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Alessandria Wilson

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Human with Primal Demon
Iman McDonnaugh
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Registered Nurse

Character Summary

Kind, caring, yet stern in her ways, Alessandria is the motherly friend everyone hates to have around at times but are eternally grateful she is there when things go wrong, when they need her the most. Though coming off as cool and a bit like thickened honey, she is, in actuality, very sweet and shy, despite her increasing bouts of recent rebellion to those around her. Regardless of being a bit of a conventionalist, she has very little problem with trying new methods and new approaches to things in life if it is to one's benefit. She is inherently good and tries to help make the world a better place for everyone by performing at least one good deed a day. Though some days prove to not be as easy as others, her faith is difficult to break and will not be lost. Having grown up heavily on the ideas of trust and honesty, yet embedded with a rock and roll demeanor and a bit of an urban swag, she will do nothing to jeopardize either of those qualities with the people she has in her life. For her, if she could not speak honestly and truthfully, there would be no reason for her to speak at all. For her, if she could not trust those she loved, she would be alone.

The very basic element to Andra is kindness, firm, yet at times fleeting, and it has gained her many a friend. She is not one to turn away from people in need of help because of it and will readily be there if someone asks for assistance. In fact, any and every sort of violence breaks her heart, and she absolutely hates seeing the people she is close to, most of all, involved in such actions. However, just because she is kind and feels a certain way about certain things does not mean she is unaware of how to fight for what needs to be fought for or is unwilling to. If people around her are desiring to perform their own little diatribe, she will most certainly speak out. Her kindness does not equate to naivete.

With this, having a younger sister who has always been an unstoppable force, Alessandria has molded herself into being an immovable object. Her baby sister has always been feral in nature: wild, unfiltered, and extremely loyal to those she loved. However, to allow her sister to live a life so free, Alessandria has always had to project herself as an individual full of wisdom. She has always quietly protected the people she loved with grace and beauty, allowing them to shine while guiding them in the direction right for them. With this being said, being an immovable object to the outside world has garnered a unique attention to the negative emotions she occasionally battles with.

Regardless of her selfless kindness and humble generosity, Andy does find herself overcome with anger occasionally. If the saying "The enemy of your enemy is your friend." has any truth to it, then Andra has quite a few of both, for a variety of reasons. As far as she is concerned, her mother's family is her enemy, and this will never change. Even when they are dead. Even when their bodies have decayed into someone unrecognizable. They are evil, manipulative people who are deeply rooted in causing pain to others to alleviate how they personally feel about their lives, and this is something she generally loathes. Projecting ones negative emotions on someone else is disgusting, shameful, and ultimately untrustworthy.

Needless to say, Andy has absolutely no qualms in making enemies, no matter how close the individuals are.

Still, with every goddess who has shown confidence in herself, there are problems they have had to work through, and Ales is no different. Being the fifth person to carry the name Alessandria, she has had more than her desired share of popularity to live up to and would rather do without the complications of having her name. Her mother became a famous singer, though thoroughly unstable after her birth and the birth of her younger sister, and her grandmother was a very strong-willed entrepreneur in English society. Neither of their lives were something she wished her life to be compared to. Though she is filled with confidence and beauty, Ales has always felt her mother has named her as such to assist in not only helping her treat her more like an accessory to make herself look more valiant in the eyes of the public, Andy also feels the continuance of the namesake was to cause isolation between her father and sister and her. Because of this, Alessandra despises everything connecting her to her mother, down to the very texture and curl of her hair, and rejects her resemblance and other connections with every chance possible.

Her intense hatred for the emotional abuse her mother subjected her through has caused her to self abuse. From attempting to shave her head to cutting her skin, Alessandra has tried everything within her possible reach to not resemble her mother, a terribly vindictive, obsessive individual who gave up the best things in her life to chase the fame she was after for some sort of twisted validation. However, Andy's insensibility on the matter has cause her to process other's emotions a bit differently than she did when she was younger. As someone has previously self abused, she has become much more sympathetic to those who have battled with addiction or self hatred.

Despite the betrayals which will happen to her loved ones, she tries to remain loyal and true to all parties regardless of intervening matters. She will always be there with a healing hand, even if the words she may come to speak do not heal, even if the actions of the ones she love may cause her to harden her resolve.

The less I see the sun, the brighter I become.

