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Kaz, Zuya, Zu, Yang (by demons only)


May 19

Solo Demon

Japanese, English, Latin

Southern Demon Realm


Married by Human Law | Mated by Demon Law

Kairos | Invidia

Captain of the Pit-Fighting Ring.

Shun Oguri

'Cynical, pessimistic, sarcastic, imply holding a low opinion of humanity. Cynical suggests a disbelief in the sincerity of human motives: cynical about honesty. Pessimistic implies a more or less habitual disposition to look on the dark side of things, and to believe that the worst will happen: pessimistic as to the future. Sarcastic refers to sneering or making cutting jibes: sarcastic about a profession of faith.'

This excerpt fits Kazuya to a T. His faith in both Demon and Human kind was lost long ago during the great wars of each realm. Not that he had much to begin with. Being raised in the Southern Demon Realm where war was always one wrong glance away, he grew up in the middle of battle and it was clear to his parents at a very young age that he excelled in war. The lust for blood, desire to bring pain, and competitive streak that compelled him to fight every battle as if it were his last shaped him into a formidable opponent who took shit from no one and was quick to violently punish even his own men for the smallest slight.

Even as the war has ended and he has moved to the City with his mate, Kaz has not changed much. He has traded his sword for his fists and his tongue is still as sharp and quick as ever. With his capabilities as an Empath he is able to always find just the right emotion to pull whatever strings he needs to get what he wants but if that should fail he will simple sniff in disdain and resort to torture to make things go his way. And then while still wiping the blood from his hands, happily chat with someone as if it were a normal occasion. Because it was.

The first two thousand years of Kazuya's life passed the same as most other demons raised in the demon realm. He grew, he fought, he became stronger, and he fought more. It was the life for all of them. Even in times of peace there were always trouble makers who needed punishing, power hungry demons who needed to be taken down, and in his homelands Kazuya was the best at it. Trained by both his parents in the art of combat he was quick to master the sword and even quicker to sharpen his tongue.

Being born of a higher station in life gave him a sense of entitlement over his fellow demons and he was more than happy to prove he deserved it. Both enemy and ally alike knew him for his short temper and violent outbursts. He once carved out the tongue of a foot soldier who had not spoken his name in what Kazuya believed to be a proper amount of respect. He had then forced said soldier to eat his own appendage as punishment for getting blood on the stronger demons shoes.

When he was around two thousand years old the great war of the southern realm began. Starting with a pack of hellhound demons craving more power, Kazuya's parents recognized their drive and ambition and were quick to forge an allegiance with the other kingdom. Along with a few others the united front brought mayhem and death upon the realm, striking down all who stood in their way and denied them that which they sought to make their own. Almost all, that is.

During that first war Kazuya met a female demon on the battlefield who led as captain of her army. While not knowing her name he was entranced with her after several clashes between their two units left thousands of demons dead and the two sweaty, bloody, and drained both physically and mentally and yet neither would submit to the other nor concede defeat. For nearly 6 thousand years they met on the ground drenched in the blood of their own kin and danced their dangerous dance of death.

When a truce was called between the untied kingdoms and the rest of the realm Kazuya was at first glad for the break. A chance to seek out and learn more about the mysterious captain he knew only by an alias. However, while they might be at a truce any treading upon enemy soil was met with justified death and could potentially start another war and Kazuya was forced to hold back. While he was willing to fight entire cities to get what he wanted his family had asked him to stay his hand for their peace of mind and he dutifully did so.

For a while.

Two thousand years. That is how long Kazuya was able to stand not seeing the mysterious vixen who haunted his dreams. Whom he ached to meet again on the battlefield. Not that he had been unable to make any contact. No he had been able to warp the affections of a young demon guard to help him try to get information about the she-demon but she was more than ready to play his games. The vixen thwarted his attempts at knowledge about her and teased him with demon messengers of her own and he knew he had to have her.

The main instigators of the war, the Ashcroft pack, had halted their power grab, seemingly satisfied with the land they had procured but Kazuya knew with the right push they could be fired up again. Refusing to be the one to cause a second conflict in the public eyes for his families sake did not, by any means, prevent Kazuya from doing what he felt was needed to get his way.

So he whispered in ears. Used his control over his Empathy dominions to warp the emotions of players on both sides of the battlefield. With just the right little nudge he was able to convince one of the more prominent kingdoms who stood against the united front to make a move to retake their lands and viola. Southern Demon Realm War | Round Two. The Ashcroft's started breeding more children to lead their armies, his parents were quick to honor their pact and moved their armies into position and within just a few short months Kazuya stood face to face on blood soaked grown facing off against the one he now knew as Azumi.

The second war was much shorter than the first. Apparently the hellspawn of the Ashcroft kingdom did not like being bred to be replaceable soldiers and turned against their parents, killing them and claiming the kingdom for their own. They ended the war and normally Kazuya would be mad that a carefully crafted war of his design had only lasted the better part of four and half thousand years but now he was more than satisfied. Now that he had his other half.

Their courtship was full of battles and blood mixed with fiery passion and demonic mating that made even the ancients avert their eyes but neither of them gave a single fuck what anyone else thought. Since the war was over they united as a joint force and traveled the whole of the demon realm lending their swords and baring their teeth to whatever battle or skirmish appealed to him before they decided to pass through the rift and take their travels to the earthen realm.

There they traded their swords for guns and their wings for fast car. It was all to easy to slip into the customs and ways of the human realm and it did not to quench their warrior hearts. For a while they led one of biggest crime syndicates in the land called Canada before growing bored with those lives and deciding that maybe the City was the home of their next great battle.

And it was. For reasons that threw Kazuya for a complete loop. While the whole 'marriage' thing had been an easy task for them both as it was a ridiculous human custom that meant nothing to demons aside from combining their assets for easier management there was still something missing between them and Kazuya was adamant in denying he felt the loss. The loss of a mate in his heart and soul where a mate bond should be.

That was the hardest battle he fought. Against Azumi and his own heart but unlike previous wars he finally willingly submitted when he faced potentially losing her for good. From the moment the bond took hold of them he knew he had forever found his home and he dared any mother fucker to try and take it from him.

Truly. He never could resist a good slaughter.

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