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Character Information

Character Type
Face Claim
Solo Demon
Reece King
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Demon Age
He || Him
Gula Escort

Character Summary

Camillo is a lot of personality wrapped in a pretty package. He's promiscuous by nature; always hungry, always looking for someone to scratch that itch. He feeds off of euphoria. When starved, he desperately seeks out some type of high to get him through the day. He gets unstable when not satiated; mood swings, impulsivity, sickness, and the list goes on and he gets worse over time. Despite being in need of constant stimulation, Camillo is very easy going. He tends to attract people with his smooth, flirtatious, reckless personality. He has a clever, wicked tongue and isn't afraid to speak his mind, but he's more than willing to shut up if his master for the night tells him to.
Ascensions and Legacies
Dominion 1
Mastery: Major
The ability to communicate using the mind and to read the minds of others.
Control Based: The better you are at reading minds.

Dominion 2
Mastery: Legendary
The ability to manipulate attraction, whether platonic, physical or romantic, in other people towards yourself. More persuasive speaking, more successful seduction, and a great deal of ability to control the attention of and fill a room. Pheromones work passively, so you can’t turn this dominion off.
Control Based: Better control of how you affect someone.

Dominion 3
Mastery: Minor
The ability to manipulate wind, fog, mist, and air. This does not allow the user to fly on their own, but may allow the user to control sails of a ship, or kite-like devices.
Control Based: The more variations upon wind you can create and manipulate (i.e. fog, mist, etc.).

Dominion 4
Mastery: Proficient
The ability to enhance or weaken someone else’s dominions. A user cannot augment someone’s mastery level more than one level above their current one (i.e. Lesser can only be augmented to Minor, nothing above that), however Legendary cannot be augmented to Godly; it’s impossible. A user also cannot augment someone’s mastery above their augmentation’s mastery level (i.e. a Minor augmentation user cannot change someone’s mastery level to superior or anything above Minor). It’s similar if you’re trying to weaken someone’s dominion, rather than enhance. Using this power is very taxing on the body, and will often leave said user weak and unable to use any of their other dominions afterwards. It cannot be used on yourself.
Control Based: The easier it is to weaken someone else’s dominions.

Dominion 5
Mastery: Proficient
To be invincible or immune to injury. This is not a passive ability; it must be activated before, or during the onset of an injury, and can only be used once before it has to recharge. Higher mastery users have a faster recharge period.
Control Based: You have a greater chance of being immune to injuries caused by accidents or natural causes, however you are not invincible against dominion attacks.

Dominion 6
Mastery: Lesser
The ability to disintegrate matter, so long as it’s an inanimate object. This means you cannot disintegrate living beings such as humans, animals, or plants. Power Based: The faster the disintegration works.

Character In-Depth

Camillo has found himself in the Kairos clutches, not because he owes a debt, but because it is prime feeding ground. He gets off on the attention, on seeing all of the different forms of pleasure he can discover. On top of that, he gets paid at the end of it all. Not a day goes by that he's not fed and pleased in some way; be it through drugs, being watched, being humiliated, being fucked, even being beaten manages to elicit a zing of excitement through him. He's a junkie for pleasure, no matter what form it comes in. He doesn't only feed on his own euphoria, he can feed off of the other person engaging in the act with him. He takes their pleasure and absorbs it until he's full. Beyond that, it's just him being greedy. Unfortunately, Camillo can't go long without feeding. He feeds almost every other day if he can help it. Beyond two days, he starts to feel the discomfort along with a severe lack of impulse control. All he can think about is his next hit of euphoria, and because of that he's gets himself into very compromising situations. He becomes very needy and will take a lot of abuse just so he can feed. Being apart of Gula is all he knows. He's good at what he does, knows how to get what he wants, but sometimes when he's at his most full, Cam actually wonders what it would be like to be something...someone else. He sometimes dreams of a life without his incessant hunger, but that's all just wishful thinking. He was born to be used by people to survive, and he's come to terms with that.

Demon Information

Camillo's favorite kinks, in particular, are voyeurism, BDSM, wearing lingerie/stockings, leather, and role-playing. However, he's always a little too open-minded, and will literally try everything at least once. Also, his eyes change to an icy blue when he's feeding.

Camillo is a descendant of Pan. His mother was a wood nymph named Teressia, who was seduced by his satyr father and abandoned while she gave birth to Camillo. She died during childbirth, leaving Cam in the care of her three sisters: Kalia, Nyx, and Willow. Together they became the matriarchs of his life. The family lived in harmony in the forest. While young, Camillo found his meals in the thrill of games, tricks, and constant stimulation. He was a rowdy child, always running and never resting because if he did, he felt nothing but anxiety. His hunger hadn't hit him until he reached his early twenties, and that's when he felt the need for the first time.

He begged his aunts for answers explaining his insatiable needs, but they couldn't explain it to him. In fact, they blamed his desires on his father's wickedness. They said he was cursed with Pan's sexual appetite. It was from then on that Camillo began to feed whenever, and on whoever he can. Often times, he'd find himself seducing men and women in nearby villages, feeding on their lust for him. Eventually, he wanted a steady stream to feed on, so he joined the oldest profession to evade his hunger.

His aunts didn't understand his need, for they've never felt the heat of insanity nipping at their heels the way he did. They were sexual beings, yes, and beautiful too. However, their relationship with sex was on a much healthier level than their nephew's. They saw the change in him and tried to convince him to quit the brothel and come back home. However, at home, Camillo would starve. He had to make a choice, and he chose to feed.

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