The mother hen is a caretaker, first and foremost. Something of a busybody, they’re at home in a calmer, more comfortable environment. Their greatest pleasure is in helping others, sometimes to the point of stifling the self-reliance of those they take under their wing.

You feel new possibilities within you. You can now calm and cajole others, gaining the automatic trust of children and lost youth. You now gain additional strength when fighting to protect others (+2 on all rolls of that kind). The dominions superior endurance, earth, plants, and water are now augmented. Your character may show unusual command of those dominions for their mastery.







Character In-Depth


Alessandria has never been one to have a hard life. At least, this is what others think. However, having a healthy bloodline of rich Englishmen means nothing if one is not treated correctly. From the moment she was born, she, along with her younger sister, has been quite privileged in life. Growing up, neither of them fell under any ailments or did not have any accidents to personally affect their lives in the future. Though there had been arguments, as per normal relationships with children, the two of them grew up happy and healthy with no remorse. Or so it seemed. Unfortunately, pretty clothes and flashy vehicles could not hide tears of pain or anger.

It was no secret the family had its affiliations with a highly wealthy society. Even as children, they were observant enough to know well of this, and though it was never an outright bothersome thing, Andra soon realized there were very few freedoms she could be thoroughly awarded with. Unlike most children who rode public transportation and even those who simply walked to get to where they needed to be, Andra had always been escorted to her destination. Unlike children who could readily explore the world, she had to always have a guardian. It had become a bit bothersome, having to pretend her driver and her guardian was a member of the family to silence the rumors swirling amongst her friends. Andy did not bid herself a liar and was displeased with the subtle situations at hand. With every new adult coming into her life, the more her family expanded. It was silly, really. Though her cover was significant, it was outlandish to believe someone had to constantly lie to live a normal life. Along with this, not having the freedom to do as she pleased was ... suffocating.

Like her mother before her, Alessandria was fashioned into the perfect little princess of the society they were associated with. She enrolled into etiquette classes, took ballet, sung like a chime, and was taught classical piano, all before mid-afternoon. When her mother attempted to do the same with her younger sister, however, Andy rebelled. She knew quickly from the praises she received her skills far outweighed her mother, but what would be the reasoning behind living her life through both children? Maybe little sister wanted to learn another type of dance, maybe she wanted to play a different instrument, or maybe she wanted to spend time with their father. Regardless, her little sister should be able to make the decisions of what she wanted to do, and Alessandria refused to obey until this was understood.

Truthfully, she found her mother to be quite overbearing, especially when it became known Andy had the skills to perform and the desire to do so like her mother and father. Needless to say, there was an image to keep, and Andra was the only one who was able to keep it, because she was the last true link bearing the Wilson family name. This disgusted her. Despite knowing her father was the one who loved and took care of both of them, it was deplorable for her mother to force him to not have his first child carry his name. Why? Only because she was born out of wedlock? Andy cried often because of this, yet it did not assist in the situations she found herself in. The older she became, the more focus her mother put on her, abandoning her younger sister, and the more focus her mother put on her, the more Andra found herself to be nothing more than a mere puppet. She looked like her mother, spoke with her mother's English accent, had her mother's name, and had a carbon copy of everything she owned, down to the very make and model of her car. Just to have an identity of her own, Andra began to self abuse.

Though many of the public had not noticed the presence of her father and her sister, anything she could to differentiate herself from her mother, she readily attempted, no matter how painful, no matter how detrimental. Ales' need to cut herself was embedded into her very soul. If marring her skin and deforming her body would allow her the freedom of her own identity, she would continue to indulge in her sin. And she did it very well. Too well, in fact. She had become so comfortable with hiding herself away to cause herself harm, she never thought to be more careful with her surroundings - who would ever believe she felt so low in her life? - but when her father caught her abusing herself, the only thing she could do was ... run.

As a parent, how do you handle witnessing the one you love the most, the very star in your sky, hurt herself? As a child, how do you handle telling your parent you feel more harm in your life than the blade you use to cut yourself with? How do you tell your parent who loves you, who raised you well and gave you everything within their power to make you happy, your act of rebellion was not because of anything he did wrong, yet you still desire a better life for yourself? How do you inform one parent of the other one causing so much misery? Andy did not want to see the look her father had in his eyes. She did not want to imagine the pain and hurt he felt seeing his Baby Girl mar herself because of her intense desire to not be a carbon copy of her mother. Unfortunately, though outwardly her cutting was a cry for help, Alessandria could not bare to even fathom how her father and sister would react had they known her mother was abusing her, emotionally and physically.

