it cannot be helped so I bite the bullet with this. Yes, I am a natural bitch. Yes, I claim this title proudly. But I do showcase acts of kindness disguised as actions pressed by irritation. None truly understand me, or really make attempts to, and those who do usually are on the receiving end of my ire.

I love my family. They mean everything to me. Kazuya, my mate, is my forever and always. He knows this. He does not contest this. He knows he will die if he ever tries to leave my side. Because if I cannot have him, then no one in this world can. My two beautiful children, Akiyo and Kyoko, were born into this world through love and devotion. I will create a world just for them; a world that is theirs for the taking.

I am Yin. Kazuya is my Yang. My children are my heart and soul. My colleagues, friends, allies...they are everything in between.

Let me take you to paradise...

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Character In-Depth

Azumi was born to Rukia, one of the top warrior/assassins known throughout the Dark Wraths tribe (her father is unknown to her). The tribe was located in Southern Realm of the Demon world and each and every single demon in their tribal boundaries were direct descendants of some of the most legendary of their cruel society. Rukia's reputation was top of the line in their tribal group, Kesenai, and once Azumi no longer needed to be weened, she trained her daughter herself in all the deadly combat arts from both armed and unarmed fighting. Another reason for her training Azumi personally was that her daughter was to undergo her first transformation.

The ceremony had taken place and Azumi was able to embrace her form and all the powers that came with it. It took some adjusting, but she took everything in stride. Her training intensified until she was able to fight at her full potential as both a humanoid and her full demon state.

Once Azumi's training had been completed, Rukia knew it was time to send her daughter to another tribe to learn not only how to fight, but how to live in the newly growing world and war was tearing everything apart. Though Rukia hated to admit it, times were changing after thousands and thousands of years of living in the wilderness. Her daughter needed to grow accustomed to these changes. Rukia had a few close connections in The Moon-Children tribe and once she'd notified them of her daughter coming to join them, she gave Azumi weapons and sent her on her way.

Kokia arrived at the Tribal camp of The Moon-Children and learned that the world was a lot bigger than she had ever imagined it seeing as how she was always surrounded by a close-knit circle of loyal friends and family. But she learned quickly that there were not only human beings in the world, but the others of her race whom she would come to quickly detest.

In addition to Azumi learning of the disgusting background of other races who threw the teachings of their race to the wayside, she also learned that a war of great proportions was starting to mount. She had always been curious as to why her mother had given her a sword as a weapon...a sword made of the finest steel and dyed the color of her hair. But nonetheless, she climbed the ranks and soon began to lead her own army of demonic soldiers into battle. She would be able to do with them as she pleased, and lead them on whatever battlefields she wished to take them.

Azumi returned to her home Tribe, detailing everything to her mother (who already knew the ways of thew world, but listened anyway) and decided to ask Rukia if it was alright to leave her tribe home and travel the distant lands to fight. Though reluctant, Rukia gave into her daughter's wishes and allowed her to travel with her army.

Azumi, armed and ready for any battle thrown her way, decided to travel the world and see what all it had in store for her; making sure to stay close to her soldiers and forged a bond with them as they moved from one battlefield to the next. There was still so much to many traitors to kill.

A lot happened over the years - most of it traveling here and there across the world, training and honing her skills. As the years grew seemingly endless, more and more things began to transpire until she could no longer keep the questions that were haunting her at bay.

Who was she? Where did she come from? Sure, she loved her Amazon sisters and the world she grew up in. But after being exposed to so much travels, Azumi could not help these thoughts from rising to the surface. She was no fool to the traditions of demons. The thought truly appalled her, so to speak, and Azumi began to realize that that was the sort of life she didn't wish to lead. She didn't want to be mateless and to toss her offspring aside if she bore one just because the demonic tradition dictated it as such. It didn't seem fair that she had been ripped from the arms of her father. Did he even care? Was he still searching for her? Watching over her even now? What about siblings? Did she have any of those as well?

The flood of inquiries would not cease. So, seeing as how she could neither find the answers, nor pull her own disdain for thinking such thoughts out of her heart, Azumi left to return to the Dark Wraths. She began to retrain her mind, body, and spirit - the past forever a part of her, but not ruling her thoughts and actions. Not this time.

And then, the Great War broke out.

Caught on the opposite side of a conflict with her army, Azumi came face to face with a demon who was able to match her on an equal footing. It was the first time in many battles such a thing had happened. He was arrogant, proud, ruthless and competitive. He brought out the worst in her, or, perhaps it was actually the best.

Azumi had never felt so alive. Clashing head to head, dropping each other's enemies at their feet, their swords crossed time and again and the days bled into months - into years. The war dragged on and she honestly never wanted it to end. Not if it meant never seeing that demon, her equal, ever again.

But the war did end. There was a truce drawn and the soldiers in the war were forced to disband. Her thoughts lingered on the demon whom she had fought. Apparently he, too, could not forget her. He had tried many times to figure out her identity and to no avail. Often when others would be influenced to attempt to ascertain information on her, she would place them on false trails.

Something happened and war commenced once again. It was a chase that excited her - tantalized her senses and sent her blood boiling for another battle. To meet him once again.

The second war was much shorter than the first. Azumi smiled when she saw him again and four thousand years passed of blood and carnage and the adrenaline that pumped through her body. Her heart sang of battle - the warrior in her could not be silenced. The war ended with the Ashcrofts taking over her enemy kingdom - the kingdom that [i]he[/i] belonged to - the demon named Kazuya. It did not last as long as the first, but Azumi didn't care. She had found the one she knew was her intended.

Their time together was of blood, battle, passion and lust. Nothing could seemingly sate them, and they were determined to take on the world. Lending their skills where they could, eventually they crossed The Veil into the Human Realm where they would drag their chaos and carnage with them. They would rule and claim the underground for themselves.

And so they did. As time passed on, the two of them melded into the modern era and settled in Canada for a time. Leading one of the biggest and most notorious crime syndicates in the Northern Hemisphere, they had enjoyed their stint for a time. But something was missing. Something made them long for home. And so, they returned back to the Demon Realm from whence they came.

While masquerading as a human couple and being married had been enjoyable for a time, it was dissolved once crossing into the Demon Realm as it was a human custom and had nothing to do with demonic society. Marriage had only been for convenience. Nothing more. But even she could not deny that the emptiness of not having Kazuya with her ate away at her in ways that she could not explain.

But she would never admit that to the demon she loved. She would never begin to even imagine admitting that to him. Her pride would not let her. And it was the hardest conflict she had to deal with in her heart and against him. No. While she loved him, she knew that he needed to want her in a way that he had never wanted her before.

And he did. Claiming her officially as his own, the two of them were able to fuel the passions inside of them and awaken their inner darkness and chaos - spreading it across the world. Azumi had resisted it at first, but she knew that she could never resist him for long. Not that she ever wanted to. He was hers. She was his.

She would kill any and all who dared to come between them - who dared to stand in her way. An absolute slaughter would commence - guaranteed.

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