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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Misa Chiang
Human Pronouns
Human Age
Demon Pronouns
Demon Age
She / Her
Lieutenant officer of Grootslang

Character Summary

Kimber is polite and pleasant company, awkward at times, friendly most of the time and always willing to listen. She can be silly, rude, and maybe a little sexy but this is all things that she knows to be human traits and so she mimics them. But behind that smile and those big brown eyes lies the mind of a demon of justice.

Superior Speed

Mastery: Legendary


Mastery: Minor

Character In-Depth

Born to demon parents of envy and vengeance she was destined to be something serious from the get go. But Kimber would never know her parents because they abandoned her to the humans and vanished into the world. She was picked up off the streets by a human detective in South East Asia and raised as his own. Akira had wanted a child once and a wife, but his job proved too dangerous for the woman he had loved.

He decided that this baby was his last chance at a family so he took her in and raised her as his own even knowing she was a demon. He taught of everything that he thought a good father should teach his child including the laws and the importance of being true to herself and listening with her heart. There was nothing special about this man but he was enlightened and fought for truth and justice on his job and he taught his daughter to do the same. Not to bow and follow orders because others told her so but to do what she knew was right.

But he got more than he bargained for when he went after a powerful politician. The man had been accused of a double murder of a husband and wife and left their child without parents. However, because of his ties and money the case was swept under the rug. By this time Kimber had just finished at the academy and was looking forward to joining the same department that her step father worked for but it was not to be. Akira retired from the police force and moved to The City where he could start over again without having to get a Visa and work permits and all the red tape involved with that.

Kimber joined the legion and started to work her way from the ground up. She didn't complain about work and took every job as if it was the most important thing that she had to do. She started in Grootslang where she worked her way up to becoming lieutenant where she currently works now.

Demon Information

Kimber is a demon not easily rattled or brought to anger or tears and she never relents in her pursuits of justice. It is a quiet passion of hers almost to be obsessed over. She tries to mimic the zen life ideas of her step father and to be the best at what she does because she hates to be wrong or out done.

She lives by herself in an apartment that is defined to the detail wall to wall. If anyone broke into her home and touched anything she would know.

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