Stand up straight. Sit up straight. Perform. You're tired? So what? There are thousands of people who came to see you. You can't do what I do. You'll keep singing until this concert is done. I don't care how much pain you're in.

After high school graduation, Alessandria was hospitalized for an overuse of her singing voice. Her thyroid ached. But even in the hospital, Ales was greeted with the same words from her mother she had heard since she was eight. There were people. You need to perform. After her vocal cord surgery, Andy left her mother. If money was more important than the health of her child, her mother had become extremely invested in her own misery, and she was not going to continue being the plot point of this particular narrative.

There was no possible way she could possibly inform her father and sister of what would happen during the time she was with her mother, who forced her separation from the two of them. Nicely put, neither of them would handle it very well, but the freedom and happiness her little sister felt was much more important than whether she was slapped around a time or a few. Cassandra was the only thing who mattered.

Still, because of her surgery, Alessandria had to momentarily cease doing what she loved. Even after months of grunts and other unintelligible noises, she could barely speak. It took her years for her voice to return to the glory it once knew, though now it was huskier, stronger, and her vocal range had grown. Having spent so much time from the stage though, she felt it a better option to return to her education.

A BSN, MSN, and a move to the Demon Realm later, and Andy was here, in reach of her freedom.


Alessandria Beatrice Wilson is the full given name of Andy. Alessandria, the alternate spelling of Alexandros, is Greek in origin with the meaning of defender of mankind, alexein meaning to defend or to help and andros meaning man. The name Sandra, in itself, is a nickname, the shortened form of Alessandria. Friends, new and old, usually refer to her as Andra, but she typically goes by the name Andy, with no desire to care about its androgynous implications. Derived from a Latin origin, Beatrice was created from beatrix meaning she who makes happy/she who brings happiness, which is from beātus meaning happy and blessed.

Wilson is an English and Scottish surname which was derived from Germanic elements meaning desire.


Her biggest goal is to gain her freedom, especially from the clutches of her English family and her mother. She wants her own life, her own identity, and to make her own name, to not be a reminder to someone else's brittle success. Although she is a registered nurse, Ales still reaches for her dream of being a musician.

• Adventurous
• Kind
• Caring
• Compassionate
• Dignified
• Eloquent
• Graceful

Alessandria has a pretty battle with arachnophobia, the fear of spiders and other arachnids. They simply have too many legs and too many eyes for her comfort. They size they can grow to is also highly unnecessary to her. Haphephobia is the fear of being touched. Though she does not cringe from the touch of another person, she has a bubble she thoroughly enjoys and is startled when someone attempts to indulge in a touch without her knowledge. Along with this is her fear of being alone or autophobia. Andy can handle being lonely - she has done so her entire life - but to truly be alone, to no longer have anyone in your corner is a true fear of hers. To end it all, Ales has hoplophobia, fear of firearms.

Andy's biggest secret is her past indulgence in self-harm. She used to cut herself pretty badly, to the point of her getting tattoos to cover the damaged skin.

• Brownies
• Cigarettes
• Guitars
• Kisses
• Music
• Tattoos
• Tea
• Whiskey

Demon Information


Kizuna is a small Venetian red thread wrapped around Alessandria's left arm. It carries the imagery of nylon, thick yet supple, and reflects light in hints of scarlet. This is to her eyes, at least. To everyone else, Kizuna changes to varying shades of red and different textures.

Her red bond means a variety of things. In Greek mythology, Theseus rescued himself from the Minotaur's labyrinth by following a red thread given to him by Ariadne; in logic and computer science, an algorithm based on this myth is named Ariadne's thread; and in East Asian belief, the red thread of fate is a belief originating in Chinese culture of god tying an invisible string to individuals who were destined to be with one another. Alessandra's bond appears to be severed, giving it more of an appearance of a religious talisman to ward off misfortune brought about by the "evil eye".

Kizuna is, for the most part, a neutral demon. It enjoys Alessandria's newly found freedom, but it has also benefited from the misery she was in when she was under her mother's thumb. For the most part, he feeds off of her most prevalent emotion, no matter what it is, but stress and anxiety is what he enjoys the most. Ales processes stress very well, which makes it a winning situation for the two of them.

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